MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx


This beautiful, and busty, brunette is Nyx from the ecchi visual game book series Queen’s Blade.  I had, and still don’t have, no spanking clue what the game is exactly about and how it’s played, but the recent release of the Queen’s Blade anime series might help me better understand what the series is about ^^;;  Like many of my recent figure reviews, some photos in this review are NSFW.


I have a feeling that I will be acquiring more Queen’s Blade figures once I’m done watching its anime series.  I have already placed a pre-order on the special edition Steel Princess Yumil, I just can’t say no to a cute loli like her.  Please don’t shatter my hope by telling me she’s not a loli…I don’t want to hear ^^;;;


I was having second thoughts on how the photos turned out for Nyx, they seemed too dark to me especially after my Fauna review.  But Nyx definitely looks better with deeper and darker colours, she is a shadowy character afterall.


I actually think some of the photos aren’t dark enough now “orz


Is the new Queen’s Blade anime on anyone’s watch list?  It’s definitely on mine because I love Alice so much, but I doubt she’ll be a major character if she even appears.  I’m especially intrigued at how ecchi the anime is ^^;;


I had to watch the first episode three times to finally come up with a quality subber… *Note to self:  Start Japanese lessons now.”  Anyways, back to the figure…


This 1/8 scale  Queen’s Blade Nyx figurine is brought to you by the folks from MegaHouse.  She was released back in January 2008 and retailed for ¥5,000.


I grabbed Nyx off the HLJ sale for a measely ¥2,500 earlier this year along with some other beautiful figures.  Needless to say, I love sales ^^


I had no particular interest in this Nyx figure, I merely made the purchase because I had acquired a Queen’s Gate Alice figure around the same time Nyx went on sale…so she was the beneficiary of my Alice purchase ^^;


Overall, MegaHouse did a great job with this figure in terms of sculpt, paint, details, and execution.  However, they missed the mark with their finish, or lack of it.


As great as the figure looks, there are many areas where rough surfaces and seam lines were not sanded down, thus lowering the overall quality of the figure.  They are most noticeable on her oppai…



…and along her thigh.



This is what happens when you don’t wear any pantsu…


Your dress will get sucked into the crack…especially if you got large cheeks like Nyx ^^;;;



Nyx have a relatively large footprint, mainly due to the thorny spines that floats off her dress and the large blob-on-a-stick that she’s wielding.


Do handle those thorns with caution, they are extremely pointy in their own right…


Her oppai looks pointy too.  ^^;




Nyx sports some lovely curves, though I’m not particularly thrilled about it because I’m not an oppai guy.



There’s some really beautiful details going on from top to bottom.


Her pose isn’t as exciting as other figures in my collection, but I really enjoy how her hair is sculpted in mid hair-swing motion…


That, and how it looks like she’s about to turn around and swing that blob-on-a-stick in your face.






The thorns on her dress are detachable if you so desire, but she looks a lot better with them.



Now’s the time to turn away if nekkid babes aren’t your thing…




Would you prefer this 360° over what I did in the beginning of the post?


Thigh-highs + garter belt = me likes ^^  Probably the only highlight for me with this figure.





You can see the seam lines on her oppai and down her thigh clearly in cast-off mode.


Every photoshoot is full of new discoveries, and this one is no different…


Paint transfer!!!  I think it’s because I didn’t wipe away all the oily substance from her dress before putting it back on.


While this isn’t something to cry over about since I don’t display her in her birthday suit, but it was very worrying for my Alice…had to reassure myself in the middle of the shoot ^^;;


Sorry folks, no pantsu shots this time…


But you do get a lot of oppai with Nyx.



Blob-on-a-stick…I won’t be surprised if it can talk as well.


Nyx is now sold out in most online stores, but I hope you enjoyed the photos.  Thanks for dropping by again.



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15 Responses to “MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Nyx”

  1. 1 Panther 04/15/2009 at 22:08

    I had Nyx for a long time now, of the QB figures she is the only one so far that interested me. But then again it is by Mega House. The paint has rubbed off on her boobs already from the inside of her robe, it sucks.

    In any case QB as a game is probably more worthwhile than the anime (which I have yet to catch but am already disappointed with), because the game actually lets you compete with other players using your gamebook(s). The story is probably the same as the anime but the interest is in the ecchi illustrations and the games.

