Figure buy update


I would like to thank meronpan for the heads up for Alter Fate T-Harlaown preorder at Hobby Search.  She will go for 12,800 yen, and will definitely make her presence felt on display ^^  Fate will be released some time in August.  She’ll definitely make it into my top three favourite figures.


Also noticed Vita’s re-release is up for pre-order, so I decided to grab her as well.  I fell in love with Vita-chan after finishing StrikerS…thought she was going to become a casualty of war…absolutely love her character!  Her price is a more reasonable 6,800 yen, and scheduled for re-release in July.


I haven’t ordered her yet, but Teana Lanster is definitely on my figure buy list.  I’m waiting for a month to fit her in purchase list without major wallet impact!  Many unexpected gets this month, and many more expected gets in April.  It looks like Teana will have to wait til May “orz  I really like Teana, but I liked her more when she was ambitious.  She’s widely available for 6,800 yen.


Alter’s Yoko Littner…I missed her pre-order at Hobby Search, so I have to wait until HLJ re-opens their pre-order.  Probably one of the best looking Yoko’s out there, I definitely like this face more than her anime version.  Will be released in June for 7,800 yen.


Fatina from The Tower of Druaga – The Aegis of Uruk-.  Absolutely no spanking clue who she is and what the series is about.  I know she looks cool, and caught my attention…enough to have me click on the pre-order button.  The Tower of Druaga will definitely be on my watch list…I think it’s an anime ^^;  I just hope she’ll be a character I like…She’ll be released in July for 8,200 yen.


Shihodo Narika Choko Sennin Ver…yet another Alter release, and another figure that I have no spanking clue who she is…like Fatina, was appealing enough to convince me into clicking the pre-order button…I just hope I don’t come to hate the characters after watching their respective anime (if there is one).  Scheduled for July release at 7,800 yen.


Good Smile Company’s Saber Lily, all pre-orders are closed for her.  If you’re lucky, you might still be able to pre-order her at some local stores.  She will be released in June with a retail price of 9,334 yen, you’re lucky if you can find her then ^^;  Can’t wait for this release…


GSC Black Rock Shooter, don’t know much about her…she looks cool so I ordered “orz  Should look really nice with Miku.  Still up for pre-order at Hobby Search.  She’ll be released in August with a 9,334 yen pricetag.


Yet, another delay by Good Smile Company.  Originally a March release, Konjiki no Yami have been bumped down to an April release.  She is still up for pre-order at Hobby Search for 6,191 yen.  She should look great parked beside my GSC Lala…


Unity Mei have already been delayed, and should be released in a couple days.  I’m really looking forward for this gorgeous figure.  I’ll be adding her to my list of “no spanking clue” figures…She will be admired for many days to come.  Still up for grabs for 7,810 yen.  I have a feeling all GSC releases will be delayed by a month until Saber Lily…


MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage Amami Haruka, will order next month.  Still up for grabs at HLJ for 6,800 yen.


MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage Takatsuki Yayoi, another figure that I’ll order next month with the Stage 2 releases.  She’s available at HLJ and Hobby Search for 6,800 yen.


MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage S-2 Yukiho Hagiwara.  I pre-ordered her, but I doubt she’ll be sold out after release.  Like the previous releases, she’ll also have a 6,800 price tag.


MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage S-2 Hoshii Miki scheduled for April release.

I have many Fräuleins and Figmas on pre-order as well…need to start choosing wisely if I want to save more money “orz  August will be busy with the Brilliant Stage S-3 release as well…$300 per month for figures?  I was hoping for a $200 budget…


10 Responses to “Figure buy update”

  1. 1 Panther 03/26/2009 at 11:39

    Fatina is indeed from the Tower of Druaga anime series, which is split into two seasons, the first which aired in spring last year, known as the Tower of Druaga – The Aegis of Uruk, and the second season which is about to end, the Tower of Druaga – The Sword of Uruk. However her illustration by Alter failed horribly this time round and so I am not getting her despite me really liking the character.

    • 2 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 12:51

      Hmm…I’m surprised I haven’t seen it yet. I need to look for it after I cleared some backlog ^^;

      The thing that really caught my attention is her guy, really love how it opens up, though I would like it more if it was a bigger gun.

  2. 3 meronpan 03/26/2009 at 22:57

    i was tempted to get regular vita… luckily i realized i shouldn’t be throwing my money around like that ^^;;

    in case you were curious…

    narika is from an eroge – beat blades haruka (you errr go all ero on kunoichi babes to give them super power ^^;)
    unity mei is also from an eroge – Unity Marriage ~The Two Brides~ – don’t know anything ’bout that game thou ^^;

    nice list you have going there ^^ i need to add those idol master figures to my wishlist… and still *sigh* undecided on brs…

    • 4 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 23:14

      I see, so choko sennin haruka = beat blades haruka ^^ umm…yes…going ero ero to give them super power. Her pose does look similar to Haruka’s pose.
      I knew Unity Mei came from Unity Marriage, but no clue to her character.

      I think you can take your time with the idolm@ster figures, they don’t seem to be too popular with figure collectors.

  3. 5 enrius 03/26/2009 at 23:32

    Oh my, what a PO list you have there. 14!? I only got 4 of them. (Narika, Saber Lily, BRS, Unity Mei)

    I PO’ed Narika for her gorgeousness as well as to keep my Haruka accompanied. Unity Mei on the another side, is one of the cool characters from Unity Marriage, PO-ed her too for the sake of Unity Yuno.

    And I’d said the four of them are quite expensive, oh my.

  4. 9 Shinky 04/05/2009 at 18:38

    Fate is nice! ^.^ But here selling quite expensive…. :(

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