GSC Unity Mei


Unity Mei is one of those figures which I knew I had to have when she was announced last year, yet I had no idea who she was back then.   Is it her eyes?  Her cape?  Her hat?  The thigh-highs she’s wearing?  Or is it the effect of combining all of those attributes, stirred with a dynamic pose to create something so intriguing that I can’t resist?


Nonetheless, there is something about her that really caught my eyes and pressed all the right buttons in all the right places.


Unity Mei comes from the Japanese eroge PC game Unity Marriage (NSFW).  I’ve actually skimmed through the trial version of the game and really liked the artwork and character designs.  It’s also got a really catchy opening song to go with it too.  ^^


Kazami Mei is her real name,  a cool slender android Meganekko who will transform into Unity Mei when the need arises.  Mei speaks in a tone of voice that’s VERY similar to how Yuki speaks in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, something to add to my liking.  ^^


This gorgeous 1/8 scale figure is brought to you by the folks at Good Smile Company, and was released in early April.  She retails for ¥7,810, but you can buy her from the Hobby Search sale now for ¥5,857.


With a dynamic pose, a lovely outfit that’s flowing with the wind, and a cute face to top it off; there’s nothing not to be liked with this figure.


Overall, Good Smile did an excellent job in creating this beautiful figure.


The sculpt is dead on in capturing Mei in all her fighting glory.  It looks like Mei just popped out of the screen from one of the scenes in the PC game.


The attention to detail is second-to-none with an amazing paint job to top it off.  Check out the flowers and transition from purple to pink on her cape.


Needless to say, I’m really impressed with the level of craftsmanship Good Smile put into this figure.  It have just raised the bar on my expectations for future figure purchases.


I find myself to be really intrigued by characters from eroge series’ of late.  Must be the sexy poses and goofy looking head gears they have. ^^;;


More interesting is that they are all characters illustrated by Ozawa Akifumi, the person who does the illustrations for the Chu x Chu Idol series as well.  Thanks to Danny for the info.


He must be doing something right, since I’m buying a lot of figures based on his illustrations.  ^^  Back to the figure…


A closer look at the lovely details and paint job on Mei.  Her oversize cape is one of my favourite part about this figure.


Mei’s got really lovely eyes.  I think I’ve got a thing for sharp looking eyes like Mei’s…I prefer them over rounded ones at least.  It adds character to…umm…the character.



Low-angle shot…that is conveniently blocked by her right leg.


Almost superheroine looking…with a pantsu slip.  ^^;


I like the alien looking vents(?) on her back.  You’ll also notice the seams that joins her cape together.  I’m pretty sure they could’ve made the cape in one piece without the seams.


One of the biggest issues one might come across when displaying this beauty is her size.  She takes up a lot of space, and barely fits on my shelves without falling off.


Figures with dynamic/action poses usually rank higher in my favourites list because they look better on display and are more fun to take pictures with.


More pantsu slips for those who likes pantsu.  Yellow pantsu never looked better in my opinion.


Thigh-highs anyone?


I was going to use the black background for this shoot, but decided to buy some purple background instead…which turned out bluish on my camera.  “orz


Pretty decent shots I think, but it prompts me to buy a new camera as soon as possible.


She’s got a really cute face, especially with that blush on her.  ^^




Mei definitely lacks some “ecchi” for an eroge character, but that didn’t stop her from becoming my number two favourite figure. ^^



Mei’s hat looks awesome, but Hiyori Pixy still dawns my favourite hat.


Great details with flowers on the underside as well.


As mentioned in one of my previous reviews, this is one of the reasons why I like GSC releases so much…the base is never neglected in the figure design process.  The level of detail on the base adds to the overall aesthetics of the figure itself.


Unity Mei hangs on to her dear life with this single metal rod.  I hope Good Smile is on the money with the quality control for this part.  ^^


Unity Mei looks like two completely different figures with and without the cape.  I’m displaying mines with the cape, but you definitely get a different feel without the cape.


I’m not sure if Mei makes an appearance without her cape, but it looks like she’s about to knock the vowels out of your name with this pose.


