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It has been almost a year since I acquired my first Fräulein Revoltech action figure by Kaiyodo, the “black-sheep” of the current action figure market.  I feel that it is necessary for me to post a detailed review on the Fräulein line to clear up many  misconceptions and dispositions surrounding them.  No, this is not another comparison review, and I will not, at any point  in this review, mention the name of Max Factory’s action figure line.  Even if you do not intend to buy yourself a Fräulein, please educate yourself with more information on them ^^


I have decided to choose Fräulein release no. 006FS Futami Mami for this figure review because of two reasons.  1. I happen to have acquired a second copy of her so I have a MISB copy on hand for a package review, and 2.  Futami Mami is the release where most common problems regarding earlier releases were starting to be fixed, but parts were still easily removable on her.  This review is based on ALL Fräulein releases, and not limited to Futami Mami’s release. You’ll be able to find specific detail regarding a particular release under the “Releases” section.

This is a very long review, so I have decided to separate the review into the following categories for easy navigation:  The Package, The Stand, The Figure, The Joints, Range of Motion, Changes, Action Shots, Accessories, and Releases.

The Package


All Fräulein Revoltech comes in a standardized package (21.5 cm x 11 cm x 6.5 cm in size) with a window to allow for a better view of the figure.  You can find various photos and information, such as “product description” and “accessories included”, displayed on the other panels of the box.


All extra hands and heads (if available) are contained in the plastic insert, hidden from view when boxed.  The stand and any extra accessories are packed in plastic bags and taped to the underside of the plastic inserts.  You don’t need to think twice before disposing the plastic inserts ^^;

The Stand


All Fräulein figures comes packaged with a stand that is personalized to that particular Fräulein release.  Also shown here are the three pairs of extra hands and accessories that came with Futami Mami.


The base is personalized with the figure’s name and the series that she came from.  Many might not know that the plastic “clip” that holds the figure in place is also personalized to best fit the figure that it came with.  The stand comes with a double revolver joint that lets you rotate and pivot the clip to best suit the pose of your Fräulein.  Note that this is the correct way to set up your Fräulein stand; your stand will not work properly if the “hump” on the revolver joint is facing towards the base.

The Figure


‘E.L.F.’ is a revolution in female action figures. – Fräulein Revoltech is an exciting new series of female action figures.  It consists of new idea of figure system called ‘E.L.F.’ producing beautiful body lines and motion as natural as real lives.  ‘E.L.F.’ and Fräulein Revoltech are all created by Emoki Tomohide.



That was an excerpt taken from the Fräulein box.  The Fräulein line-up is limited to female releases utilizing the E.L.F.  system, that’s why the Street Fighter, Fist of the North Star, Saber, and Yotsuba releases do not count as Fräulein releases.  That being said, the level of detail on each Fräulein figure is amazing considering its 2,000 – 2,500 yen price tag.  Each Fräulein figure is approximately 140-150mm tall.

All Fräulein releases are sculpted by Emoki Tomohide, so they are all based on his interpretation (artist rendition) of the characters.  Like all critics of artwork, “how good they look” is often opinionated and subjective; I might find Fräuleins beautiful, but some people will think otherwise.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The Joints


Fräulein Revoltechs features 18 points of articulation, including the use of ten revolver joints in various locations like the neck, shoulders, torso, hands, hips, and feet.  The specific placement of the points of articulation and revolver joints allows for a wide range of motion and realistic poses, something that is often overlooked in Fräuleins.


The Fräulein line utilizes a mix of standard revolver joints and traditional hinge-like joints to mimic the type of movements made in real life.  The revolver joint *clicks* into place to lock the joint in position, and have a estimated range of 200° – 210° from end to end.



The two holes on her back are used exclusively for the Idolm@ster accessories, they are only found on Fräulein Idolm@ster releases.


One of the main problem that many have noted is that the joint(s) are too visible for their liking, and I will not argue about something that’s subjective.  Choosing Fräulein’s Idolm@ster release for this review does not help neither because they are the most revealing releases from the Fräulein line.


