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  1. 1 meimi132 04/15/2009 at 20:04

    The prices all include tax… most things do in the UK. Only on some websites do they add tax after you’ve put them in the basket lol.

    But even if they include tax… so unfair… $200 Canadian dollars is round about £100 though. So unfair…. I noticed that american and canada’s game prices and such cost a helluva lot less the UK…. PS2 games cost $30 in the US, and they cost £30 here… so unfair…. I’m guessing we’re just taxed like crazy for them… or its the import costs?? Gah.. I don’t know… either way… unfair…

    • 2 T.I.P. 04/15/2009 at 21:43

      I think Americans are the only lucky ones since they get everything so cheap compared to other countries. I still remember things costing an arm and a leg when the Canadian dollar was at its highest last year ($1 Cdn = $1.08 USD). The Xbox 360 60GB was selling for $199 in the states, while the same unit was selling for $299+tax in Canada. Never made sense to me why the price never dropped after the currencies have been on par for two years.

      Many people were buying their cars in the States than drive them across the border because the same car would cost 25-30% less if you bought it from the States ^^;;;

      • 3 FlawlessExa 04/04/2010 at 22:33

        Yeah but we don’t have free health care and alot of people here isn’t very nice…

  2. 4 at 01/12/2010 at 22:51

    Lolis FTW!!

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