College, it’s where our future awaits us.  A lot of us have experienced it, a lot of you will be going to one in the future, but there are more of them who never had the chance to go to one.  For me, I’ve had the chance to go to one before, and now I’ll have the chance to go to one for a second time.  Some people might consider me lucky, but lucky I am not.  I graduated from hospitality management last year, something that I had absolutely no interest in.  I had jobs that made decent money, but I never liked it.  I guess I’m not much of a people person.  I’ve had opportunities to walk up the management ladder, but I’ve let those opportunities slip by me time after time.

I never thought too much about it, but I knew there was something missing.  Something I couldn’t quite put my fingers on because of my life experience, or lack of it.  I spoke with the manager who rejected my promotion, and he told me “I know you are one of the best at what you do, but I just don’t see the enthusiasm and the drive in you to give you the promotion.”  I quoted him for that, and I hated him for that until I finally realized what he said was true.

I never had passion in the whole hospitality thing, and I grew tired of it quickly because it wasn’t rewarding to me.  There’s a lot of money to be made in the industry, but I’m not extrinsically motivated like others so I never took interest in the job.

Those who have been reading my blog (thank you again) will know that I’ve been working on my portfolio last month in hopes of getting into a college program.  I received a letter of acceptance into the Graphic Design program at Seneca College (in Toronto), but I am not inclined to making my decision yet since Graphic Design was not my first choice.  I’ll be holding out for the next month to see if I’ll be accepted to the animation program in the same college.

My word of advice from my (limited) experience: do what you want, and not what others want of you.  Do something that you are passionate about, and not something that you think will make more money for you.  Money buys a lot, but it’ll never buy happiness and (job) satisfaction.

In the end, I’m grateful that I was accepted by Seneca College’s Graphic Design program and given a second chance in life.  I thought my chances with this program was quite slim, but I guess they liked what I drew, what I wrote, and the results of my on-campus tests.  It was harder to get into this program than many university programs.  I’ll write more about the portfolio, the tests, the college, the campus, and the program later.  Now, back to figure reviews ^^


4 Responses to “College…”

  1. 1 meronpan 02/24/2009 at 04:33

    very nice! i always admire people that make an effort to get what they want out of life. i always try to make do with what i have when lots of times i should be more proactive… a side affect of my reserved nature i suppose orz

    best of luck getting into the animation program!

    i would offer that having job satisfaction is a luxury that many don’t have, so if you’re able to achieve it, cherish it!

    • 2 theinfernoproject 02/24/2009 at 17:41

      I had the same mind set you have before. But I’ve realized that it’s better to try and fail, then not try at all. At least this way, when I look back in my life 20 years from now, I’ll have no regrets whatsoever.

      Thanks. Job satisfaction is a luxury, and I know many people who stay with the company/job even though they really hate it there. I’m always one to leave when I don’t like it. Not the best move when you just leave a job, but I’ve come through so far. I really look forward to changing my career path from doing something I don’t like to doing something I have passion for.

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