New Arrivals (04)


Another day, another box of figure arrives with another customs receipt attached to it…  “orz  The look on Haruhi’s face says it all.  I had three orders come in last month without getting taxed, and all of a sudden I get smacked in the face with two customs receipts in two days for a grand total of $60 and change.  I’d rather spend that money on another figure.


I guess that’s what you get for living in Canada.  I pay taxes so other people can freeload off my money =__=”  I can’t help but wonder if there’s a tax-free bracket for importing figures since the previous orders were of *smaller* value.  This huge box was shipped via EMS which cost a whopping $60 Cdn to ship, but it arrived promptly without delay.


Now I know it’s not a good sign when you see dollar figures written on top of your box-o-figures.  This week’s lunch money was taken from my wallet to pay for the box.  I wonder what would happen if I didn’t have any money on me when I opened the door  ^^;


Wasted no time cracking open the box as the Freeing Yuki Nagato was one of my more anticipated gets.  Here you see that the Yuki box alone took up half of the HLJ box.  Hiyori Pixy, Queen’s Blade Nyx, and Fraulein Futami Mami accompanied Yuki on her journey across the Pacific.


The Freeing Yuki box is just pure awesomeness.  It has to be one of the best looking, and biggest, box I’ve seen for a figure.  I’ve seen it in stores before, but never thought too much about her then.


Haruhi can’t belive I got another Fraulein.  She wants to smack her back to Japan with Miku’s “leek-o-a-thousand-deaths”.  This is the first time I’ve taken a pic of the Fraulein package.  I never did this when I bought figures in Hong Kong, not sure if it was laziness or the lack of space to do something like this.


Kagami loves to have her pictures taken.  She’s still the most cute-some Figma in my possession.  Kotona and Tsukasa are on their way, and will probably arrive some time next week…hopefully without a customs receipt attached on the box.


The long awaited Hiyori Pixy.  I knew she was a buy when I saw her on DC a couple months back, and waited for her arrival ever since.  Kinda disappointed with the EMS shipping because the box arrived with the left side a little *crushed*.  It’s not that I’m into re-saling my figures, but I would be happier if my box wasn’t crushed.


The figure was unharmed, but the dent on the box is still unsightly to me.  I’ve placed an order for ChuChu Astram already, so she should be arriving some time this month to accompany Pixy for some cast-off fun ^_^


Pixy comes with a free lesson on “how to cast-off” when you feel ronery.  People from DC will notice that I use a lot of terms from that site because I think it’s humourous.  I’m new to the blogging scene, so bare with me for now as I will develop my own writing style as my EXP grows.  Oh, now’s the time to turn away if nekkid babes aren’t your thing.  Some of the following are NSFW.


Once again, my trigger finger couldn’t resist snapping away at these newly aquired babes.  Took around 200 pic in the end.  Don’t know how that happened =__=”


This is Hiyori Pixie by Good Smile Company.  She is probably one of the cutest figures I’ve ever seen.


She’s got very beautiful eyes too, both pairs of them ^^


If you is wondering how her hat stays on…it’s magic!


Hiyori wonders if she should put her clothes back on…it’s getting kinda chilly in here.


She looks pretty nekkid with or without her clothes.


Thumbs up to Good Smile for another figure well done.


Alice looked me in the eyes and said “I needs more followers”, and soon after I was on HLJ placing an order of Queen’s Blade Nyx.  Alice sure made her presence felt, I’d expect no less from the Queen of my “Half-Wall-o-Figures”.  Nyx should be proud as Alice welcomed her personally.


Somehow Nyx’s box didn’t have the same appeal as Alice’s package, something’s missing but I just can’t quite put my finger on it…


Hmm…another combatant to aid in Alice’s eternal struggle against the Miku fever?


Like most figures, Queen’s Blade Nyx looks *MUCH* better in the flesh.  I had my doubts on her when I placed my order because she was sort of an impulse buy for me.  But I was reassured when I got to look at her in the flesh.  More Queen’s Blade figures to come in the future…


She’s got an incredible pair of eyes, it’s HUGE.  Her eyes are easily the biggest out of my figures, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever get a figure with bigger eyes than hers.  Queen’s Blade Cattleya has bigger eyes, but they’re definitely not my cupa-tea.  I’m not much of an oppai guy…


Triangular eyes are definitely hazardous to ones health.  Is it just me or does her eyes look weird?


Nyx is one dangerous looking figure indeed.  In fact, she IS a very dangerous figure because thouse spiney, thorny, and wicked looking things coming out of her dress can hurt if one is not careful.  I’ve no clue what that blue stick-o-blob is, but it definitely looks lethal.


MegaHouse should rework their cast-off figures to be more *user friendly*.  Everytime I play with their cast-off, it feels like somethings gonna break.


Three is the number.  I have three versions of Yuki Nagato, Asuka Langley, Rei Ayanami, and Hatsune Miku.  That’s the most I have of any one character so far.  As long as it’s a character I like, I would get multiple versions of it because one is never enough for me.


As mentioned before, this is one of the best looking figurine box I’ve ever seen.  With the latest additions, my total scaled PVC figure count is now 23 with 4 more coming in the next two weeks.  I really need to get my figure reviews going before the backlog gets out of hand.  On the list this month are Hatsune Miku, Queen’s Gate Alice, Hiyori Pixy, Fraulein Revoltech, and Figma.


Couldn’t resist taking a peek at one of the windows on the box.  Mmmmm, yummy Yuki ^^


Really excited about this one because she’s going to be sitt…I mean standing on my desk.


