Making the switch and more…


I finally made the switch from IE7 to Firefox last Friday.  I don’t have any preference on browsers because how the browser’s script is written does not matter to me.  I don’t care what I use as long as it works for me, but unfortunately IE7 recently failed in that category.I was never tempted to use Firefox when IE was working fine for me because there was no point for me to make the switch.  Recently, out-of-the-blue, IE started screwing up (after a patch I think) and many sites were either loading really slowly, or not loading properly.  It’s really annoying when you’re trying to browse around and get script errors on 50% of the page you’re trying to load.  I’m not phasing out IE, but it’s just more convenient for me to use Firefox now :D

I have to say I’m starting to enjoy the features on Firefox more than IE.  The web pages that I go to often seem to be loading much faster (more efficient?) and have a better appearance than it did on IE.  So I probably won’t be making the switch back to IE anytime soon since Firefox is saving me a lot of time when I’m online.

I’ll just throw in a update of what I’ve been upto recently.  For those of you who visit my blog once in a while (thank you!), you’ll notice that I’ve changed the layout as part of the appearance overhaul.  It is not my work as it’s not in my field of interest, but I am trying to find one that I really like.  I’ll be making my new custom header tomorrow, and give you a preview of what’s coming up in the following week.  Room cleaning is complete, but still a mess IMO until I get enough shelving to put everything away.


3 Responses to “Making the switch and more…”

  1. 1 Rin 02/18/2009 at 04:57

    Congrates on joining the firefox group!!!!!!
    IE screws up a lot for me I say…
    Be waiting on the new custom header!!!

  2. 2 Kevin 02/20/2009 at 00:25

    nahh. Firefox is a memory hog. Check your processor. One add on can blow the fuse on it. I still love it though, since I have almost 3gb pf physical mem. So yeah faster, more reliable, slows your computer down. There’s always a negative for the con, that’s for sure. In firefox’s case it just outweighed its negatives.

  3. 3 theinfernoproject 02/20/2009 at 03:34

    @Rin It sure does…

    @Kevin I’m not feeling the effects of its memory usage, maybe because I’ve stopped the habit of playing games and browsing on sites at the same time. I happened to die many times as a result ^^;

    Well, in the 7 days that I’ve been using Firefox, it’s crashed on me 3 times…too many tabs opened maybe? But a nice feature is that it’ll recover the pages that you were viewing when it crashed…most of it at least. So I didn’t have to find the pages that I was looking at again…like what I do when IE crashes.

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