Given the context, the character, and the base design of Fräuleins, I think Kaiyodo did an excellent job with their Fraulein releases.  I do not see how improvements could be made to “better conceal” the figure’s joints without major design changes, or jeopardizing the figure’s range of motion.




Most of the joints are either hidden from view with clothing, or out of site when looking at them from the front.  In most cases, the joints aren’t as revealing as they seem in the pictures.  The most revealing joints are the elbow joints and the knee joints where you will see gaps created to allow two dimensional movement.



The most common problem with Fräuleins in the early days was loose joints and falling parts.  I am no different and have fallen victim to these falling parts.  In my case, all the falling parts and loose joints are limited to the upper-body area such as the arms, shoulders, and back.

These problems have since been fixed beginning with release no. 005 Amami Haruka.  Many changes were also made in the figure design to improve the looks of the Fräuleins and reduce the impact the joints have on the figure’s aesthetics.


The “falling back” problem is commonly found in Fräulein releases no. 001 – 004.  The problem have been fixed by increasing the size of the three plastic bits that held everything together.


There was a major flaw in the design of the Fräulein’s arms which resulted in two ways where the arms would fall off.  The first, and most common, was the arm falling off from the shoulder revolver joint(s).   Again, this was a common problem with Fräulein no. 001 – 004, but the problem lingered until release no. 007 Futami Ami.


The second problem is that the plastic bit which makes up the elbow joint was very weak in some Fräulein figures.  The arm will separate at the elbow easily, but this was not a common problem with Fräuleins.  The elbow joint was redesigned after Fräulein no. 010 Yoko, the change can be seen here.

Range of Motion


Many people underestimate the range of motion made possible by Fräulein’s E.L.F. design.  The range of motion and the base design of a Fräulein are all based on the human anatomy.  The joint movements in a Fräulein mimics those made by you and me.  It is as good as, if not better than, any other action figure(s) on the market.


Head movement is limited by hair length.  Figures with longer hair will have reduced range.


Fräuleins are very consistent with their figures’ range of motion(s).  If you can make a pose with one release, you will be able to do it with other releases.  Newer releases (no. 011 on) will have a greater range of motion than previous releases because of the changes made to the base design of Fräuleins.






Hand movement is often restricted when armbands are used in their design.



Side to side torso movement.





Overall, I don’t have any complaints about the Fräulein’s range of movement.  However, the leg joint (cutting across the legs as pictured above) was a real turn-off for me because the sculpt and functionality was below par.



A number of changes were made to the Fräulein Revoltech line since Ayanami Rei was released in early 2008.  While many of these changes were minor improvements to address the loose parts and falling parts issue, many more changes were made to improve the quality, functionality, and aesthetics of Fräuleins.


The elbow joint have been redesigned and strengthened with a larger connecting piece.  The “gap” is no longer visible on the elbow joint area.


The leg area have also received a face-lift to facilitate an improved connecting piece and better mechanics to replicate the same movements made possible by the original design.  Once again, the “gap” is no longer visible with the new Fräulein design



The range of motion on the lower body received significant improvements with the new design, Fräuleins are now able to sit upright at a right angle.


Yum!! I need to get myself another Haruhi bunny…Miki bunny looks lovely ^^


Kaiyodo started packing extra heads into their Fräuleins since release no. 008 Ayanami Rei Bandaged Ver., and they never looked back since.


As far as I can tell, there are three versions of extra heads available on Fräuleins.  Ayanami Rei came with an extra head with no exchangeable parts.  Hoshii Miki (no. 009) was the first Fräulein figure to incorporate the interchangeable face design. Current Fräulein figures use a different approach where the neck revolver joint is attached to the face instead of the head piece.


I personally prefer the Hoshii Miki approach because it is much easier to work with.  I’ve had this Hoshii Miki for well over seven months now, but I only found out about her interchangeable face by chance while preparing for this review.  I love doing all these reviews because I get to know my figures a lot better, not to mention the many discoveries I’ve made while reviewing them ^^


Kaiyodo delivers yet again.  You complained, and they listened.  You can’t ask more from them given all the changes they’ve made to improve the Fräulein line based on consumer input.  Joint problems have been fixed, the legs have been redesigned, and they’re packing loads of hands and accessories.  You asked for extra heads and expressions, they delivered.  Well done!!

