New Arrivals (07)


Another edition of “New Arrivals” for the month of March, I believe there will be one more in store for March after this.  I’ve been picking up quite a few figures that I didn’t plan on picking up in March, most of them were on my “to-get list”.  Four packages came in this week with some really nice figures, but none of them will make it in the top 3.


First up would be a box from J-List which contains my all-time favourite Figma Kagami Hiiragi.  I’m still waiting for one of the better makers (namely GSC, Max Factory, MegaHouse, and Alter) to release a scaled version of Kagamin.  I grabbed a second Kagamin because I wanted to play with my first one and wanted a back-up in case I break her ^^;


This is the first time I’ve had my package opened by the customs.  They could be thinking “this dude have been receiving 20 packages over the last two months, is he smuggling Japanese goodies?”


She’s so cute ^^  I think this will be the last time I’m ordering from J-List because their prices are quite high compared to HLJ and Hobby Search.


Next up is Miki Hoshii (or Hoshii Miki) “Anticipating New Star Ver.” by Max Factory.  I bought her from the Hobby Search sale and got a really good deal, though the shipping was a killer ^^;  I got her for around 3,700 yen plus the EMS shipping, which ended up to be around $70 Cdn when the bill came…  “orz


I first saw her back in Hong Kong last year, but I thought her box looked different.  I was tempted to get her back then, but I didn’t have anymore space in my luggage to bring her back so didn’t buy her in the end.


Apparently Miki was picking her nose on her way from Japan ^^;


I had to wipe her “pointy finger of death” down with some thinners…


I have to admit Miki is the best looking girl out of the bunch of Idolm@ster girls.  I love this figure, but I think the Idolm@ster figures looks best when displayed as a group.  Things will be shaking up in my fave figures list this month…


Some Nekomimi action!  The Fraulein girls looks really good, people just have to face it and accept the fact.  Thinking about grabbing her “Awakening Ver.” some time in May, or earlier if she goes on sale all of a sudden.  More Idolm@ster action next month with the new releases by MegaHouse, I hope they release all the girls!


This CONFIRMS that the guy who sold me my broken Queen’s Gate Alice (near the end of post) have two stores, same address and  crappy packaging.  Cmb-tradeltd and PConline are both owned by the same dude/company, should really be careful if you decide to buy from them because they ship items to you with bubble wrap + envelop paper.


Deja vu!  Same sh*t different piece.  To make things worse, I had to pay $20 shipping for this shipment.  If you ever buy from them, DEMAND that they ship your items with a box and foam/bubblewrap for protection.  It is the seller’s responsibility to ship the items out with adequate protection.


Box went straight to the bin.  Luckily I only paid $10 for Kanu and $12 for Nanoha because they were auction items, so it wasn’t as bad as last time.  But I think this is the last time I’ll buy from them.  Won’t leave any feedback for this store until my new Queen’s Gate Alice arrives.  I told him to ship the replacement with a cardboard box.


Nanoha’s box looks to be in better shape than Kanu’s, but it’s still somewhat crushed, so off to the bin it goes.  It’s a real pity because her box looks nice.


I had to thoroughly inspect both packages this time because of the Alice incident that’s still haunting me.  I had to pay $18 bucks out of my pocket to return the broken Alice “orz  Stupid Canada Post is so expensive…told me it’ll be $70 to ship it with signature/confirmation  WTF?!?


I thought there would be more accessories with Nanoha, but there’s not much in that big box.


To be honest, I’m starting to be quite disappointed with every new figma I buy mostly because of all the hype that  surrounds them on  It’s not living up to the expectations imo.


