New Arrivals (02)


The mail woman came with two more packages for me yesterday (yes the mail woman didn’t just leave it on doorstep this time), one from HLJ and the other from J-List.  The good news is that I didn’t get taxed for a $100 Cdn order so I guess figure imports are tax+duty free in Canada?  It was the same story as last time as I quickly ran back to my room with the two boxes in hand ^^;  I remember to take pictures before poping up the boxes as well.  I think I’ll start a new sub-section under figures called “New Arrivals” to help me keep track of what I got and when I got them.


A box from J-List means my new Figma Haruhi is here sooner than I expected.  Speaking of Figmas, I find myself being more interested in Figmas ever since my Kagami and Yuki Figma arrived on Monday.  I placed an order for my fourth Figma (which happens to be Tsukasa) with HLJ late last night but she won’t be coming in until Pixie Hiyori is released.  It’s an addiction which will hopefully subside after I get all the Figmas I want.  I’m still in search of a Figma Hatsune Miku which will be a “buy on sight” Figma for me since I missed out on the chance with Hobby Search due to me not wanting to pay 1,200-1,500 yen shipping for a figure that costs 2,381 yen ^^;


I popped open the boxes soon after and snapped some quick pics of the contents before I had to go to work, what a shame.  The HLJ box was the first to go since I wanted to take a look at my new Fauna, which I bought because of all the praise Danny Choo gave her on his review.  I didn’t get a real good look at her since I had 10 mins left before I had to go, so I skipped to Yukiho and Iori after snapping a quick pic of Fauna in her box.


iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia is one of my favourite animes because of the iM@S girls, not to mention the nice artwork and plot as well.  Good Smile Company released three girls from the series in their swimsuits, I’ve got Iori and Yukiho here with the missing one being Haruka-san.  It’s a shame that HLJ don’t have her in stock so Haruka will be another “buy-on-sight figure” for me, I’ve got quite a few of those on my list right now ^^;


All three figures were released back in 2007, so I was really surprised they had them in stock at all ^^;  I’ve always wanted these three figures (especially forehead sunshine) so I didn’t think twice when I saw that they were available and on sale too.  HLJ have quite a few items on sale right now which I’ll talk about later.  After snapping a couple pics of the HLJ contents I wasted no time to pop open the J-List box, and what a surprise…


The first thing I noticed was the small packet reading “GIFT” on top of the Haruhi box.  I already know what’s in that bag since I’ve read about it before, but I never expected to receive it…THANKS FOR THE GIFT J-LIST ^^  For those who don’t know what’s in the bag, it’s a set of Figma Santa clothing Max Factory released for the festive season.  I find myself ordering yet another Figma as I’m writing this paragraph…you can add Kotona Izumi to my figma list which is growing rather quickly  “orz


I lined up the boxes and prepared the stage for another posable figure shoot as soon as I got home from work.


Fauna by Max Factory.


Figma Haruhi Suzumiya by Max Factory.


Iori Minase by GSC.


Yukiho Hagiwara also by GSC.  I find myself buying a lot of Max and GSC figures lately…


*My new favourite Hatsune Miku (review coming soon) looks pretty on stage while Yuki welcomes her Haruhi-sama to the Tommy Figma family in the form of a mini-concert.  Kagami is ever so excited about another Figma in the family, while Miki cares less and continues to look pretty for the camera.  Rin can’t help but ask “Why…why so many Figmas all of a sudden?”, don’t worry, Pocco is there to comfort her…*

*The rest of the Frauleins+Two doesn’t seem to be phased by the new Figma arrivals.  Yotsuba show’s Rei and Asuka her catch of the day while the iM@S girls welcome Iori and Yukiho who’ve come half way around the globe to their new home.*


Yotsuba*2 almost dropped her ice-cream looking at Yukiho’s eyes  O_X;


Kagami welcomes her new friend (who brought her a present) ^^


The Figma santa gift set.  I didn’t expect I’d get my hands on one of them since I ordered just before Christmas.


Kagami loves her new Santa outfit…kawaii


Haruhi wastes no time in giving orders…


Forehead Sunshine and Yukiho.


The lovely Fauna ^^




I can’t help but notice that things comes in different sizes…

As I mentioned above, I’ve been buying quite a few figures lately, and as such my wallet is bleeding hard…paramedics needed  O_O;;  Seven new figures aquired during the Christmas holidays, and I just found myself ordering four more figures for the month of January  “orz  I only had Pixie Hiyori on pre-order for the month of January on Tuesday, but that quickly turned into four figures on Wednesday when I found out there were more figures on sale at HLJ and one of them is the Freeing Yuki Nagato Bunny Girl which I brushed off buying a couple times before because of its price.  But I knew I would regret it if I missed this chance so I went on and ordered her.  The other two figures that I ordered yesternite (and tonite) were Figmas Tsukasa Hiiragi and Kotona Izumi, I couldn’t resist ordering them because Kagami was telling me how lonely she was without her friends in my dreams ^^;

The good news is I refrained my wallet from more injuries (for now) as I’m holding back my orders until Feburary when it’ll bleed some more for Unity Mei, and bleed even more in March for Yami-chan.  Good Smile sure knows how to make my wallet bleed in 2009 ^^;  April isn’t looking too merry for my wallet neither with two iM@S release by MegaHouse which will lead me to buy their two iM@S releases from 2008 somewhere between Feb and April.  I’ll be updating other parts of my blog this weekend so there’s more to look at other than the figure section.  Which leads me to today’s poll-of-the-day.


2 Responses to “New Arrivals (02)”

  1. 1 meronpan 02/05/2009 at 01:09

    hitting up the hlj sale items i see? ^^

    i considered the idolmaster girls but in the end decided i wasn’t into the series enough… i really should try out the game to perhaps change my mind… ^^;

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 02/05/2009 at 14:56

    I was drawn to the idolmaster girls when I saw the Fraulein Futami twins. All I said was “wow, cute” then the next thing I know was carrying 4 Fraulein boxes to the checkout…

    Only then did I start to watch Xenoglossia, and play the game…I still don’t understand what’s going on, but it’s fun to watch them dance ^^;

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