Action Shots


The ability to create, recreate, and be put into many different poses is what makes or breaks any action figure.  Sure, many other factors such as sculpt, build, and design are also important but people buy action figures for the ability to create, or recreate, their favourite scene.  And Fräuleins gives you the ability to do just that.  What better way to cover this topic than with some action shots.


Many people neglect/ignores everything that Fräuleins’ has to offer.  Instead, they focus their attention on all the problems/predisposition that have been attached to the brand during its early days.  Things have changed, Fräuleins are no longer a quality control nightmare it once was.


I used to hate the Fräulein stands because I didn’t set them up properly, thus they weren’t working properly ^^;  Things have changed, and I love the Frauleins stands to bits and pieces now.  The Fräulein stand opens up the window of creativity for action poses.


Fräuleins are well balanced and their weight is evenly distributed allowing them to stand on their own without their stand.  If you are patient enough, you can even pose them standing on one foot without support.  But using a stand will probably save you the trouble of balancing ^^


I’ve read comments like “Fräuleins are a lot of trouble/takes a lot of time to pose”, and “Everytime I try to pose them, her arms fall off.”


The latter is clearly an owner of the early releases and should give Fräuleins another shot since those problems have been fixed.  The former needs to take a minute or two to learn how their joints work since Fräuleins don’t use revolver joints at every point of articulation, they’re not the same as regular Revoltech releases!


It takes me under a minute to throw them into a pose, and slightly longer if it’s a difficult pose.  If you think one minute is too long, umm, sorry I like to refine my poses so I can’t help it…


How do you pose your action figures?  Do you like to recreate a scene from your favourite anime?  Or are you on the creative side and create your own scene(s)?  I throw my action figures into random poses as I see fit with no particular theme.



Accessories, what do we do without them…All Fräuleins comes packaged with various accessories and extra hands for more posing options.  Early releases, most notably no. 001 – 004, comes with significantly less extra hands than later releases.


Every Fräulein figure comes packaged with a pair of hands that allows the figure to hold various items.  The usefulness of this pair of extra hands is often overlooked because many people don’t see the real application to them.


This allows Fräuleins to weild various Revoltech (and non-Revoltech) items/weapons such as guns, swords, spears, staves, etc.  Countless possibilities awaits…


I’ve read many comments regarding Kaiyodo not packing enough accessories into their Fräulein releases.  My response to that is: BULLSHIT!!


If you look at the Fräulein releases, you’ll notice that the amount of accessories and extra hands have increased significantly with each subsequent release.  You can’t ask for more than what they come with.


That single pair of hands have already increased the variety and possibility ten folds.  You are not restricted to the accessories that came with that particular Fräulein.  Mix and match!!


If that does not satisfy your desire for more accessories, you can alway swap limbs with other Revoltech releases to make things more interesting.


For me, my desire is quenched by girls with big guns and swords ^^  Kawaii~


Mmmmm…yummy pose.  Mami looks good with EVA swords ^^

Fräuleins are listed as 1/10 scaled figures on Hobby Search…*takes a look at MG Gundam parts*


Now, for some original Idolm@ster accessory action.  This is the full set of accessories that was included in the Futami Mami release, nothing too spetacular.  Mix and match with the other Idolm@ster accessories…



You get 200% of pure awesomeness!!!  Full nekomimi set complete with bells and tails ^^  I can’t believe I just found out about this while doing the review…seven months wasted displaying them in regular gear.  This is one of the main reason I fell in love with Fräuleins all over again.


This is definitely the knockout punch to all doubters, haters, and nonbelievers out there.  Fräulein accessories are awesome!!




I have two nekomimi sets because I own two of each Idolm@ster releases ^^

  • Futami Mami: Gloves
  • Futami Ami: Boots and bell
  • Amami Haruka: Tail and ankle bracelet
  • Hoshii Miki: Nekomimi headgear

Hmm, I wonder if anyone would sell me the accessories only ^^;


More mix and match with some other Idolm@ster gears, this is a little less convincing.  I’m contemplating with the idea of buying 2 more sets of each ^^;


Definitely not as inspiring as the nekomimi set, maybe they’ll be releasing more Idolm@ster Fräuleins this year for more epic accessories.


