New Arrivals (01)


Today, the door bell rung at around 1pm and I rushed to open the door (expected my figures to arrive this week).  I expected the mail wo/man to stand there holding the box waiting to be received…but all I found was two small packages sitting on my door step.  My thoughts were “Luckily I’m home, otherwise my figures would’ve froze in this -10C temperature”.  That thought left my mind in 2 seconds as I ran back upstairs with the two packages in hand looking like a kid in a candy store ^^;


I wanted to pop the boxes open right away, but I remembered to take out the camera for some photos first  ^^  There were two boxes listing three figures, so I thought it was my order from HLJ where I ordered three figures from (I didn’t read the return addy).  The first box I opened contained my new favourite Hatsune Miku looking all pretty inside her box.  Then I realized that this was my order from JList where I ordered four figures…so I took the cutter and made short work of the second box hoping to find three figures in there!


And surely, there was just two figures in there just as the box listed.  Then I remembered my Haruhi Figma is on backorder =__=” 


I ordered (including pre-order) eight figures online during the christmas holidays which included:

  • Pixie Hiyori (pre-order, Jan release)
  • Figma Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver
  • Figma Kagami Hiiragi
  • Figma Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Hatsune Miku (by GSC)
  • Yukiho Hagiwara (by GSC)
  • Minase Iori (by GSC)
  • Fauna (by Max Factory)


Three of eight (3/8) came in today, with one on backorder and another to be released later this month, so I’m expecting three more figures to come in this week (or next) ^^  I did not know anything about Hatsune Miku when I ordered her (just like most of my figures ^^;) so I did some research about what the hype about her was and found this:

I fell in love with her instantly after watching that.  I do fall in love quite easily…


This order is actually my first figure buy since coming home from Hong Kong back in October, so I think it wasn’t such a big buy since I used to buy 4-5 figures a week when I was in Hong Kong (which resulted in a lot of problems when it was time to come home ^^;).  Some of those purchases I kind of regretted afterwards, but no regrets today because Miku became my new all-time favourite figure to-date.  The current list is as follows: #1) Hatsune Miku (by GSC), #2) Lucy Maria Misora (by Kotobukiya), #3) Shuraki Trinity: Rize (by GSC).  I can smell Miku review coming very soon ^^


 This was also my first Figma purchase so I was pretty hyped about getting my hands on them since everyone on praises them.  I’ll definitely do a Figma v Revoltech (Fraulein) comparison later on when I catch up with my figure photoshoots and reviews.  The backlog on those is 3/62 completed ^^;  My personal aim on this issue is doing one per day (being optimistic) but I’m already 1 day behind schedule now…so be sure to check back often for new reviews.


My personal stand on Figma v Revoltech (Fraulein) is indifferent.  My take on this issue is that I’ll buy the one that comes out with the character I like.  People always compare Fraulein with Figma, and are very critical about Fraulein being inferior.  The issue is like comparing an Orange with an Apple, or Coke v Pepsi, but I guess this is just the way things are =__=”


What I’m saying is that the two series doesn’t have much overlap in terms of their character line-up.  The only overlap they have right now is Rin Tōsaka where the reaction is split between whos version is better.  Yuki Nagato is the next character that will be overlapped when Fraulein releases their version in March, 2009.  I can’t wait to get my hands on her ^^


Anyways, one might ask why didn’t I get any figmas (out of 62+) purchases in Hong Kong?  Figmas in Hong Kong were twice as expensive as Frauleins, and because I was drawn to Fraulein’s release of Rei, Asuka, and the Futami twins ^^  The average Figma sold for about $200 HKD while the average Fraulein sold for $100 HKD, so I always got Frauleins instead.  I haven’t bought a Fraulein since Miki Hoshii because I didn’t like how Yoko looked, and because I got them all now…Next on the Fraulein buy list is Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver.


If Fraulein was to release the rest of the IM@S girls, I would be the sucker to buy them all (in all colours).  Now that’s a scary thought, but I actually want them to release the rest of the girls ^^;


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