The first thing I notice on her are these scuff marks on her bunny suit  >_<”  I gots the same scuff marks on the Atelier Sai 1/6 bunny Yuki as well.  Is it just me or does other people have the same problem with bunny Yuki’s?


Overall the figure looks awesome.  But I think they could’ve done better with the bunny tail.


I should find myself some backgrounds like this one.  Yuki also comes with a reflective mirror base which looks awesome as well.  Everything about this figure is just awesome except for the scuff marks and the plastic bunny tail.  I think the Freeing Haruhi bunny looks better than Yuki.  She’s just too…blend…to look at, maybe I should land myself Haruhi as well  ^^;


A size comparison with the 1/6 Atelier Sai Yuki bunny.  The detail on the Freeing version blows away the other Yuki bunny, not to mention the mirror base compared to the ugly black space hog on the Atelier Sai Yuki.  If you’re looking for a Yuki bunny, Freeing Yuki Nagato bunny is the way to go!


One word, “kawaii”…maybe “yummy” will work too ^___^


She was definitely worth the bleeding I suffered.  In a matter of 22 hours, over half of my January orders have come in.  Four of ten (4/10) remains on their journey from January, and another four will start their journey this month.  I find myself short of real-estate all of a sudden, and will probably need to head over to Ikea for more shelves by the end of the month.


In case you needed a visual comparison of how big Yuki’s head was.  It wasn’t just big, it was really heavy as well.


This is how my “Half-Wall-o-Figure” looks now…no vacancy  “orz  It’ll turn into my “Wall-O-Figure” sooner than I anticipated.  This isn’t something bad because it was expected sooner or later, it just turned out to be sooner  ^^;


12 Responses to “New Arrivals (04)”

  1. 1 rotaku 02/03/2009 at 23:31

    Nice loot indeed

  2. 2 Ziroc 02/04/2009 at 00:06

    I have the Freeing Haruhi and she’s really nice. If you like the Freeing bunnies, then I defiantly recommend picking her up. I have Mikuru on order, and plan to get Yuki sometime soon.

  3. 3 Rin 02/04/2009 at 02:54

    Your not the only one…
    Living in Toronto Canada…customs is killing me…unless the sender marks it as gifts…
    I think I paid at least $20 when my Hiyori arrived…I really dislike custom fees…basically spending more on the figure…
    Nice loot though, do want that Freeing Yuki!!!!!! Reminds me that I need to get the whole Freeing Haruhi set still…

  4. 4 Panther 02/04/2009 at 04:26

    I am glad I do not have to pay customs here. They would really kill me financially otherwise. Shipping costs are already mountainous.

  5. 5 theinfernoproject 02/04/2009 at 07:36

    @rotaku Thanks!

    @Ziroc I’m definitely looking into a Haruhi Bunny! But me wallet needs HP recovery ^^; If you’re looking to buy a Yuki Bunny I think now’s the time since she’s on sale at HLJ.

    @Rin Thanks, yes we all hate more taxes on top of the taxes we already pay. Your Freeing set must look amazing when completed, too bad I don’t have the money and space for them all.

    @Panther I envy you…I really do…

  6. 6 Monkee 02/04/2009 at 11:52

    Maybe you should add a comment when you order…uhmmm ask the seller to declare the value of the order less then 50$CAN or 100$CAN

  7. 7 Ziroc 02/04/2009 at 12:49

    @theinfernoproject Doesn’t look like she’s on sale anymore. Thanks though. I’m getting kind of low on cash anyway.

  8. 8 theinfernoproject 02/04/2009 at 13:01

    @Monkee I try, but some of the online stores won’t do it even if you ask.

    @Ziroc I just noticed that too. Maybe they sold enough to reduce their stock, and it’s a pity that they took of the Alter Haruka Takamori from the sale too, I was about to order her…

  9. 9 meronpan 02/04/2009 at 16:04

    man, compared to the shuraki stuff, i’m surprised you the megahouse castoff was giving you trouble ^^; on the hand, perhaps i’m just more used to cast off stuff and less worried about something going wrong… having multiple figma hand breaks i think i was jaded slightly ^^;

    nice shelves! top ones look kind of high… you ever worry about someone falling off? ^^;

    i’d love to have shelves like that but unfortunately i’m renting and i don’t think my landlord would take very kindly to a shelving project ^^;

  10. 10 theinfernoproject 02/04/2009 at 16:37

    @meronpan Well, the shuraki cast-offs were hard in a completely different way. They were just hard to put together, but I never had any fears of breaking anything with them. I had fear of breaking off Nyx’s arms and givng Alice a haircut with the MegaHouse cast-offs. I have *EXTREMELY* badluck with breaking things that are new.

    I don’t fear someone falling off, I just fear the shelves ripping a hole in my wall, and fall down smashing whatever below it. I hope my handy work was good enough to keep the shelves up there.

  11. 11 oneandonlyjem 02/07/2009 at 18:04

    Congrats on your haul! I don’t think my FREEing Yuki had the scuff marks on her side.

    Nyx’s boobs are big, but it’s sort of normal in pvc/anime/manga/video games. Chichinoe is worse and you can squeeze them >.<

  12. 12 theinfernoproject 02/08/2009 at 19:48

    @oneandonlyjem I try not to let the scuff mark bother me too much since she looks so nice ^^

    I’m just not a fan of BIG oppai’s, so I don’t think I’ll get any PVC with bigger oppai than her’s.

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