Thumbs up to Mega House!!


This might not interest most people, but it definitely caught my attention that  MegaHouse will be releasing their Brilliant Stage S-3 figures in August of this year ^^  Some might already know about it, but I just found out last night while looking at some photos on Hobby Search.


They’ve already released Amami Haruka and Yayoi Takatsuki last year, and they’ll be releasing Hoshii Miki and Yukiho Hagiwara next month.  I was hoping that they would release all 10 girls (12 now) from the series, and with this new info, I think they are planning to release all the girls in PVC form.


Haven’t gotten my hands on their first releases yet because I wanted to know that they’ll be releasing more before committing myself to buying.  I’ll be buying Haruka and Yayoi either this month or next month, I haven’t decided yet.


From what I can see, they’ll be releasing Chihaya Kisaragi and Iori Minase in August.  Maybe they’ll be releasing Futami twins and Azusa Miura after?  I really love Azusa’s voice.


I prefer Miki in this pose over the one by Max Factory, but it looks like her eyes are a little off.  Max Factory should’ve followed through and released more Idolm@ster girls.  It’s okay that they didn’t since MegaHouse picked up their slack and will be getting my money…two thumbs up to MegaHouse!


6 Responses to “Thumbs up to Mega House!!”

  1. 1 enrius 03/17/2009 at 22:42

    12 girls… oh my. Luckily I’m not into Idolm@ster girls yet (“Yet”? >_>) or I really need to rob a bank…

    • 2 theinfernoproject 03/18/2009 at 01:45

      Yes, luckily they’ll be releasing them with a couple months in between, otherwise I really need to rob a bank ^^; It’s better than catching up with the Haruhi girls…that’s more expensive than idolm@sters :P

  2. 5 meronpan 03/20/2009 at 20:42

    the figures look lovely but strangely i think i’ll be holding off, even though i’ve been loving the psp idolmaster. even more weird i’m tempted to get a japanese xbox so i can play the full version in all it’s glory ^^;

    i also prefer the megahouse miki though agree the face/eyes look slightly off… wouldn’t stop me from ordering thou :P

    • 6 theinfernoproject 03/21/2009 at 03:54

      Aside from Miki and Haruka…idolm@sters seem to be a niche market of some sort. They’re not as popular as I thought they would be. Nothing is stopping me from getting the whole set from MegaHouse ^^;

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