I love this chicken blaster thingy, pure cuteness with the Futami twins ^^


My fingers are crossed for more Fräulein Idolm@ster releases later this year.  I would definitely love to have some Fräulein Azusa, Yayoi, Iori, Chihaya, and Makoto!  Oh, let’s not forget Yukiho and Ritsuko…



no. 001 Ayanami Rei: Released in December 2007, and retailed for ¥2,096.

Ayanami Rei, the Fräulein that started it all was an instant hit among figure collectors.  She was sold out everywhere and intial reviews were good, but there was one major flaw with this figure…the infamous Fräulein falling arm(s) which haunts the reputation of this line until today.



She was re-released in August 2008 coinciding with the release of her bandaged version.


no. 002 Tosaka Rin: Released in February 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191.

The Fräulein Revoltech series seems to be heading the right direction with releases from popular series like Evangelion and Fate/Stay Night.  But the reception for Rin wasn’t as nice as the one Rei received.  Opinions are split about the design of her face, and people have become wary of the falling arm(s) situation.  A new problem with the Fräulein line have also surfaced…falling backs is the second most common problem with early Fräulein releases.



no. 003 Asuka Langley Soryu: Released in March 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191.

Yet another EVA release, complete with the falling hands and falling back problems  “orz  Though not as bad as Rin, it did take its toll on my patience when I first acquired her.  I put a finger on her back when I move her arms around to tackle the falling back problem.



no. 004 Pocco: Released in April 2008, and retailed for ¥2,477.

Pocco is one of the most elaborate Fräulein releases to-date complete with boots, thigh-highs, sexy bra, goggles and a set of wings.  But her arms will drop out of their sockets easily.  Her wings are adjustable, but I managed to break one by stepping on it after taking a three foot nose-dive.  People are starting to complain about the lack of accessories in Fräuleins.



no. 005/005FS Amami Haruka: Released in May 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191 yen.

Amami Haruka is the first of four Fräulein Idolm@ster releases.  Many problems regarding the earlier Fräulein releases are starting to be addressed with this, and all subsequent, release(s).  Kaiyodo have fixed the falling back problem, and have made significant improvements with the figure’s shoulder joints.  Her arms would come loose, but will not fall out as easily as previous releases.  The Idolm@ster releases comes with more accessories than Doraemon.


The Idolm@ster Fräuleins releases comes with some awesome accessories.


no. 006/006FS Futami Mami: Released in June 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191.

Futami Mami is the second Fräulein Idolm@ster release, and similar to Haruka many problems with previous releases have been fixed.  Futami Mami is the first Fräulein release where falling parts are no longer a problem, but loose parts in weak spots still exist with this release.



no. 007/007FS Futami Ami: Released in July 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191.

Futami Ami is the first Fräulein figure where no problems are spotted, well done Kaiyodo!  At one point, I thought they were going to release all of the Idolm@ster girls.  Ami-chan is a real cutie with that chicken blaster ^^  She have the best set of accessories…



no. 008 Ayanami Rei Bandaged Ver.: Released in August 2008, and retailed for ¥2,096.

Rei bandaged ver. is the first Fräulein to introduce an extra head for more posing options.  She is also the first, and only, Fräulein to come with a white base/stand…it sticks out like a sore thumb  “orz  Her right arm is sculpted in a cast, so there are no extra right hands.



no. 009/009FS Hoshii Miki: Released in September 2008, and retailed for ¥2,191.

Hoshii Miki is arguably the best, and best looking, Fräulein figure released to date.  She is the first Fräulein figure to have interchangeable facial expressions, new joints (with knob on the ends), and a really solid build.  Miki comes with a ton of accessories, and more hands than General Grievous.  Her sculpt looks exceptional.


Miki came with a ton of hands.


no. SP001 Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Ver.: Released in February 2009, and retails for ¥2,381.

