March Preview to Reviews…


I was hoping that I could launch a review or two last week, but I didn’t launch anything in the end and now it’s almost the end of the month “orz  Nonetheless, readers will be in for a treat this coming week as I’ll be posting three reviews with loads of pictures and reading to feast your brains on.  Hope uploading the pics don’t kill me…Chu Chu Astram will be the first figure that will be reviewed and you can expect lots and lots of oppai to feast your eyes on ^^;  I only have two pictures that were SFW and this was one of them…


The second review will be my second attempt at reviewing Kaiyodo’s Fraulein Revoltech line-up.  I have learned a lot about Frauleins since my last review and my love for them have increased ten folds since this photoshoot ^^;  I haven’t seen that many Fraulein reviews around, so I think it is a MUST for me to do a review on them to educate some people about Frauleins and clear up common misconceptions at the same time.  I wouldn’t call myself an “expert” with this regards, but having 15 Frauleins does help a lot.

I haven’t worked hard enough to prep the pictures for the third review so it’ll be a surprise for now.  Anyone wanna take a shot and guess who’s on the list?  Hmm…I’m also thinking about starting a blogroll some time in April.  Anyone want to share readers?  I’ve added meronpan to my RSS feed (without permission ^^;) already, and would like to know if others who frequent my blog (like Wolfheinrich and enrius) would like me to add them to blogroll/rss feed in the future?


2 Responses to “March Preview to Reviews…”

  1. 1 enrius 03/21/2009 at 21:56

    Hoho, nice teaser you have there for Chu Chu Astram! Can’t wait to see your photo review! And I do agree it is almost not easy to get a SFW photo of her… *Looking for tissue, too much blood coming out*

    And sure for the blogroll, I’ve already added you to my blogroll.

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