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Face Lift


I’ve been thinking about a face lift for my blog for some time now, not that I don’t like the current style, but it’s just not what I’m looking for.  I’m not into CSS or anything technical, so I’ll just look for a better template and create another custom header.  Unfortunately I’m still occupied with my portfolio drawings (will post them next week), so everything will have to wait until that’s out of the way. Continue reading ‘Face Lift’


Half Wall-O-Figures Completed


I had to do an English Literacy Test as part of a pre-admission requirement for an animation program in College yesterday.  The test itself wasn’t too hard as it was multiple choice (which I’m very good in ^^;) and covered reading, vocab, and grammar.  I think I did pretty good in it, but there were many other folks taking the same test and all of them are fighting for the limited admission space.  I will talk more about the program and why I chose it in the future when I get accepted.  *fingers crossed*  This is another reason why I’ve been working hard on my portfolio, and doing less blogging recently. Continue reading ‘Half Wall-O-Figures Completed’

利事 (Red Pockets)


利事, pronounced “Lai See”, are red pockets filled with money given to children (young or old) on Chinese New Years as a sign of good luck/fortune for the coming year.  Aside from the New Year, they are also given out on weddings, birthdays, and when one starts a new job for the same purposes.  Continue reading ‘利事 (Red Pockets)’

Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is just around the corner (Jan 26th to be exact) and I’d like to share these IM@S girls with you.  It’s the year of the ox, but pretty ironic that you’ll have a year of “not-so-good-luck” if it’s your year  ^^;  Continue reading ‘Chinese New Year’

Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora


This is a lovely figure of Lucy Maria Misora (aka Ruuko Kirei no Sora) from the dating-sim turned anime To Heart 2.  She is my favourite character from the anime because I just love how she says “Ruu~” out of no where.  I would have preferred Ruuko in her “Ruu~” pose , but I am really happy to have a figure of her because she’s not as popular as the other girls in the series. Continue reading ‘Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora’

Alice is in the House!!


FINALLY!!  Move aside Hatsune Miku because Alice is in the house!!  This is Queen’s Gate Alice by Alpha x Omega one of the prettiest, sexiest, and loliest figures around.  I knew I had to have her when I saw the pics, but she was sold out everywhere =__=”  When there’s a need, there’s always Ebay to the rescue.  YAY!  Continue reading ‘Alice is in the House!!’

Nagisa Maid


Usually I’m not too crazy with maid uniforms since I think school uniforms look much better in animes.  But there are some circumstances where maid uniforms WOW me, and this is one of them.  Nagisa in a maid uniform is so cutesome ^^ Continue reading ‘Nagisa Maid’

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