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“Say cheese!  Alright, gimme more of that smile…Yes!  That’s perfect, keep your pose Rudy!”  I talked about my photoshoot setup a couple days ago and mentioned the use of a LCD monitor as my backdrop for figure shoots.  Today I’m going to talk about the use of a LCD backdrop (I am still working on improving the results with this setup ^^;).  I started collecting figures during the summer of 2008 and always browsed around to see what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not to get ideas for what I’ll get when I go shopping that week.  So I spent a hour or two browsing around the figure portal on his site checking out every single figure review that he had (yes…didn’t have much of a life during summer =__=”).  One thing I noticed was the purple backdrop that he had for his indoor figure reviews which I really liked.  Then one day out of the blue I realized that the purple backdrop was his MBP’s wallpaper and decided to hijack this idea.


I tried it before, but the results weren’t too amazing at all.  It was dull, the colour was off, and the lighting sucked.  So I decided to browse around for pointers and tips on the world wide web where I found some very useful pointers here. (what can’t you find on the WWW these days?)  Long story short, I went out and bought whatever that was needed (that I didn’t have at home) and started building my photo shoot area.


I was very pleased with the results this time, but I think there’s still much room for improvements.  I really like the idea of using a LCD display as the background for the photoshoots because of the flexibility and versatility of such a set up.  I can switch the background with the click of a button, and download new ones without having to leave my house ^^;


 I downloaded a couple wallpapers/backgrounds when I was doing my photoshoot with Rudy (review coming) today and thought it would be a nice topic to talk about.  In case you’re wondering, both the LCD and the daylight bulbs work well with the “day white fluorescent light” setting on my camera.  This means there’s no colour distortion this time around.  Here are the six different backgrounds I messed around with before my photoshoot with Rudy.  Some were instant winners while others weren’t inspiring at all, I’ll let you decide on your choice because I’ve already decided on mine ^^;


I’ll definitely try the use of real-life backdrops in future photoshoots (and upload them here ofcourse).  While using the LCD display gives me a lot of versatility in terms of backdrop availability, it also has its limitations and disadvantages.  It’s limitations is that you’ll have to position your photo shoot area near a computer (I got a laptop so no problem there).  The size of the screen also limits the posibility of some shooting angles because you’ll shoot areas that are “off screen” which doesn’t look too nice  ^^;


It’s limitations and disadvantages also include the fact that you can’t use this set up with figures that are taller than your LCD display.  The reason is obvious here, the results look fugly when you do so  ^^;  Your figure will also have to stay close to the screen all the time because bringing it too close to you results in the risk of shooting “off screen” as well.


But the thing that pisses me off the most is the glare/reflection (of the lights used) on the screen.  I’m still trying to figure out a way so I can have effective lighting without glare/reflection appearing on the corner of the display  =__=”  In the end, the use of a LCD display for background is just for fun and the challenge to make things look good using this setup.  It’s the results that count, use whatever that works for you.  I do use coloured paper for backgrounds too, which reminds me that I need to get some wrapping paper/fancy fabric for future shoots ^^


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