My Tsukiboard


Finally created an account on tsuki-board to share what I have…I guess.  I actually have 69 figures…oooo 69…anyways, I have a couple duplicate figma and Fräuleins, and an extra Queen’s Gate Alice that have yet to arrive.  I didn’t include my gashapons/capsule figures in the list since they’re not significant…and I don’t want to look for them ^^;;

Realistically, I only have 30 figures if you discard all my action figures.  Haven’t really checked out what tsuki-board has to offer other than a figure list, anything worth noting in particular?  You’re welcome to add me as a friend, but I think I’ll only update it once a month.

I hope my list of regular figures will grow significantly.  I just realized I forgot to add my Saint Cloth Myth goodies to the list  ^^;;;;  *heads back to tsuki-board*

Edit: 91 Figures now…61 action figures ^^;;;;;


8 Responses to “My Tsukiboard”

  1. 1 enrius 04/08/2009 at 02:25

    Right on. I just sent you a FR.

  2. 3 meronpan 04/08/2009 at 03:08

    welcome to the club ^^

    i love using tsukiboard to track my collection… open orders, arrived stuff, and also the wishlist they have lets you group them from 1-5 hearts so (if you keep it updated ^^;;;) you have a great list to pop up while shopping.

    other than that it’s just a great resource for looking for seeing what figures are available for a given character (though i believe there are others out there…)

    yoroshiku ne~

  3. 5 Rin 04/09/2009 at 16:22

    I haven’t updated my Tsukiboard for a long time…
    I got quite a few new figures and I need to add it to my list…
    I count right now on my Tsukiboard the last time I updated is 109 figures…
    I have like 41 extra figures I need to add…
    I’ll add you as a friend on Tsukiboard if you want…

  4. 7 Wolfheinrich 04/18/2009 at 00:18

    I feel the same way as Meronpan regarding the Tsukiboard, I am quite happy with it so far. However some of my older figures are not listed in the board :s Someday I might try to add them to the collection.

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