Bunny Haruhi is my first new generation Fräulein buy, and I am really impressed with how much they’ve improved the series since Miki Hoshii.  Elbow and knee joints have been redesigned for improved strength and functionality.  Another modification was made to the interchangeable head design, but I prefer what they did with Miki more.  Definitely a force to be reckoned with.  Someone complaint that her guitar strap is too short, but I don’t find that to be the case.


One last fact you should know is that Fräuleins are often sold at a discounted price, some times you’ll encounter really deep discounts for them.  Most of my Fräuleins were acquired at prices between ¥1,000 – 1,500, the only one that I paid full price for was Haruhi Suzumiya Bunny Ver.

Thanks for reading this long review.  Hope you’ll now have a better understanding of the Fräulein series now.

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27 Responses to “Fräulein Revoltech”

  1. 1 enrius 03/28/2009 at 04:47

    Very in depth review of Revoltech. Keep up the good work! I, for one, think that Revoltech is much underrated than the hyped Figma. My housemate recently bought two Revoltech (Megatron & El Alif?), and I find its articulation good and fun.

    The only problem I think with Revoltech was how they create the facial look of the character. Saber & Rin’s looks were off IMO. But recently they have improved and I see a lot of high quality Revoltechs coming out.

    • 2 T.I.P. 03/29/2009 at 21:33

      This was a review based on the Fräuleins only, but thanks ^^ I’ve read a couple reviews on Frauleins, and everyone seems to love them except for the community.

      The face on Fräuleins does look a little off in some cases, but it depends on how you look at it and what you compare it to. They’re all sculpted by Emoki Tomohide, so it’s more like an “artist rendition”.

      I’m sure they would be more anime like if Kaiyodo sculpted the faces…I need to get some Street Fighter Revoltechs.

  2. 3 meronpan 04/08/2009 at 03:49

    mmm i definitely gotta get my hands on one of these before my next figma purchase. the range of motion seems like a huge bonus compared to figmas and honestly… to me all joints are ugly, figma or fraulein so that point becomes moot. i want to pose the figure, not have it look beautiful (that’s the scaled figures’ job ^^)

    ‘course if they looked like sader it’d be a different story but the execution has been quite good in my opinion.

    • 4 T.I.P. 04/08/2009 at 18:36

      I think their upcoming Yoko Movie Ver. will fit your bill, it’s going to be released in May. The new joints are much better than the old ones in terms of looks and functionality, so she should be a good start.

  3. 5 lightningsabre 04/13/2009 at 01:18

    Another great review. I didn’t realize about the falling parts until I read your review here ^^; I was using Rin as a supporting character in my comic and then suddenly her arm fell by itself as I was about to take a picture! Huh?? So now I know. I still like this Fraulein Rin because guess what? I LOVE her face! She looks surprisingly cute!

    I do want to get those neko paws, but I don’t really want to buy the Idolmasters series… They are on sale at HLJ though. Hrmm… And there’s also that new Yoko Fraulein that I want to get and sell of the original one or something.

    Anyway very good review. I learned something new today :D

    • 6 T.I.P. 04/13/2009 at 16:37

      Thanks for dropping by lightningsabre, I’ll add you to my blogroll as well if you don’t mind ^^

      Glad you like your Fraulein, they’re very nice figures in their own rights. Not too sure why people are so critical about them on Frauleins tend to have a more cutesome rounded look on their faces.

      I’m glad that I can help, isn’t that what reviews are for? ^^

  4. 7 lylibellule 04/14/2009 at 18:49

    I had not seen yet photos of the series of these frauleïn… and I am under the charm of your photographs. I would let myself well try to buy them. They are so cute!

    • 8 T.I.P. 04/15/2009 at 02:46

      I am quite surprised that there isn’t many photos of these Frauleins as well. I hope you’ll enjoy them if you do buy any ^^

  5. 9 Q 04/15/2009 at 15:46

    Very interesting insight to something that’s often been overlooked, and perhaps even “overshadowed” by the other line. I personally haven’t owned any of this line, and have often heard negative things about it, so hearing it out from another perspective and an analytical way is a nice change.