    • 2 T.I.P. 04/15/2009 at 22:29

      I wonder if the newer QB releases will fare better with this paint transfer issue. I’m enticed with a Nanael purchase because she’s so cute in the anime ^^; Should’ve grabbed her from the Hobby Search sale, have to wait for a HLJ sale for that extra motivation.

      I am interested in buying the game books just for the artwork, not really interested in the game since I got no one to play with ^^;; Should be interesting if they released a PSP version though.

  2. 3 lylibellule 04/16/2009 at 13:53

    Great photshoot ! The colours of your background make a good contrast with the figure.
    But I don’t like enough Nyx to make her join my collection of Queens Blade (t’as bien raison)… But she’s very sexy !

    • 4 T.I.P. 04/16/2009 at 23:14

      Thanks, Nyx was pretty easy to choose a background for ^^

      She doesn’t receive enough love from me even though she’s in my collection ^^;;; But very sexy indeed.

  3. 5 Rin 04/16/2009 at 14:43

    Nice shoot!!!
    My friend has this figure and loves it a lot!!!
    To answer your question you asked about for a white background. Is first you need a tripod, a white poster board and at least 3 lamps to get a white background.
    Also you need a DSLR camera to do it as well.
    Make sure the lamps are shining on to the poster board and you also need the flash from the camera as well.
    IMG_3004 [photos]
    You can see to the right that there is a white poster board and my photo shoot area.

    • 6 T.I.P. 04/16/2009 at 23:17

      Thanks for the tip, though I don’t really like flash photography, I can probably find some way to compensate for the flash. A little off topic, but I got the exact same fan as you. LOL

  4. 7 Lu 04/19/2009 at 13:53

    I got Nyx two years ago for her beautiful face and sexy legs. I didn’t realize how big her boobs are until I bought her. I guess I’ll just think of her as someone who’s still breastfeeding…

    Just curious: did you actually print out your backgrounds for photos?

  5. 9 Queens Blade Anime 04/21/2009 at 19:14

    I never got my hands on this and after this photoshoot (and despite the unappealing finish on the figure) I’m feeling kinda frustrated. What still attracts me to it are the paint and details – both look fabulous.

    The photo shoot itself is pretty good. No expert at it but they do bring out the details quite well.

    • 10 T.I.P. 04/22/2009 at 03:41

      Thanks for dropping by Queens Blade Anime.

      It’s quite interesting how this figure is still very attractive despite the poor finish on her body. It’s a great figure overall, just needs more attention to its finish. ^^ Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the photos.

  6. 11 Blowfish 05/01/2009 at 17:43

    Ah Nyx! Love her to bits and pieces!
    Finished my review on her just a few weeks ago despise the fact that i own her for quite some time.
    So how long did it take you to assemble the thorns on her dress?
    Had to rely on meronpans help lol

    • 12 T.I.P. 05/02/2009 at 12:44

      Nyx is a great figure. ^^ I read up on meronpan’s “preview” before I received mine, so I kinda knew what I needed to do. Don’t know how much better it would be without his info.

  7. 13 meronpan 05/04/2009 at 19:13

    not sure if alice will be making a showing in the anime because i think she’s part of the queen’s gate expansion or whatever… from what i can tell they’re sticking to the original “set”? well, that’s my guess at least. i don’t really know too many details ^^;

    i’ve been trying to figure out what sort of background to use to shoot nyx… the shots on white didn’t look too great and i was afraid that on black she’d just get lost in the dark… seeing your review though i think i’ll just go ahead with black (unless i get some more bg material soon ^^;)… liked how yours turned out.

    • 14 T.I.P. 05/05/2009 at 15:28

      Thanks meronpan. I think black will work out with Nyx since she’s a shadowy character.

      Unfortunately, I just found out earlier that Alice won’t be making any appearance. :( But maybe she’ll make an appearance if they decide to make a second season?

  8. 15 cormac828 06/15/2012 at 16:01

    I’ve only discovered Nyx in the past week and I’ve already developed a crush on her. But the side of her that I like best is when she’s just being her own kind, caring self, when she’s not being controlled by that damned staff, Funnycurry, or whatever the hell it’s called, that one-eyed octopus on a stick!

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