*The Fraulein figure line-up scrambles for the front row seat to see what I got in the two brown boxes.  A veil of silence descends upon the Fraulein girls+One as two Figma boxes lands in front of them.  The brand smacking new Hatsune Miku wastes no time and quickly hops onto the Figma boxes and goes into a pose frenzy.*

*Miki sees the new competition and hops onto the stage as well and does her signature Finger-of-Death-Kawaii-Pose.  She is not to lose to Miku…so she thinks*

*Ami drops to her knees in tears thinking she is not loved anymore, while Rin disapproves of the new arrivals.  Well, the rest of the Fraulein girls think differently*


Today, two packages appeared on my door step, no I don’t get mysterious packages (full details here).  They were one of my online orders during my christmas shopping spree.  One box was a 1/8 Hatsune Miku figure by Good Smile Company, and the other box contained two Figmas (Yuki Nagato Evil Witch Ver and Kagami Hiiragi).  With this new arrival, I am now officially Figmatized!  I decided to have a little fun with this new arrival as well  ^^


I waste no time in opening the newly aquired Figmas since I’ve been waiting for them eagerly since the order was placed.  I have to say, the Figma packaging looks much better than the Fraulein ones, and makes me think how much did I pay for that packaging ^^;  I opened up the plastic inserts to check out the extras and accessories, and the first thing I noticed was the resealable plastic bag (pictured above).  I think it’s very thoughtful of Max Factory to include this plastic bag for the extras and accessories, another win for them…


Almost every thing I take from the box screams “another win for Figma!”.  The extra hands came with a plastic holder which was another really nice touch on MF’s part.  (In case you’re wondering, all extras hands had a slot on the Fraulein plastic inserts, so they didn’t really need something like this.)  The hexigon shaped piece is the base for the Figma stand; the support bar was placed in the plastic insert.


The sticker sheet for Kagami’s reading material.  The fit wasn’t exact so I had to trim down the sides that weren’t flush with her book.  I guess it came with two because they know that people would screw up one of them?


I’m not familiar with Kagami because I haven’t seen Lucky Star yet.  I’ve watched the OVA, had a great laugh but would much prefer the Minami sisters anytime of the year (especially Hime-sama^^).  I would like to give Lucky Star a shot though, that’s if I can find it.  However, what you can find here is the Figma stand, another win for Figma.  I always hated the Fraulein stands.  The base look great on them, but the stand has more problems than Windows support can handle.


Kagami gets the Haruka treatment, and she’s an instant win!


Haruka gets the Kagami treatment…I’ll promise not to do that again ^^;


Yuki came with more accessories than my storage boxes can handle.  Opening Kagami’s box made me like Figma more than before, but opening up Yuki’s box won me over.  Words can’t describe how impressed I am with its build and quality.  It’s flawless.


Since this is my first Figmas, I can’t tell you how good the first batches of Figmas were.  However, I can tell you how bad the first batches of Frauleins were ^^;  My first Fraulein was Asuka Langley (No. 03) and her back or arms would always come off when I play around with her pose for too long.  Arms coming off seem to be the most common problem with the Fraulein line.  But I can assure you that the problems have been fixed since Futami Ami (No. 07).  The build and quality of the Fraulein line have improved a lot since Rei’s release.


Yuki comes with a sign to promote an electronics store, and a sign that says something else (I can’t read japanese…).  Can’t read what the sign says?  You need to wear this special 3-D glasses that can be ordered on Max Factory’s website to be able to read the sign.  Or alternatively, you can peel the stickers that came in the box and stick it on the sign.  The sign came with four stickers (two options, two pieces for each option), but only one sign.  This is where Max Factory failed.  Giving us two options but only one sign means we have to stick the new sign over the old one which doesn’t make sense.  Maybe they wanted everyone to get two sets of Evil Witch Yuki ^^;


Everyone loves lots of extras and accessories.  There’s no shortage of those with Yuki, she comes with more options than an American built SUV.


Yuki gets the plugsuit treatment…another instant win!


Rei in Yuki’s uniform?  umm…what’s for dinner tonite?


Like Lucky Star, I haven’t watched The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya before, but I’m really interested in it for Yuki’s sake^^  Something about Yuki just catches my eyes.  I just saw the Freeing Yuki bunny in a hobby shop today, me wants her now.  Anyways, now that I’ve gotten my first Figmas I know I’m not stopping here.  With Haruhi on backorder (hopefully she’ll arrive soon), next on my buy list is Hatsune Miku.  Figma or Fraulein?  I don’t care as long as they have the character that I like  =D


*Yuki serves up green tea for the Fraulein girls, and Haruka gladly accepts Yuki’s hospitality.  All Miki cares about is looking good in front of the cameras, while Rin plans on dismantling Yuki for the sake of Fraulein’s future.  Asuka can’t stop thinking about Shinji, while Rei ponders…*


The question now becomes who’ll be the first to come out with the Minami sisters (+Touma), and the rest of the IM@S girls…


2 Responses to “Figmatized…”

  1. 1 meronpan 01/06/2009 at 04:29

    looks like you have some anime to watch :P grats on your figmas, and nice taste ^_^ though i think saber’s still my favorite, kagami is up there just for bein’ so sweet ^^

    • 2 theinfernoproject 01/06/2009 at 18:50

      yes, I have quite a backlog on anime, figures, etc going on I need a double ^^; I was browsing on your blog, and wondered if you know any trustworthy online store that still have Alice…

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