Enterbrain Kurumi Imari


“Ahh…Minase no, I can’t let you see me like this…ahhh!” Imari screams as Minase pulls out his digital camera and start snapping pics of Kurumi Imari in her innocent looking pose.  For those who don’t know, or if you don’t recognize the uniform, this is Imari one of the main heroine in the infamous hentai Bible Black.  She also stars as the main villain in Shin Bible Black (Bible Black: New Testament) the sequel to the original Bible Black ^^;


This is a 1/8 scale figure of Kurumi Imari by Enter Brain released in March of 2008 and retailed for 4,800 yen.  I believe this pose is taken from one of the covers of a Bible Black release (think I’ve seen it somewhere, but not 100% sure since I can’t find it) but it does make her look very innocent as she was in the original release.  Imari features a cast-off bra to reveal the good stuff, and a cast-off skirt to get a better view of her striped pantsu as a bonus.  But that’s all the good news about this figure.


The overall quality of this figure is poor in every conceivable way.  The sculpt of this figure is below average as there is nothing spectacular about her pose, the details, or the way she looks.  Her hair is poorly sculpted as it looks like they had strands of spaghetti painted and glued on her head, and her ponytail looks like the tentacles that you see in the hentai.  If I hadn’t gotten her from a reputable store, I’d think that she’s a bootleg judging by how her hair was done.


I really like what they did with her face though because she looks very innocent and in needs of being protected.  Something else that I like about this figure is her legs which were nicely sculpted, but she does fall over very easily since there’s no stand with this figure.  Other than that, the details on this figure is average at most.


The paint job on Imari is also below average mainly due to the fact that they used a glossy finish on her removable bra (metallic?) and a semi-gloss finish on her school uniform minus the stockings.  The result, combined with a very pale skin colour, is a very-camera-unfriendly (un-photogenic?) figure.  This Imari figure looks VERY pale, but that may be due to the horrible things that were done to her in the hentai ^^;


The disaster of a paint job on her already poorly sculpted hair makes it look even worse than it already is.  The attempt in shadowing looks like mold growing in the creases of her hair, and once again a semi-gloss finish is used on her hair.  Me wonders what the guys at Enterbrain were smoking when creating this Imari figure  =___=”  Her eyes does look very innocent though, something I like about her.


I had a really hard time taking pictures with her because of how the light reflects off of her due to her pale skin colour and semi-gloss paint used everywhere.  Her shiny bra doesn’t help with the camera’s auto-focus neither =__=”  Makes me wonder if anyone (or their girlfriends) are wearing shiny bras like Imari…


Since there’s nothing nice to talk about this Imari figure, let’s talk about cast-off ^^  As mentioned before, her bra and skirt is cast-offable to reveal the good stuff for nosebleeds.  To remove her bra one have to first decapitate her right arm, only then will her let go of her bra to reveal her second pair of eyes.  Similarily, one would need a chainsaw to separate her top and bottom half to remove her skirt for the striped pantsu bonus.


However, the nosebleed function does lead to one asking “Did she fill her eyes with helium?”  Her eyes are defying the laws of gravity and floating in midair (without support) when the nosebleed function is activated.  This is another example of poor sculpting which seem to be the story about this Kurumi Imari figure.  In case you don’t know, some of the following pics are NSFW.


At least I don’t have to think twice when extra space is needed for future figures.  She will definitely be the first one to be evicted when the wall-o-figures is full.


Obligatory pantsu shot, though there’s no shortage of that with a Bible Black character ^^;


If this Kurumi Imari figure tickles your fancy you can grab her at HLJ, they’re having a sale and she is 30% off. (Just found out as I was writing this post ^^;)


Who is your favourite Bible Black girl(s)?  Kaori Saeki is my favourite but failed to get my hands on her :'(


I love the Bible Black school uniform designs, don’t you wish the uniforms in your school looked like that?




I don’t see much striped bra and pantsu sets here.  Do you see a lot of striped bra and pantsu sets in your area?


















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3 Responses to “Enterbrain Kurumi Imari”

  1. 1 meronpan 02/05/2009 at 01:03

    It is too bad about the paint job… for the hair i thought you had taken really high iso pics but no… it was the weird shading they did.

    for all the negatives, i must say… in full cast off mode… she doesn’t seem so bad ^^;;

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 02/05/2009 at 14:45

    She looks quite good in full cast-off, but the hair still looks like spaghetti with mold on it :S

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