MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Idolm@sters S-2 – New Arrivals


These two Idolm@ster beauties just came in today along with my new favourite Fräulein Yoko.  They are probably one of my more “anxious” purchases because I had no idea what I’m getting into even though they are MegaHouse releases.  ^^;;


They’re retailing for ¥6,800 each and comes in a lackluster package which had me thinking “Why did I buy them?”, even though I really liked the Idolm@ster girls.  The skin tone looked too dark, and the figure inside looked average at best.


They came in boxes that looked exactly the same with the only difference being the name tag on the bottom left hand corner on the front of the box…I asked myself “Why?” again before finally popping open the box from the underside…


Here is the illustration that MegaHouse’s Miki Hoshii was based on…


And here she is in the flesh, WOW!!  I was AMAZED at how good she really looked in the flesh, seriously…now I know not to judge a figure when they’re still sitting inside the box. ^^


The promo photos on Hobby Search and HLJ does the figure(s) no justice at all.  The level of detail, paint job, and finish is excellent to say the least.  She really shine under good lighting.  Though I still have some grudge against them using a black lining on their mouths.


The detail on her hair is one of the best I’ve seen on my figures, and is something that I didn’t really pay attention to in the promo photos.  The girls actually looked mediocre in the official promo photos for some reason, they need to do a better job if they want to sell more of them.


After writing so much about the figure as if it was a review, which it’s not, it’s time to take a look at the other Miki Hoshii that I have sitting around…


Max Factory’s 1/8 scale Miki Hoshii beside MegaHouse’s 1/7 scale Miki Hoshii.  I thought differently when I pre-ordered MegaHouse’s version, but I have to say that I like the MegaHouse Miki better now that I have her on hand.  The level of detail and beautiful paint job blows the Max Factory version away.


The second girl in the S-2 release is Yukiho Hagiwara.  As mentioned before, the two boxes looks identical with the exception of the name tag on the bottom left hand corner.


I’ve got my plans for these boxes in the future.  I really look forward to all the girls being released now.  ^^


Here’s the illustration that MegaHouse’s Yukiho Hagiwara is based on.


Here’s Yukiho in the flesh, another amazing looking figure to be had.  The level of detail is definitely on par with Miki, though her face does look a little chubbier than the illustration.  ^^;;


These two Idolm@ster figures have renewed my confidence in MegaHouse releases.  I want to order Haruka Amami and Yayoi Takatsuki now, but my figure buys have gone over-budget this month…so I’ll have to wait for next month.  ^^;;;;;  Taiga Aisaka will definitely be coming home as well.


This is how their base(s) looks.  I think they could’ve done something more, but it does compliments the figure(s) pretty well.  It’s much better than a plain base.  I’m not sure what that “A” logo is doing in the centre…anyone want to fill me with some info?

I have a feeling that Alter’s Louise Uniform Ver. will arrive tomorrow. ^^  Forgot to mention that I had to pay $31 in customs and taxes as well.  “orz


2 Responses to “MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Idolm@sters S-2 – New Arrivals”

  1. 1 lylibellule 05/15/2009 at 01:34

    I try to resist to launch me in the series “IdolMastrers” by persuading me not to find them beautiful, but the more I see photographs and the more I have evil to resist.
    Thank you for the review;)

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