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Liu Meifeng – New Arrival


Liu Meifeng by Red Entertainment x Good Smile Company was the second figure released in the Shuraki Trinity Series.  I actually received her two or three weeks ago, and was waiting for some more new loots to post “New Arrivals (08)”…but no new loot has arrived ^^; Continue reading ‘Liu Meifeng – New Arrival’


Fräulein Revoltech


It has been almost a year since I acquired my first Fräulein Revoltech action figure by Kaiyodo, the “black-sheep” of the current action figure market.  I feel that it is necessary for me to post a detailed review on the Fräulein line to clear up many  misconceptions and dispositions surrounding them.  No, this is not another comparison review, and I will not, at any point  in this review, mention the name of Max Factory’s action figure line.  Even if you do not intend to buy yourself a Fräulein, please educate yourself with more information on them ^^ Continue reading ‘Fräulein Revoltech’

Figure buy update


I would like to thank meronpan for the heads up for Alter Fate T-Harlaown preorder at Hobby Search.  She will go for 12,800 yen, and will definitely make her presence felt on display ^^  Fate will be released some time in August.  She’ll definitely make it into my top three favourite figures. Continue reading ‘Figure buy update’

My Room


I know I posted something about my wall-o-figures, and my wall-o-detolfs not too long ago.  Sorry to post about my room again, I was really hoping that I won’t post about my wall-o-figures and my room until significant changes have been made to my figure line up  “orz Continue reading ‘My Room’

GSC Chu Chu Astram


This is Chu Chu Astram from the eroge series Chu x Chu Idol, and I think she’s a vampire…a really really hot vampire.  I definitely wouldn’t mind being bit by her ^^  If I was to use one word to describe Chu Chu it would be ecchi, and there’s no shortage of that with this Good Smile Company release.  Now is the time to turn away if you’re not an oppai person.  The rest of this review is NSFW! Oppai, oppai, and lots of oppai… Continue reading ‘GSC Chu Chu Astram’

March Preview to Reviews…


I was hoping that I could launch a review or two last week, but I didn’t launch anything in the end and now it’s almost the end of the month “orz  Nonetheless, readers will be in for a treat this coming week as I’ll be posting three reviews with loads of pictures and reading to feast your brains on.  Hope uploading the pics don’t kill me… Continue reading ‘March Preview to Reviews…’

Thumbs up to Mega House!!


This might not interest most people, but it definitely caught my attention that  MegaHouse will be releasing their Brilliant Stage S-3 figures in August of this year ^^  Some might already know about it, but I just found out last night while looking at some photos on Hobby Search. Continue reading ‘Thumbs up to Mega House!!’

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