Kagamin: “Hello, I come in peace…”


but Nanoha intervened with “Divine Buster!”…don’t know where Kagamin landed ^^;


More Yuki goodness!  I thought I would have to break my piggy bank to get this 1/8 Yuki Nagato by Max Factory…but that wasn’t the case and I’m REALLY happy with this brand new Yuki for $10.50 USD…well…plus $35 EMS shipping ^^;  Gotta love ebay…


This is my first scaled Yuki in school uniform, and true to Yuki’s character she’s got a really boring pose ^^;  For some reason, Yuki tickles my fancy ^^  I still need to watch SOS Brigade “orz


There’s three ways to display this Max Factory Yuki, which makes it better than Haruhi and well worth your hard earned money.  I bought a Max Factory Haruhi back in Hong Kong, then found out it was a bootleg when I got home =__=”


Looking at this Yuki makes me wanna buy her regular school clothes figma and the future Alter release…


She’s so cute ^^  More Yuki goodness coming this month…my Fraulein Yuki Nagato Evil Witch is on her way from HLJ…


Another reason for my recent Figma disappointment is because my first figmas were Kagamin and Yuki Evil Witch Ver.  ^^  Kagamin is still my favourite figma, and Yuki came with a load of accessories which I haven’t seen in other Figmas…not even half of what Yuki had to offer…


So how good is the Yuki figma you ask?


I would say very good.  They look near identical since they’re made by the same company…


14 Responses to “New Arrivals (07)”

  1. 1 enrius 03/13/2009 at 01:13

    wow, nice haul you got there. i suppose you were figma poisoned. but the best thing is… you got MF Yuki 1/8 for 10.50!?!?!?!?! which seller is stupid kind enough to auction off at that price? O_o lucky you! :-)

  2. 2 theinfernoproject 03/13/2009 at 01:19

    I wouldn’t say I was poisoned, just caught the figma flu from browsing on ^^; I can’t believe I won the bid at that price neither…my max bid for her was $20 and I wasn’t even watching the bid because I had work. I’m so happy that other people didn’t bid against me ^^ Really happy with that loot…

  3. 3 KELTHULAS 03/13/2009 at 21:15

    On some reasons i dont like Max Factory figures. They are always on a bad posing and watching boring !_! dont know^^

    • 4 theinfernoproject 03/14/2009 at 22:52

      I don’t own that many Max Factory figures (I only have 3), so I really can’t tell. Yuki always have boring poses so I never expected much from the figure, but it’s really nice that I can display it in 3 different ways :)

  4. 5 Wolfheinrich 03/16/2009 at 20:38

    A good haul there brother, hope your new alice arrive safe and sound ;x Mine hasn’t shown up yet. I caught the figma flu too by going to DC, never had one before and now I have 4 of them. Kagami is my kind of girl too, but not enough for me to buy her figma yet.

    • 6 theinfernoproject 03/16/2009 at 22:20 is a dangerous place to browse around…so many things I want to get after going there. But I’ll have to stick to my “to-get” list for now because I have a lot of pre-ordered figures coming in April as well ^^;

      To my surprise, I don’t have much on pre-order for May, so I might be able to catch up on my figure buys in May. Sadly, June is an expensive month…

      • 7 enrius 03/17/2009 at 07:45

        I am very tempted to get nendoroids but luckily I haven’t caught up with the figma train. (Haven’t, oh my)

        After my January spree (15 figures), I have to be very selective towards figure buying. So far on my P-O list are Unity Mei, Saber Lily and BRS. So I should be able to let my wallet rest. >_<;;

  5. 9 meronpan 03/17/2009 at 12:50

    mmm nice loot ^^

    surprised you were able to find a max factory yuki, she was released almost two years ago! yes, she has a boring pose but i would argue that’s the whole point (otherwise she’d be out of character ^^;)

    i got the figma bug after picking up saber (followed by fate, nanoha, kagamin & lulu)… stopped for the moment though ‘cuz they keep breaking on me orz. i think i’m up to 3 broken hands? i hear the recent figma releases are better made but since i’m trying to save some money, it’ll be a while before i get back into them (though maybe i’ll get mirai ^^;). except for the quality i love figmas for cameos in photoshoots.

    • 10 theinfernoproject 03/17/2009 at 21:12

      I’ve broke one Kagamin hand so far. But I find that some of their hair is lose and falls off pretty easily. Not to mention that it takes some effort before the stand will fit on their backs. These are just some things that DCers don’t mention about the flaws of figmas, most of them just praise and praise and praise…

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