GSC Chu Chu Astram


This is Chu Chu Astram from the eroge series Chu x Chu Idol, and I think she’s a vampire…a really really hot vampire.  I definitely wouldn’t mind being bit by her ^^  If I was to use one word to describe Chu Chu it would be ecchi, and there’s no shortage of that with this Good Smile Company release.  Now is the time to turn away if you’re not an oppai person.  The rest of this review is NSFW! Oppai, oppai, and lots of oppai…


She was released back in June 2008 and retailed for 6,476 yen…nine months later I bought her from HLJ for 6,476 yen.  I haven’t learned anything new about the Chu x Chu Idol (NSFW)  series since my Hiyori Pixy review last month, so I can’t tell you much about her other than “she looks sexy!” ^^;


What I do know is that she is a vampire, is ecchi, have lovely oppai…and she ain’t shy at showing off her assets neither.


Chu Chu Astram is somewhere between number two and three on my fave figures list, but I haven’t really given it any thought recently because I want to wait until Konjiki no Yami and Unity Mei arrives.  She looks really gorgeous with that lovely smile and dynamic pose.


Chu Chu first caught my attention when I saw her review on last summer.  She made it to my “want list”, but I never took her home because she was too expensive for my taste back then.


I really love how Good Smile sculpted her hair, especially with the curly bit at the ends.  But they are as fragile as they are beautiful, so do handle with care if you’re an owner or prospective owner.


I personally don’t have much complaints about this figure aside from the fact that it took a good ten minutes to wrap Chu Chu’s bat thing around her properly “orz


However, I am seeing a lot of paint chips on my Good Smile figures recently.  It seems like Good Smile paint jobs are not as durable as I thought they would be.  Does anyone else have this problem with their GSC figures?


The pictures in this shoot looks somewhat over-exposed, really sorry about it.  Might warrant for a retake when I get my hands on a DSLR later this year.  Maybe taking sample shots would help with the lighting set up next time.


ChuChu Astram in all her 2D glory.  ^^  You can find more wallpapers from the Chu x Chu Idol series on their official website.  (NSFW)


As I said before, Chu Chu Astram is another really lovely figure by Good Smile Company.  The sculpt looks awesome capturing Chu Chu in a dynamic pose with a fantastic paint job that’s equal to the task.


Hiyori Pixy shows more skin in her costume, but Chu Chu definitely looks more nekkid by default…


Don’t you wish you were that bat?  I definitely wish I was there to keep her warm…


One of the limitations of indoor shoots is that you are at the mercy of your background size.  I would love to take some shots from down low, but it means I’ll be shooting off screen.  So I have to be creative and take angled shots so the pictures don’t look boring…


That face just screams “LOVE ME!”, and I can’t say “no” to that lovely face of hers ^^


I’ve started to notice that many eroge characters comes with all sorts of headgears, anyone know why?  I would take Pixy-chan’s pumpkin hat over this weird looking hair clip any day of the week.





Chu Chu Astram’s got a relatively large footprint compared to her 1/8 scale counterparts, bad news for Detolf owners…


One of the reason that I love GSC releases so much is because their figures are always accompanied by beautifully detailed bases/stands that makes the figures more attractive to look at.



The bat thingy is bendable at the wing so it can wrap around her to keep her butt nice and warm during chilly winter days.  It flies off to the third moon of Jupiter during the summer for insulation repairs.  I wonder if the bat thingy have a name in the game ^^




Her top doesn’t cover a lot (neither does her bat), so she might not be the best figure to display at work ^^;



Yum!  Nice legs.


I’m always in debt to bring my readers some pantsu shots…only if pantsu is available.



Her top is removable if you want a better view of her oppai and pupils.


Personally, I prefer Alice and Pixy-chan types…you can say that I have a loli-fetish, though I was informed that Pixy-chan is not a loli.


I don’t think it’s a fetish, it’s just personal preference for oppai size.  I think there’s another japanese term to refer “small oppai”, I’m sure I saw it somewhere on meronpan’s bloggg, but I can’t find it anymore


“Insert pantsu here”


No pantsu again!  But you get another nice bottom to look at ^^



She might appeal to a bigger crowd if her pupils aren’t showing 24/7 ^^;  She’s got a really lovely smile.


Thigh-highs = me love ^^  You can say that I have a fetish for thigh-highs, I think they look really sexy.


Cast-off action!  Not that you haven’t already had a good look at her oppai ^^;


Hmm…her oppai(s?) are screaming “SILICON!”.  They look artificial to me :P


There’s no shortage of oppai with Chu Chu Astram, enjoy the rest of the oppai…err…pictures, yes I mean pictures ^^






I think this figure might look better in cast-off mode if her corset was cast-off enabled.


Pixy-chan joins Chu Chu in the photoshoot, but she was embarassed to cast-off with Chu Chu…











Rizfis with some artifici…umm…forget it ^^;  Rizfis looks really good with Chu Chu’s body…I really think this is how her real oppai looks like.


Chu Chu Astram and Hiyori Pixy action…I wonder if GSC will be releasing more figures from the Chu x Chu Idol series.


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10 Responses to “GSC Chu Chu Astram”

  1. 1 meronpan 03/23/2009 at 14:42

    nice shots ^^ were they really overexposed? looked fine to me ^^;;

    chu chu is in my wish list but she remains in the ‘someday’ bin due to her overly ero outfit ^^;

    funny i never really noticed the curls at the end of her twin tails until reading your review ^^;

    there’s a few words the japanese have for flat chested ^^; lessee…


    take your pick ^^;;

    • 2 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 12:11

      Thanks. I too feel the same, her ero ero outfit turns many away from this gorgeous buy.

      My pick would be pechapai, I think that’s what I saw on your blog before.

  2. 3 enrius 03/26/2009 at 08:00

    Very nice review, great photos in my opinion. And I do agree that Chu Chu’s oppai looks kinda unnatural… They seems to be two balls sticking on her chest! But nevertheless she is still gorgeous and on my wish list. (I can’t predict what my parents would do if I brought her in.)

    • 4 enrius 03/26/2009 at 08:01

      Weird, although I am logged in, still they don’t show my name as hyperlink.

      • 5 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 12:15

        Have you checked your settings under Users -> Your Profile? That’s the only thing I can think of…it’s weird because I noticed that your name isn’t a hyperlink anymore, thought you changed your settings.

    • 6 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 12:48

      Can’t put it any better than what you said…two balls stuck on her chest…

      I would love to see the looks on some parent’s face ^^;; Luckily, mines don’t really care.

  3. 7 Persocom 04/02/2009 at 00:02

    The outfit isn’t what keeps me from buying her, it’s all my pre-orders I’ve got right now XD Now I’m very tempted to just kind of accidentally hit the buy now button though, didn’t realize she was in stock at HLJ. Very nice pictures. I’ve taken an interest in this figure since I recently bought Pixy and I learned a lot more about the game.

    • 8 T.I.P. 04/02/2009 at 00:53

      She’s a really lovely figure ^^ *Accidentally hit the buy button* might not be a bad thing with Chu Chu, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with her on display.

  4. 9 Wolfheinrich 04/02/2009 at 01:57

    Did you really just shoot the pictures with the computer background? That looks really good.

    • 10 T.I.P. 04/02/2009 at 02:04

      All of my shoots, minus Miku, were shot with a computer background. I haven’t updated my photoshoot set up page in a couple months, and a lot has changed. I’ll update that this week. It can be found under the Photos section.

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