    While a lot of people tend to prefer the other line a bit more, especially the DC community (which won’t come to a surprise as DC is a close associate to those guys), reading forums and their reviews show that Fraulein has better articulation, which is a bonus to the lower price and better discount as well.

    There’s one thing that I’m rather curious about, and that is how many joints are in common with the normal Revoltech figures, and how is Fraulein different/similar to its brother/sister lines?

    Yet again, a nice perspective into the Fraulein line, it would hopefully get people to look at it in a new light.

    • 10 T.I.P. 04/15/2009 at 17:44

      I wanted to give people a look at Frauleins through a different light. I took a different approach with this (and the other) review because you can actually review these action figures objectively, or in an analytical way as you put it. And I’m glad that you liked it. ^^

      I don’t really have a preference on which line to buy, and I don’t really care which line other people buy, though you are right about the DC community. What I find most interesting is how many of them would make comparisons and speak badly of Frauleins without actually owning one.

      There aren’t many similarities between Frauleins and their Revoltech sisters. Frauleins and regular Revoltech releases all use revol-joints in their ankle, wrists, torso, and neck. That’s pretty much it with their similarities. The size of the revol-joints are different, the articulation design is different, and the range of motion (surprisingly) is different. I think it would be easier to explain the differences in a review. I will post it on once that is done. ^^

      I really do hope people get a better understanding of Frauleins through this review. Thanks for dropping by Q.

  6. 11 Carlo Montoya 04/18/2009 at 19:53

    I ordered the pink Hoshii Miki from HLJ today because of your review. I didn’t continue buying Frauleins after buying Pocco because of the problems you’ve mentioned. I saw the upcoming Queen Blade figures months ago and thought that I’d still buy them despite the joint problems but now that Kaiyodo has fixed the joint problems, future Frauleins that I like would definitely be must-buys without hesitation or regret. :)

    • 12 T.I.P. 04/18/2009 at 21:09

      Glad the info on this review helped ^^ Most of the Fraulein figures are on sale at HLJ, so it is a good time to grab a Hoshii Miki or two now. I grabbed Haruka Hasegawa from the sale since she was missing from my Fraulein list. *Note to self: Need to get Fraulein Yoko* One of the best things about buying Frauleins is how cheap their prices can be.

      Hmm…I’ve seen some Queen’s Blade stuff on the Kaiyodo site, but I didn’t know they’ll be coming in Fraulein form, thanks for the info. I’ll definitely be looking forward to those QB Frauleins ^^

  7. 13 Carlo Montoya 04/18/2009 at 21:17

    I wanted to buy Haruka too but her, er, two assets aren’t big. ;p I like my female figures’ upper portions to be ‘big’, you know what I mean. He he he.

  8. 15 Erilily 04/24/2009 at 03:46

    Aw! You skipped Hasegawa Haruka from Moyashimon, who is my favorite of the series. She comes with SO MUCH STUFF. it’s awesome. And clever ways to use all of it. I like the wide variety they have, but in a few cases I wish they’d release more from a single seires before moving on… Nia, Ritsuko, Kei (well… I think Kei counts as “Fraulen” in the gothloli getup.) Would be excellent additions to the line. Also I’d love to see Merona show up in the Queen’s Blade line. It’s as if theyre sure to pick my favorite series but not my favorite characters in this line @_@

    • 16 T.I.P. 04/24/2009 at 07:58

      Sorry, I didn’t get Haruka Hasegawa yet…it’s on it’s way from HLJ now. ^^;;; It should be arriving in a couple weeks. I feel the same way, they should release more from a single series. The Queen’s Blade line will be a line of it’s own, so I think they’re going to release the whole cast like their SFO and Fist of the North Star lines. It’s a pity that they don’t release more from each series.

  9. 17 tenchujin 04/25/2009 at 20:16

    I couldn’t thank you enough for shedding light to this overshadowed line as I have been collecting Frauleins myself.

    would you happen to know who will they release next after Yoko movie ver?

