New Arrivals (05)


Ahh, Kagamin ^^  Time for another new arrivals update, I’m already up to #5 in 2009…  This update is actually a compilation of three arrivals over the past six days, now I can finally breath a sigh of relief.  They are some *hard-to-find* figures that I’ve had the luck of picking them up online, and some are still up for grabs if you’re interested.


This box actually arrived last week, a shipment from for two Figma orders.  I didn’t expect the shipment to arrive three days after it was shipped, so I was quite surprised when the box was left on my doorstep.  I’m really wondering of Otakufuel is overcharging on international shipments so they can offer free shipping to US customers.  Here’s my case, $14 Priority Mail slightly over 2 lb arrived in three days.  Otakufuel $23 Priority Mail slightly over 1 lb (with a smaller box) arrived in eight days.  Just wondering.  Almost forgot, customs didn’t slap me this time ’round ^^


*Figma Tsukasa Hiiragi and Figma Konata Izumi wants to join your party.  Do you accept?*  Now that I have 3/4 Lucky Star Figmas, I’m leaning towards completing the set with Figma Miyuki Takara.  I’m not too crazy about Lucky Star since I’ve only watched the OVA and absolutely loved Kagamin.  I need to find myself some fansubbed material for the original series, but they’re kinda hard to come by since the series has been licensed.


Kagamin finds out she’s not Spiderman.  Poor Kagamin.  She’s really fun to play around with…oh, I’ve ordered a second Kagamin Figma so I can play with this one more often ^^;


Figmas are great overall, but I find that their hands are hard to replace.  I’ve already broke Kagamin’s hands once.  I really like the Fraulein hands more since it’s much easier to switch, and not as fragile as Figma.  Maybe it was their plan to make it fragile so you’ll buy replacements more often.  This reminds me that I need to pick up my pace on figure reviews…almost end of the month.  “orz


Freeing Yuki permanently stands beside my laptop, she’s so gorgeous.


Figma Tsukasa Hiiragi.  She’s not as cute as I thought she would be.  She’s cute, but not as cute as Kagamin.


*OMG!  Where’s her cell?!?!?!* was my reaction when I looked through the window.  Do not fear, it was at the bottom of the plastic inserts when I opened the box…*phew* close one.


Figma Konata Izumi, sold out in most online stores except  So get your arses over there if you’re looking for her ^^  Again, I was quite disappointed because I thought she would be much cuter than she actually is.  Kagamin is still the queen of Figma.


Introducing the new Fraulein busting trio…The Awesome Threesome!  *Tsukasa receives a text saying “Rin is out to get you”*  *gulp*  hmm…I still have to write down my script on paper and start working on it.  So many things to do…so little time.


Yesterday, the UPS dude came to my house with this box in hand.  Finally, my order from Toyslogic have arrived after screwing up my order and waiting for a month.  Review on them soon.


Can’t wait to pop open the box because I wanted this GSC Lala Satalin Deviluke *BADLY* when they announced the Konjiki no Yami release.  But she was literally sold out everywhere I looked, then I found this place called Toyslogic.  I looked at what they have, and I was amazed that they still had her in-stock.  I picked up the last one, so no more there :P


I’ve come to the realization that GSC likes to use BIG boxes for their figures even if they can fit it in a smaller box.  I really want to keep the figure boxes because some of them look really nice.  But if they continue to be this big, my small room won’t have space for them soon.  Me is wonders how big Unity Mei’s box will be…


Have you watched To Love-ru?  My favourite girl in there is Konjiki no Yami (Golden Darkness), she’s so cute.  Pretty funny and relaxed series, give it a shot if you haven’t watched it yet.  Looking at Lala’s hat, I couldn’t resist but to…


Put it on Pixy-chan.  I thought Lala’s hat would stay on Pixy’s head with magic power like Pixy’s Pumpkin hat…but it didn’t work out :(  To my surprise, the hat looks quite good on Pixy-chan.


I think I saw this Lala when I was in Hong Kong last year, not too sure.  But even if I saw her, I wouldn’t of bought her anyways since I haven’t watched To Love-ru back then.  I know I saw MM (EmuEmu) going for $700+ HKD with Nendo included.  I thought she looked cute, but I didn’t want to fork out $700 HKD for a figure back then…how much I regret now.


