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The Cuties of Anime North 2009


As the title suggests, this post will cover the cuties that were seen and photographed by yours truly at Anime North 2009.  A continuation from last night’s post.  This Chobits pair is my favourite out of the bunch.  Love the Chi cosplay, she’s so cute. ^^ Continue reading ‘The Cuties of Anime North 2009’


Anime North 2009


I was pretty excited and hyped about going to Anime North today.  Why?  It’s the first time I’m attending any otaku related events since I started watching anime and collecting figures last year.  I didn’t know what to expect from it, yet I had high expectations after reading about conventions in other cities around the world.

Continue reading ‘Anime North 2009’

Alter – New Arrivals


Continuing from yesterday’s loot post, here’s more of what I received over the past week.  Three new additions to my wall are Alter’s Signum, Teana Lanster, and Louise in her seifuku.  My Alter figure count quadrupled all of a sudden. ^^;;  Teana and Signum are acquired from the HLJ anniversary sale, and Louise was from the HobbySearch sale. Continue reading ‘Alter – New Arrivals’

Nendoroid – New Arrivals


More loot came through my door recently, and here I am to talk about it…again.  It was quite a big haul this time around so I won’t go through everything, but just ones that I really liked…and think you’ll be interested as well. ^^  Part of the loot is two MikkuMiku Kagamin Nendos which looks very lovely. Continue reading ‘Nendoroid – New Arrivals’

Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting


I don’t recall when I made my first figure purchase, but it was some time in May of 2008 when I finally decided to purchase a Sagittarius Aiolos Myth Cloth, a figure that I’ve wanted for about two years.  And I have to say…my wallet never looked happy ever since.  ^^;;; Continue reading ‘Celebrating One Year of Figure Collecting’

GSC Unity Mei


Unity Mei is one of those figures which I knew I had to have when she was announced last year, yet I had no idea who she was back then.   Is it her eyes?  Her cape?  Her hat?  The thigh-highs she’s wearing?  Or is it the effect of combining all of those attributes, stirred with a dynamic pose to create something so intriguing that I can’t resist? Continue reading ‘GSC Unity Mei’

MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Idolm@sters S-2 – New Arrivals


These two Idolm@ster beauties just came in today along with my new favourite Fräulein Yoko.  They are probably one of my more “anxious” purchases because I had no idea what I’m getting into even though they are MegaHouse releases.  ^^;; Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Idolm@sters S-2 – New Arrivals’

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