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Hardware Store

Home Depot

I went to the local hardware store yesterday to buy some stuff to build my photoshoot area.  This was a 10 min drive from my house, so it wasn’t actually “local” to me since there’s one that’s 2 min away from my house but they didn’t have what I needed.  This is what we call a “big box” hardware store in North America.  The term big box is used to describe large retail stores where you can basically find everything you need Continue reading ‘Hardware Store’




As mentioned in my previous post, I am in the process of making the switch over from my old blog to this new one.  I’ve only worked with my old blog for about a month now, but it frustrates me when I need to post large amounts of photos on there.  I want to share a lot of photos with everyone for my figure reviews, but the photo uploader on blogspot is really frustrating to use when uploading more than 5 pics.  Why?  The photo uploader will insert unwanted breaks for every photo you upload after the first 5, and it was very difficult to move the photos around for structuring, that’s why I made the switch over here to try out the interface on wordpress.  I cannot tell you yet if this host have a better photo uploader or not, but I’ll definitely let you know when I do my figure reviews =)

You can expect my new home to be much better than my old one with more figures, more anime, more on T.O., original artwork from yours truly, and a lot more photos.

Test Drive


I just got tired of the photo-uploader from blogspot which was a pain in the arse to upload and organize the photos on my blog   “orz  So I thought I’d give this place a try and see how things are here  ^^;  The uploader looks much better than the blogspot one, and the amount of time needed to organize them seem reasonable.  Can’t really tell until I do a full figure Review though.


In the mean time, you can check out some of my figures at my old blog.  This blog editor is already looking better than my old one ^^;  Look forward to posting here…

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