    • 18 T.I.P. 04/27/2009 at 09:03

      Unfortunately, I don’t know who’s coming up after Yoko. ^^;; I thought the Queen’s Blade girls will be part of the Fraulein line, but they’re not. So I’ll be waiting for their announcement.

  10. 19 Blowfish 05/01/2009 at 17:34

    Just found your Site through Meronpans link!
    Oh Boy!!! Im glad that i finally found somebody that like the Fräulein line aswell!
    Excellent review! You couldnt ask for more!
    I do own

    and Yoko
    Its nice to see that they are constantly improving the figures and dont procrastinate.The falling limbs are mostly occuring with my Eva girls while the falling back only happens with my Rin.
    You get used to it pretty fast though and can prevent it.

    What makes me like the Fräulein Line so much is the fact that they feel so much sturdier and you can actually pose them without the fear to break them.

    • 20 T.I.P. 05/02/2009 at 12:41

      Thank you Blowfish.

      Yup, it’s great to see the improvements they’ve made to the Fraulein line. I got used to the falling parts problem and just put my finger to hold the part in place while posing. I just hope the Fraulein line lives on amidst the new Queen’s Blade Revoltech line.

  11. 21 blu 12/26/2009 at 02:28

    Your review on the Fraulein series is very helpful to me. :) I own Rei, Asuka, and recently a new Hoshii Miki, all of them gifts, so I had never done any research on them and about their joint problems, which I dealt with when I posed them.

    Reading your review made me appreciate the quality and awesomeness of these figurines again ^^ Thank you~ (And I’ll probably actually buy some in the future)

    • 22 Tommy 12/29/2009 at 05:59

      Thanks blu. I’m really happy that the information here is helpful to you. :)

      One Fraulein that I would suggest is Yoko’s movie version. She’s harder to find than most Fraulein, but she’s definitely the best out of the series.

  12. 23 konakonaotaku 06/10/2010 at 10:04

    im quite happy/embarrasd 2 say th@ im vry looking forward 2 buying a revoltech mikuru. i dont think shes “moe” i just think she looks cute. especially w/ th@ lil futon dustr….
    AHEM! n e way i would also liek 2 get the idolm@ster ones mainly cuz of their epic accesories. also ive been wanting 2 do a young lady revoltech stop motion spoof of tokyo mew mew. ^ ^ haruhi is a bunny (on a gothic idolm@ster body!!!!!!!! im not homosexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) mikuru is a buttrfly n nagato is a cat ^ ^ nyanya!

    it would b very interesting 2 c revoltech kyon n itsuki but th@ might down their sales XD XD XD

    • 24 Tommy 06/24/2010 at 23:36

      Nothing embarrassed about buying a cutie. :)
      The idolmaster revoltechs are pretty cheap now…they’re like 600 yen at HLJ. But Miki is a lil harder to find because she’s too popular.
      I’d definitely love to see more Kyon and Itsuki figures.

  13. 25 konakonaotaku 06/25/2010 at 11:09

    Yeah XD Kyon might be kinda weird lookin though especially w/ th@ reindeer mask >…o<

  14. 26 The Castellan 11/02/2010 at 04:08

    Good review/report.

    I always liked Frauleins, even the early ones. Love the articulation and the overall look of them. I have Pocco and Haruka Hasegawa, both are awesome. I plan to get some more soon, and make some customs. And they look pretty good against my Daleks. :D

  15. 27 rounirounironin 12/10/2010 at 00:13

    i always find the frauliens more attractive. i never understood why a lot of people are very critical about them. actually, i was oblivious that revos are underrated in the figure world. but whenever i go reading for reviews, it mostly ends up comparing them to how the figure is more superior to revoltech’s versions. but the way i see it, it was supposed to be the other way around. revo’s are more detailed and specific than just an army of articulated figures that seems to come from a common template. there was a time i signed in a hobby site, i was clueless of the fact that most of the people there prefer figures which aren’t revos. well, most of the stuff i post are revos as well as giving a fair(when i say fair, i really mean it) evaluation of a revo figure as to their *ehem* counterparts. i dunno, it may be just my paranoia, but i got banned from the site for no or superficial reasons.

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