Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora


This is a lovely figure of Lucy Maria Misora (aka Ruuko Kirei no Sora) from the dating-sim turned anime To Heart 2.  She is my favourite character from the anime because I just love how she says “Ruu~” out of no where.  I would have preferred Ruuko in her “Ruu~” pose , but I am really happy to have a figure of her because she’s not as popular as the other girls in the series.


Ruuko is a Japanese speaking, hieroglyph writing alien girl who uses matchsticks as currency from the third planet of Ursa Major 47 (which happens to be from another galaxy more advanced than ours.)  Her space ship crash landed on Earth during her exploration to our solar system and was damaged in the process, so she is stuck here (in my room) until help arrives from her home planet.  Don’t you wish all aliens were as cute as Ruuko?


This 1/8 Ruuko figure was produced by Kotobukiya and released back in January 2006 retailing at 3,800 yen.  She is one of the few Ruuko figures on the market, and the only one which depicts her in her anime form.  Thumbs up to Kotobukiya for bringing us Ruuko as she appeared in the anime.


Ruuko is sculpted sitting gracefully on the tree branch that she calls home and looks into the distance with an emotionless glaze in her eyes.  A  emotionless stare is usually something bad to have in a figure.  But it works well in this case because it compliments Ruuko’s personality as depicted in the anime, and she also gives off the same charm which attracted my attention in the anime.  If you like Ruuko, you’ll know what I mean.


This figure’s design is very simple as there isn’t anything fancy like interchangable arms/legs, nor any cast-off features to reveal the goodies.  However, you could take her from the tree branch (which is also detachable from its base) and place her sitting on the edge of your laptop so she can stare at you while you work.  She looks rather good sitting on my laptop ^^


One of Ruuko’s charm point is that she is very sarcastic, and she always throws in a jab at the right time to make the situation more humorous.  If comedy romances tickles your fancy, than give To Heart 2 a shot.  But be warned that the animation isn’t as good as one might expect.


In my first ever review on my old blog, I complained about the sculpt of her hair, and how Kotobukiya could’ve added more detail to it like Good Smile with their version of this beauty.  Well, things have changed since then, and I’ve grown to love how Ruuko’s hair looks because this is how her hair is depicted in the anime.  Zero points in the creativity category, but why change something good to begin with?


One of my favourite part about this figure is the use of flat or semi-gloss paint to finish her.  It adds a level of realism to the figure because you don’t see glossy hair or glossy uniforms in real life.  Well, it’s not normal to have those attributes anyways ^^;


Glossy paint finishes is not bad when used in the right places.  But some figures have them at all the wrong places, and it’s usually the same producer(s)/manufacturer(s) who does this.  IMO, hair should be one place where glossy paint shouldn’t be used, and soft fabric is another.  You might disagree with me as it’s a matter of personal taste.


Some of the colours used on Ruuko looks a little off when compared to the original works.  Her hair is not as pink as I liked, and the red used on her uniform should’ve been redder(?).  Her hair looks like a blend of light pink and light grey which turns out to look a little pink-purple’ish and doesn’t look that good in photos neither.


I think the description for this figure was “from a scene directly from the dating sim game To Heart 2”.


Ruuko was one of my last figure gets during my stay in Hong Kong, which I’ll cover in a future post.  She was pretty hard to find since it’s a figure from 2 years ago.


A really nice figure overall, but definitely not flashy at all.  She’ll be staying on my shelf for years to come.


The quality is something most have come to expect from Kotobukiya (she is my first).  More on the companies who make these figures in the future.


Not too sure about her eyes, but looking at her gives me somewhat of a soothing feeling.  That’s why I have her sitting on my laptop.


She sits at #3 on my fave figures list right now behind #1 Queen’s Gate Alice, and #2 Hatsune Miku (reviews coming soon).  But I’m afraid she’ll be bumped further down the list as I aquire more figures…sorry Ruuko, you’ll always stay in top 10.  Promise.


A note on the photography, I’m using a Sony T-100 now and I’m trying to compensate for the crappy colour distortion due to the digital settings (i.e. Daylight, Flourescent, etc) by using better lighting.  Like most pictures out there, the colours aren’t 100% accurate (I’d be happy if it was near 90%) and photos can never justify the beauty of the figures in the flesh.


Enjoy the rest of the pics.
















No detail was left out on the log Ruuko sits on.

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2 Responses to “Kotobukiya Lucy Maria Misora”

  1. 1 milkcananime 06/23/2009 at 23:01

    I love the 4th pic from the top. Ruuko is looking 3 o’ clock. I think the angle fully exploits the beauty of her slender legs and u get to only catch a glimpse of her what’s she’s wearing underneath. (Forgive my little hentai nature, but that shows I’m a normal guy. This figure has a decent pose as her arms cover the important areas, just like any decent girls would do! I am getting to love figurines…! “)

    • 2 T.I.P. 06/24/2009 at 02:11

      You’re right about her pose, and that angle; isn’t it the best when you can sort of catch a glimpse, but can’t see everything? It’s normal for guys to want to take a peek, that’s why I included pantsu shots in my figure reviews. ^^

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