Last week or two


I haven’t posted anything in almost two weeks now (not that many people read my blog anyways^^;), but just wanted to post an update on what I’ve been doing lately.  I know there isn’t any excuses or what-not for not posting since it only takes a couple minutes to write a post.  I really wanted to finish more figure reviews, but those take some time which I don’t have a lot of recently with a new job and preparing for school admission for September.  However, I will get back to finishing off at least one figure review per week starting with this Sunday so people who do come here will have something new to read every week.  Also, my figure review backlog will just grow larger and larger if I don’t start on them soon ^^;

Speaking of backlogs, I’ve got quite a few of those that I should start cleaning out before it piles up more and more.  Another good thing about having this blog is that it actually helps me get stuff done.  Whenever I write on here, I just get reminded of the things that needs to be done while I’m writing and I get those done instead of having it being put off time after time.  Do you put off stuff you have to do?  How do you deal with that problem?

My current backlog includes (no order):

  1. Many episodes of anime sitting in the HDD…
  2. A couple portfolio drawings for admission (which is another reason why I haven’t posted)
  3. Room clean up
  4. Figure reviews

I’ll post some of my works in the “Photos” section once I’m finished with them.  They will be scanned copies and not digital media since the requirement for those are hand drawn on paper and I haven’t the skills to do it digitally yet ^^;

I was 90% finished with my room clean up until I got my new job and the need to work on my portfolio.  I haven’t the time to finish cleaning up my room but I do hope to finish putting up the 3 remaining shelves for my figures by the end of the month.  Figures and clothes are just sitting everywhere in my room now, but I think the figures definitely look better when they’re on a shelve ^^


I finally picked up my Figma Hatsune Miku on Jan 11th and was relieved after getting her in my hands.  I freaked out when my trusted online stores didn’t have them in stock anymore, and some US online stores weren’t replying me about shipping to Canada.  Then as my last resort, I went local to look for her and luckily KCtoyshop in the Toronto area had her in stock and I picked her up after work ^^  The owner seems to be a pretty decent guy, and I will buy from him again since his prices are very decent too.  However, the base of her stand (on the underside) have the English writing “CFM” instead of the Japanese writing on my other Figmas…something to worry about?  I’m very sensitive about getting bootlegs…

I thought Miku would become my favourite Figma once aquired, but I was sort of disappointed with how she looked since Kagami was so damn cute.  So in the end, Kagami is still my favourite Figma and she’ll soon be challenged by Izumi and Tsukasa.  Yep, more Figmas (and bad news for Frauleins) on the way this month ^^;  I will be doing a Fraulein and Figma review early next month, then a Fraulein/Figma heads up review after that, so keep your eyes out.

My wallet isn’t looking too good this month with all the purchases I’ve made.  Luckily it can recover in Feburary (and during Chinese New Year ^^) with Unity Mei being the only figure on order so far.  I could be ordering some iM@S girls with her though…

My order for this month goes as follows and you can see to what extent it’s bleeding ^^;

Hmm, after listing it out it doesn’t seem like that big an order to me.  It’s the same number of figures I bought during my Christmas extravagenza, only with less Figmas and more real figures at full price ^^;  One can expect many $$$ to be dropped buying and shipping those figures, but it can’t be helped since I’m trying to fill out my “Want list” while I still have the chance and buying new figures at the same time.  The good news here is that the list of figures to buy will only shrink, and the bad news is my wallet will continue to bleed over time =__=”

I am actually quite nervous with a couple of the purchases since my Queen’s Gate Alice was purchased off of ebay, I’m worried about it being bootleg which would definitely piss me off.  I’m also nervous about my Haruka, Rei and Nendo Miku purchase because I’m not sure if they are selling bootlegs as well ^^;  I’m diagnosed with bootlegphobia…

However, it is certain that my figure review backlog will grow by the end of this month ^^;  I really look forward for their arrival.


4 Responses to “Last week or two”

  1. 1 Panther 01/20/2009 at 11:38

    I think that is quite a big order…especially with the exchange rate being what it is now against the Yen. :\ I only have Nyx though, in that bunch.

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 01/22/2009 at 22:25

    It is, but it’d be sad if I missed them. Will propably pay even more for them in the future.

  3. 3 MysteriousGuy 04/21/2009 at 10:00

    Don’t worry! CFM is the company behind Vocaloid. It’s somehow like the partner of Yamaha in making Vocaloid.

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