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I know I posted something about my wall-o-figures, and my wall-o-detolfs not too long ago.  Sorry to post about my room again, I was really hoping that I won’t post about my wall-o-figures and my room until significant changes have been made to my figure line up  “orz


Showing more of the mess that were hidden from the previous photos ^^;  I haven’t posted much recently, but I have been working on a couple posts.  I hope people don’t mind reading my reviews, because you’re in for some reading for the next two reviews…really sorry, I’m trying to cut down on the word count.


More close-up (and out of focus) shots of my wall-o-figures.  Mikuru maid is a keeper, the rest will be retired when more figures are acquired.  I’m really pissed off with GSC’s release schedule.  They are delaying Konjiki no Yami’s release to April, what a shame…


Oh, I forgot to say that I’m covering the left side (top to bottom) than the right side.  This is a shelf-o-gashapons, and I need to find a new home for them when more figures come in.  They look better than the shelf-o-retirees ^^;


Used to be my shelf-o-Fräulein, but added some Revoltech releases in there after I changed some poses on the figures.  More Fräuleins and Revoltechs on their way from HLJ.


There’s been a breech in my wall-o-figmas “orz  I actually have 9 figmas (2 kagamin, 1 still in box), but some are being displayed alongside their scaled counterpart.


Rudy is a keeper, and I need to find a new location for Natsumi-chan, I don’t like displaying her on the wall.  The rest will be retired when space is needed on the wall.


The shelf-o-shurakis…umm…Char called in sick, so Fauna is filling in for her…yea…that’s right…


This will most likely turn into my wall-o-idolm@sters in april.  I think the right side is more like my “favourites” side because it’s closer to where my laptop is ^^


The shelf-o-favourites.  These, minus Nyx, are currently my favourite figures in my collection.  Nyx will most likely be replaced by Konjiki no Yami when GSC finally decides to release her.


Not much of a theme in the bottom shelf  “orz  I just put whatever that doesn’t fit in other shelves here.  Alter’s Rei is really a pain to display properly, I’m trying to find her a good home for display.  Maybe it’ll be better when they release Asuka.


Not sure anyone noticed, I’m displaying some HUGE lego sets on top of my Detolf cabinets.  Imperial Star Destroyer (this is the *smaller* version), and the classic Red Beard’s Runner (I think that’s what it’s called ^^;) shown here.  Nearly 200 pops a set…LEGO collecting can be an expensive hobby too…


More out of focus pictures of my LEGO sets ^^;  Darth Maul’s ride (forgot name and too lazy to look)…My opinion is split between my love for classic vs new generation of LEGO sets.  On one hand, I love classic castle and pirates sets because of their colour and attention to detail.  On the other hand, I love the new generation Star Wars set because of realism and attention to detail, but I absolutely HATE their new castle and pirates set because of the colours and design.


Lastly, Kagamin’s personal ride.  I think I’ll do some LEGO reviews later, because they are something that I love as well ^^  They are some really impressive toys that’s fun for all ages.


DOH!  Almost forgot to post my work space…umm…I don’t think it’s consider a work space ^^;  Kagamin and geared up Futami Mami resides beside my laptop along with the gorgeous FREEing Yuki Nagato Bunny. In case you’re wondering, I’m sitting on my bed ^^

Laptop is an 14″ ASUS W3V, 2 GB of RAM, with Intel Centrino 1.86 GHz running on WinXP.  Bought it three years ago for 2k, and it served me well…when it’s plugged in.  The battery only lasted for 2 hours with tuned down settings that’s unbearable, and less than 1 hour running at full power.  Lended it to my ex for three months, and the battery died “orz  Really good looking laptop though.

I’ve decided to accept the Graphic Design offer and take their 1 year 3D animation course after, so I’ll probably be looking at a Mac later this year.  Planning to turn this baby into a media machine for all my anime and music needs.  *thinking about 42” Sharp Aquos*  I need to stop thinking so much…


10 Responses to “My Room”

  1. 1 enrius 03/26/2009 at 08:12

    Yup, saw your entry over You’re one of the contenders I think with your huge collections of PVC figures, figma and Legos. Good luck!

    I used to play with Lego a couple years ago, all from the Space series (Forgot the official name), but now they’re all in a box due to space constrain >_<.

    And not to mention my bedroom is a complete boredom. How I wish I could move back right now to let my girls decorate my room.

    • 2 theinfernoproject 03/26/2009 at 12:56

      Thanks, but I doubt that I have a chance against the other epic rooms out there…I only have figures.

      My LEGO collection was in boxes a couple months ago until I decided to retire my Detolfs from figure display. One thing I really hate about displaying LEGO sets is cleaning them, a real pain in the a$$.

      Hehehe, sounds like your girls needs some attention.

      • 3 enrius 03/26/2009 at 23:25

        Agreed. Well I just force myself to ignore the dust on them :-p

        For the girls, I can’t help it, I’m living in a hostel right now, so had to keep my figures that I recently bought in a closet. Back in my hometown I have no way to get them in a retail shop, so I’d figure I’ll go 100% online. Now I can’t wait to go back for good.

  2. 5 Rin 03/31/2009 at 01:50

    Do like that wall of figures…or should I say wall of goodies!!!!!!
    I say…invest in a desktop…it last longer and worth the use. I got my desktop that I currently use around 2 years to 3 years ago for $1700 and it’s still fast and with plenty of hard disk space.
    Over nice room and do like the lego…i used to have lego in my room before I moved it out for figures…

    • 6 T.I.P. 03/31/2009 at 04:01

      I use to think the same way before buying this laptop. I always thought I could do more with a desktop and such, but the gap between desktop and laptop performance is not as big as it once was. I’ve retired my desktop because it was a space hog, collects a lot of dust (and then vents it back into my room “orz it’s a real hassle to unplug every thing for cleaning), heats up my room, and creates a mess with all those wires.

      I don’t think I’ll revert back to desktops anytime soon unless I absolutely need extra computing power. Space is my main consideration for everything now because real estate is dwindling in my room ^^;

  3. 7 Shinky 04/05/2009 at 11:15

    Woot~! Saw your Nanoha-chan there~! You sure have lots of figure there… Lucky you~

  4. 9 lylibellule 04/14/2009 at 18:58

    Impressive collection! ;)

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