Alice is in the House!!


FINALLY!!  Move aside Hatsune Miku because Alice is in the house!!  This is Queen’s Gate Alice by Alpha x Omega one of the prettiest, sexiest, and loliest figures around.  I knew I had to have her when I saw the pics, but she was sold out everywhere =__=”  When there’s a need, there’s always Ebay to the rescue.  YAY!  I bought her off Ebay last week (I had my doubts for Ebay), and I just picked her up from the post office today.  I can tell you it’s the best $100 I’ve ever spent.


However, do weary when purchasing from Ebay since there are so many bootlegs out there.  None of this Alice yet, but it could be a matter of time before they start manufacturing phony Alices.  If you plan on buying a Queen’s Gate Alice from ebay, you might want to ask the seller for a couple photos to be on the safe side.


I didn’t have the luxury of box photos to compare to, but now you do.  Maybe I should do a topic on bootlegs, but I’ll have to leave that for future posts since I’ve got so much backlogged  “orz


Many figures have a “seal of approval” or a “seal of authenticity” like this one on its box (usually on its front side), and a hologram seal with “H Japan” or similar on the back side.  I say “many” because not all of them have it, so even if it doesn’t have one it doesn’t mean it’s a fake.


I like taking pictures of the boxes when it’s still un-opened because it’ll never look the same once it’s been opened ^^;  I do a lot of weird things, don’t ask about it though.


God, I wish I know Japanese…I’m learning it though, gimme a couple years time and my Japanese will be better than my Chinese (which is pretty decent).


Yes, finally the good stuff.  It seems like I’m narrating my thoughts as I’m opening the box.  Just can’t wait til I get my hands on her (which I already have, but wanted to continue my creepiness ^^;)


Just look her face, it’s pure loli kawaii-ness.  The detail on her is amazing, even when looking through the plastic inserts.  You’re not doing her any justice if you’re not taking her out and displaying her in a prime location.


A view of her behind through the circular window.  Pantsu needs immediate adjustment, but she couldn’t reach behind when bent down in such a cramp space.  Probably want to mention that some pics are NSFW ^^


The inserts open up Saint Cloth Myth style.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’ll find out when I do reviews on Saint Cloth Myths.


One cannot appreciate how good she looks through the box, nor can they see it in pictures.


Pictures only give you a representation of how she looks.  A lot of the details cannot be captured by a camera…well not my camera at least, but I’m sure a 25MP DSLR with Macro lens can capture them…


But there’s always something missing that you can only see in the flesh.  Alice looked great in other peoples reviews…


But she looks even better displayed in my to-be-wall-o-figures.  The reason it’s “to-be” is because a couple shelves are still in Ikea ^^;


This is what you see when you leave her in the box…a sad and ronery Alice…


Alice looks much happier when she’s breathing fresh air…umm…not sure if the air in my room is fresh…but it’s better than being in a box.


Makes me wanna dish out some more $$ to get her “Boost Version” as well.  But I’m not crazy about big oppai, so I’m not sure if she’s a get or not.  That depends on what Alice tells me in my dream tonight ^^;


She did tell me that she would feel ronery on her way here, that’s why I got her a companion from the Queen’s Blade series.  She should be arriving at the end of the month.


Alice also told me to put her clothes back on quickly since she felt kinda chilly in cast-off mode in the middle of the Canadian Winter.  But putting her clothes back on wasn’t as easy as taking them off…


She seemed pretty fragile because she’s so loli, I mean thin, and it looks like one bad move and her hair will be trimmed.  I don’t think she’s ready for a make-over just yet.


Alice moves up to #1 on my fave figure list and might not be coming down from the throne ever.  This means Hatsune Miku is now #2 and Lucy Maria Misora is #3, but I still love Rize so much that I think she should be #3 as well.  I know we love all our figures, and there’s no such thing as a “favourite figure” nor is there “one that I don’t like” and all our figures are proudly displayed with equality in prominent spots shared among all our figures


I finally managed to give Alice her trusty weapons ^^  If you were like me and didn’t know how to put them in her hands you can find out here.  Or I can tell you right now.  Thanks to the folks at for giving me the pointers.

You just need to pry open the area between her thumb and her fingers, preferably with some soft plastic or the tips of your fingers (don’t use nails as it might scratch the paint).  Don’t pry too hard or they might be no fingers/thumb to speak of ^^;  You just need a 1 mm opening to stick the handle of her gun sideways into her hands then give it a little adjustment until it fits in her hands.  Remember not to pry too hard, as it is always better to leave it than break it.

And now a disclaimer: Pry her fingers or any other parts of Queen’s Gate Alice at your own risk.  I am not responsible for any decapitated nails, fingers, or figures.


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