Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals


Ahh, the great feeling of receiving some new loot…haven’t felt that in a couple weeks ^^;;  Post woman rang the doorbell then left the package at my door, pretty much like what people would do as a prank…light a bag of poo on fire, ring the doorbell, then flee ^^;;;


This package was from HLJ where I bought a Fräulein Yuki Nagato, Fräulein Futami Ami, and Revoltech Toro.  Nagato is a little late because I was trying to ship her with some other pre-orders…but they were all delayed  “orz


Hmm…speaking of Yuki-chan, this would be my fifth Yuki figure with another one on her way and one on my “to-buy list”…the most I got for any single character so far.  In second place is a four way tie between Hoshii Miki, Amami Haruka, Asuka Langley, and Hatsune Miku all with three figures a piece.


The first Fräulein that doesn’t have their hands packed in the plastic inserts.  I guess there’s just too much accessories to pack, and it makes more sense to do it like this.


Mmmmm…yummy!!  My love for Yuki have grown tremendously after watching SOS-dan, I really loved the way she screwed the computer society in that online battle ^^  In fact, my love for the cast have grown as well…except for Mikuru-chan…really liked her in the movie they made though ^^


The usual *bags-stuck-behind-the-inserts* I’ve come to expect from Fräulein releases.  Not sure if you’ve read my Fräulein review yet, if you haven’t, you can find it here.


This Fräulein Yuki is really lovely, and she can stand on her own with all those extra weight on her.  This reminds me of the cultural festival film they made ^^  Shamisen: “Judging from what I see, you can definitely take her out…”  I laughed so hard on that one!!


First ever epic fail by Kaiyodo’s Fräulein line.  Most regular Revoltech stands were epic fails ^^;;;  She won’t fit the stand with her cloak on, if you can’t see what I’m talking about in the picture.


Three times the Yuki Evil Witch goodness ^^  The best is obviously the 1/8 Max Factory Yuki, but I’ll let you decide who’s second…Both capes are off, and I really hoped that the Fräulein Yuki would come with a cape where both hands are covered…Yuki looks awesome like that.  Both the figma and Fräulein were off with their colour.  Figma’s starring inferno is more to scale, and I like the Shamisen on the Fräulein more ^^


Another Futami Ami, I’ve got three now…hmm…just realized that it’s a seven way tie now.


If you don’t want to read the Fräulein review, here’s a summary of what’s there.  Contrary to common ( believe:

  • Fräulein ≠ Revoltech.  It is a sister of the Revoltech line, but is not considered a regular Revoltech release.
  • Fräulein parts will not fall off anymore, problems were starting to be fixed with Amami Haruka (no.005).
  • Elbow and knee joints have been changed to something that’s less revealing with greater range of motion.
  • Fräuleins have a great range of motion.
  • Fräulein comes with A LOT of accessories.
  • Fräuleins are quite easy to pose, it doesn’t take one hour.

You can find full details on my Fräulein review.


The “E.L.F.” design is what makes a Fräulein Revoltech different from other Revoltech releases.


I’m thinking about a Fräulein/figma face-off review for this month.  The logical choice would be to pit the Yuki’s together.  I’m thinking about Miki/Miku face-off because of the similarities in design, and they were both released in September last year.  Another logical choice would be Mikuru fighting waitress, but that’ll be released in May.  Any suggestions?


Last is this Toro Revoltech.  Nothing spectacular about him, but he looks awesome together with the rest of the Doko+Demo+Issyo gang.



Pretty simple, three extra faces and a stand.



The Doko+Demo+Issyo gang!!  My favourite is Kuro.  Might consider buying Ricky and Pierre if I got some extra dough…but most likely not.  Hmm…maybe some Revoltech SFOs  ^^;;


7 Responses to “Revoltech and Fräuleins – New Arrivals”

  1. 1 meronpan 04/08/2009 at 03:21

    nice nice ^__^

    definitely looking forward to some frauleins in the future… i have such terrible luck breaking figmas my opinion of them is pretty soured.

    faces look pretty darn good and that’s all i really need from a poseable figure… that and it not breaking ^^

    • 2 T.I.P. 04/08/2009 at 18:16

      You’re not the only one with problems breaking figmas. I’ve broken one of Kagamin’s hands and a second is on the verge of breaking.

      Haven’t broken a Fraulein yet…well…except for Pocco. I broke her wing by stepping on it after a 5 ft nose dive ^^;;

  2. 3 Matt 04/11/2009 at 17:18

    As far as breaking Fraulein is concerned, the only one I had problem with was Pocco as well. I tried to move the arm, and the elbow broke T_T Well, people from HLJ sent a replacement so it was ok.
    Regarding Yuki, I totaly agree that they messed up with the stand. If you want the cloak, you can’t have the stand and vice versa. But I wanted both… Anyway, apart from that, it may be the most expensive Fraulein to date but the number of accessories justifies the price. Still waiting for Mikuru and the SOS-Dan team will be completed \o/

    • 4 T.I.P. 04/11/2009 at 21:55

      I actually found an alternate option for the stand with Yuki. Just take out the revol-joint and clip and stick the stand between Yuki and her cape. Do make sure it gets past the skirt. I haven’t had any problem with this setup so far. Hope this will help you. ^^

  3. 5 inferno0748 05/07/2009 at 21:12

    My fraulein yuki has 1 longer leg and 1 shorter leg. I was like feeling WTH when she leaned when i tried to make her stand.

    Solution: slice off part of her leg. Now is a bit better.

  4. 7 Guy Next Door 09/09/2010 at 23:26

    I use the stand to hold the neck which i dont really like it….although getting a di:stage solve the problem. The part i not really satisfied with the wrist like thingy, the blue with red stripe, i think they should make it softer. Overall i prefer fraulein yuki rather than figma yuki. Your fraulein revoltech review is astounding as well i do say.

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