New Arrivals (03)


The doorbell rung unexpectantly around 2:00pm today.  Luckily I was awake to open the door to receive the USPS package that awaited me…along with the Canadian customs form =__=”  Me wonders if I have to pay customs everytime I buy from the US, or I just got lucky on the last couple figure orders.


I wasn’t expecting the package today because it just cleared customs this morning, so I thought it’ll arrive at my door tomorrow.  I didn’t expect to pay customs too.  This has me worried because I got three more figure orders on its way this week, so am I to pay three more customs bills?  *sigh*  As usual, I bring the box back to my room and pop it open without delay to find…a box inside the box  “orz


No worries as I make short work of the second box to reveal the eva yummy Rei Ayanami resting in her clear plastic box.  Watched Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone last year and really liked it.  Can’t wait for the sequel to it coming this summer.


She wasn’t on my buy list initially because she didn’t appeal to me that much, but decided to get Rei anyways because it’ll look good when put together with Asuka when they release her.  I’m really glad that I got her because she looks really nice in the flesh, but it’s really difficult to pose her because she doesn’t really *stick out* on display.


Believe it or not, she is actually my first Alter get (yes, first) and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  She comes with a reflective black base to give a mirroring effect, and an extra set of hair with her *clips* (forgot what they’re called) attached.  Will definitely look into more Alter gets in the future, but not this month because I need to recover from my January bleeding.


There was a second package within the box, and it was Nendoroid Miku Hatsune.  I’m sort of confused with her name.  Is it Miku Hatsune, or Hatsune Miku?  I think it doesn’t matter because one is the English way of saying her name and the other is how her name is said in Japanese ^^;


I was really nervous when she was sold out everywhere and I wanted her really badly (especially with the May release of MikkuMiku Kagami).  I didn’t want to ebay for her because there’s an abundance of bootleg Nendoroids out there and I didn’t want to land one of them.  I was relieved when I finally found her at Otakufuel going for $30 USD.  I’ll be doing online store reviews in the future as well to serve as a guide for fellow figure collectors who want to order online.


As with Alter’s Rei, Hatsune Miku Nendoroid was also a first for me.  She is my first Nendoroid buy since I don’t quite get the hype around them, and I still don’t get it…  But I have to say they are very kawaii indeed.  The real reason I wanted this Miku was for that most cutesome face that she’ll most likely be displayed in for the rest of her displaying career  ^^;


Nendo Miku goes on the shelf alongside GSC Miku and Figma Miku.  Alice is showing her dissatisfication by refusing to cast-off.  She’s been complaining about Figma Miku poking her with her mic stand last week, and Nendo Miku will probably smack her silly with that leek of hers.  Me needs to separate the girls soon, before the “Half-Wall-o-Figures” turn into a “Wall-o-Massacre”.


Rei goes on the EVA shelf which isn’t looking too pretty at the moment.  I think I need more shelves already  “orz

Three of ten (3/10) January orders has arrived.  Queen’s Gate Alice was the first to arrive, followed by today’s Nendo Miku, and Alter Rei Ayanami.  Another arrival is expected this week, with another coming in next week.  There’s an order (paid for) that hasn’t been shipped yet.  Me is wondering what’s going on because that is one of the more anticipated orders…

So what’s still to come for January orders?

  • GSC Hiyori Pixie
  • Freeing Yuki Nagato Bunny Version
  • GSC Amami Haruka
  • Queen’s Blade Nyx
  • GSC Lala Satalin Deviluke
  • Figma Hiiragi Tsukasa
  • Figma Kotona Izumi

It’s February now, so here’s this month’s (pre)order list:

  • ChuChu Astram
  • Unity Mei
  • Fraulein Haruhi

A really short list for this month, though still very expensive figures.  My wallet will be smiling this month if the order list remains as is.  But you never know what will happen as HLJ can throw in a sudden *irresistable* figure sale that drains my wallet dry.  But I hope my wallet gets a month to recover so it can continue to buy the figures I want in the months to come ^^  How’s your orders looking for the month of February?


2 Responses to “New Arrivals (03)”

  1. 1 meronpan 02/04/2009 at 15:53

    yum. great choices ^_^

    looks like i have kanzaki (koto), louise (alter), senhime (alter), and nendoroid yoko incoming this month… hopefully limit gunz too (ordered from a US based store so they usually don’t ship out for a month or two…)

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 02/04/2009 at 16:23

    Thanks, and I agree that the US based stores are quite slow in getting their orders out. Lala have been ordered and paid for 2 weeks, but no words on shipping yet =__=”

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