Lala’s a real cutie.  There are rumors surrounding the wall that Miku might be bumped to fourth on the faves list.  But there’s no telling until Unity Mei and Yami-chan arrives next month.  She might end up being relegated to fifth place.


The final box-o-figure is my long awaited Haruka-chan.  She would’ve either arrived with my Toyslogic order, or my previous Otakufuel order only if Toyslogic didn’t screw me up.  Long story short, originally ordered her with Otakufuel last month but there was a problem with that order so it was delayed.  Then I found out Toyslogic had her *in stock* for $30 cheaper with shipping charges, so I ordered Haruka-chan and GSC Lala with them.


However, the truth is that they DIDN’T have her in stock and didn’t care to let me know they didn’t have her in stock.  If I knew they didn’t have her in stock, I wouldn’t have cancelled my Amami Haruka order at Otakufuel since it took them over a week to fix the problem with my order.  So I ended up ordering Haruka-chan from Otakufuel again.  Luckily, they still had her in stock.  You can still get this GSC Amami Haruka from them if she tickles your fancy.


When I found out they made a PVC of Haruka-chan (after watching Xenoglossia), I flipped and went out to look for her all over.  Then I realized that the chances of landing her was VERY slim since she was released in 2007 and was sold out almost everywhere.  Then, by a stroke of luck, I found out she was available at Otakufuel when I was browsing for Queen’s Gate Alice last month.  Speaking of which…I need another one  “orz


Hmm…a Frisbee?  She’s very kawaii indeed.  Baka-ribbon ^^;


Have you watched iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia?  Give it a spin if you haven’t.  Cute girls + Mecha is always a good combo ^^


The trio is completed.  I was *shocked* when I watched and saw Yukiho *DID WHAT(??!!?)*, I couldn’t believe she was so…so…don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t watched.  Near the end, what happened with Chihaya cracked me up.  I can’t believe the producers put that in there…that’s just…plain wrong.  I just got a question for Good Smile.  Where’s my Yayoi Penguin cosplay?!?!


*Half-Wall-o-Figure limit exceeded.*  I think I need to get new shelves already.  Alter Rei was evicted from the wall to accomodate Lala and Haruka-chan  =__=”  How do you display your Alter Rei Ayanami?  She looks rather plain/odd when displayed beside other figures…


The lobby seems kinda full too…one day the Fraulein girls will push the Figmas off the shelves…

For those who’ve read this far, do you find my posts to be too long?


4 Responses to “New Arrivals (05)”

  1. 1 Rin 02/20/2009 at 03:01

    Nice loot!!!!!
    All you need is Miyuki’s figma!!!!!!
    Nice get on Lala, she’s a good figure to get, I know cause I have her too!!!!!
    I wish I had room for my figures…sadly… I have no room for figures and I have to resort to keep my figures in a box and stacking them…

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 02/20/2009 at 03:44

    @Rin Yes…Miyuki…I’m still pondering on that thought because she doesn’t appeal to me at all.
    Proud Lala owners we are! I thought I’d never get my hands on her. But now that I have her I absolutely love her, just can’t wait for Yami-chan’s release.
    You need to make a trip to Ikea…unless you’re not allowed to drill holes in your walls. Keeping figures in boxes is not good for ones health, it is the main cause of cancer!

  3. 3 meronpan 02/24/2009 at 05:08

    ahhh that’s a great get! i’m jealous of your lucky star trio… i only have kagamin.

    i went with the megahouse lala, but kinda wish i had her original outfit…

    nice with the xenoglossia girls. i didn’t quite like the anime (mostly the mechs … and yeah it was crazy what happened in terms of character development…) … much prefer them in their natural idol environment ^^;

    • 4 theinfernoproject 02/24/2009 at 17:47

      Kagamin is more than enough, she’s the cutest of the trio ^^

      MegaHouse Lala is great too, but she does look better in her space suit ^^ The main reason I wanted this Lala was to match it with Konjiki no Yami.

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