Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber


Today I bring you Kaiyodo’s Revoltech Saber figure which comes from the same Revoltech line up as Saber Alter which I covered yesterday.  Both Revoltech Sabers retailed for 2,380 yen, but I got them for different prices in Hong Kong last summer.  I paid $88 HKD for this Saber (approx. $12 Cdn) which I thought was a real bargain.  I had no idea who she was back then since I only started to take interest in figures and anime around the same time that I got this figure.  I found out more and more about her within the year and is now on the look-out for future Saber PVC releases.  I still haven’t watched Fate/Stay Night though ^^;


This figure’s revolver system design is exactly the same as that of Saber Alter (since they’re from the same series) but differs from those of Fraulein Revoltechs for those who are familiar with that series.  The joints on this Saber (and Alter) are well hidden as you can see in the pictures, and the most revealing joint on both is the large torso joint which separates her top and bottom half.  The main difference in the design of Saber and the Fraulein line is the use of revolver joints on the shoulder, hip, and knee areas on the Sabers.


The details on Saber is fair, as is with Saber Alter, I think they could’ve done a better job with the design of her armor.  As you can see in the pictures Saber’s left hand is missing a couple fingers…because I’m not a Saber expert, I’m not sure if her armor is suppose to be like that or not  ^^;


Revoltech’s Saber comes packaged with two swords (one is a clear version of her Excalibur), and a very sorry of a stand (pictured below).  I was very disappointed with the lack of extra hands provided with Saber.  This means all her poses will have her hand in a very lame clenched fist position which I really hate.  Epic fail on Kaiyodo’s part for the lack of accessories and a crappy stand packaged with a posable figure.


Although her joints allow for maximum movement and posability, her armor and “skirt” made it impossible to put her in some poses.  She is unable to kneel down because her skirt will leave her legs hanging in mid-air, and her arms can’t quite reach across her chest  ^^;


Overall this is a fair figure but there are better ones on the market.  I do not own a Figma Saber at the moment, so I cannot tell you how they fair against each other.  If you want a posable Saber figure, I would suggest you go and buy the Figma version instead because there’s a lot more posibility with the Figma version.  However, I’m quite satisfied with this Revoltech Saber for two reasons.  First is the bargain price at which I got her for, and second for the overall quality of the figure.  It doesn’t have the best details, nor does it have the most accessories; but this figure have a very solid build with no problem of loose joints or falling parts.  The quality is what you would come to expect for something in the 2,000 yen range.


On a totally unrelated topic, I’m tweaking around with the layout of the pages, and experimenting with different things.  I have also decided to only upload around 30-35 pictures for each review which I think should be enough for a good review and it’ll help with loading times as well.  It’ll be tough to narrow my photoshoots down to 30-35 pics tho ^^;  I’ll do my best and continue to improve the things on my blog.  Anyways, enjoy the rest of the pics ^^






As usual, the joints are more revealing when viewed from the back…







Saber comes with two swords, but this is not one of them…


This Excalibur was hijacked from Saber Alter ^^;




She came with the clear version only…




Saber ejected from her lower body when her legs was about to explode.


She is one of the most coolsome (and cutesome) characters I’ve ever seen.




Saber and Saber Alter.




Saber gets the cold stare from Yotsaber Alter  O_O”


Yotsaber reveals her true identity…


The Futami Twins joins the cosplay action  ^^


Ami gets the Saber treatment…Kawaii indeed…

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2 Responses to “Kaiyodo Revoltech Saber”

  1. 1 ether 02/14/2009 at 03:40

    Her left gauntlet is supposed to be like that. Wielding her sword with her right hand necessitates more freedom of movement on her right hand, hence less protection. Since she doesn’t have a shield her left gauntlet serves as one, which explains the larger gauntlet and no exposure to the other fingers save the index and thumb.

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