GSC took great care in making sure that the figure doesn’t look awkward without the cape.


The large ribbon is removable, and was also incorporated into the design of the cape.  Another demonstration of the care and attention to detail they put into the figure.


She definitely look less “dynamic” and doesn’t have the same “punch” on display without her cape.


That’s why I think giving you the “option” to display her without her cape is more of a marketing gimmick than practicality, because there is no point in displaying Unity Mei without the cape.  But I could be wrong.


She looks quite decent without her cape, unlike other figures I’ve seen that looks horrendous in their secondary display option(s).






One thing that bothers me is the lack of finish on the lower half of her dress.  It looks as if it doesn’t belong with the rest of the figure.


You can “take a peek” under her bra for a better view, or remove her bra altogether if you’re daring enough.  Daring…because it’s not cast-off enabled.



The top of her head needs much more detail than that.  Something sculptors always neglect when a hat is involved.


Something for Ligthningsabre-san.  Enjoy the rest of the pics. ^^


Mei’s got the prettiest set of pantsu in my collection at the moment.








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22 Responses to “GSC Unity Mei”

  1. 1 lylibellule 05/15/2009 at 22:25

    I don’t manage to like this figure. Something disturbs me on the level of the face.
    Your review is excellent: very pretty photographs with a quite selected background and good viewing angles.

  2. 3 sanguinerose 05/16/2009 at 03:59

    Mei is really a great figure. Nice review, your photos really showed the details in the figure. Her cape and base looks awesomely detailed.

  3. 5 Rin 05/16/2009 at 04:43

    I passed on her…since I can’t spare the money for her…
    It’s a really nice figure!!!
    Nice shoot too!!!

    • 6 T.I.P. 05/17/2009 at 01:45

      Thanks, I think that HLJ sale gave many people that “extra motivation” to buy Mei. But I guess it didn’t give enough motivation for you. ^^;

  4. 7 Wolfheinrich 05/16/2009 at 04:46

    I have heard about Unity Mei for quite sometime now, have not played the game but looks like it’s from the unionsoft again. Nice effect on the background, the mesh you added at the end is really quite awesome.

    • 8 T.I.P. 05/17/2009 at 01:47

      Yeah, it’s from the same illustrator that did the Chu x Chu Idol series too, so I think you’ll like the game if you liked Chu x Chu Idol. And thanks, I liked the mesh too. ^^

  5. 9 ELTboy 05/16/2009 at 06:04

    Very nice and detailed review of Unity Mei (or May). The fabric background and color chosen is quite soothing.

    I love the figure. I totally agree that she takes up loads of shelf space. I guess most owners will be displaying her with the cape on since it’s the best part of the figure, for me at least.

    • 10 T.I.P. 05/17/2009 at 01:49

      Thanks for dropping by ELTboy. I agree with you that most people will display her with the cape. They’ll make room for her if they don’t have space initially. ^^

  6. 11 paradigmshift 05/17/2009 at 01:50

    Love the pantsu shots. I don’t know which figures of mine have the best pantsu at the moment. Perhaps I should go check…

  7. 13 Matteas 05/17/2009 at 02:14

    Needless to say that she is really awesome. I would have considered getting her, if she had been still on stock when I checked HLJ’s sale list.
    I like her thigh-highs. I guess they are made in the same way, with same paint, as Miku’s thigh-highs. The color seems to be same apart from some slight nuance in saturation.

    • 14 T.I.P. 05/17/2009 at 13:34

      So did you get anything from the HLJ sale in the end?

      I didn’t notice the similarities of their thigh-highs…but now that you mention it, they do look similar.

  8. 15 optic 05/17/2009 at 03:32

    After a shelf space redesign, I have already allocated half a shelf space for her but after reading ur detailed review, that may not be enough. I guess I really need a new bookcase to cater her and future some of my future releases.

    As many said, great review. The HLJ sale really gave me the motivation to get her because if I didn’t, I will be regretting it for many days, weeks and years to come. ^^

    • 16 T.I.P. 05/17/2009 at 13:40

      More space is always good for your girls. If you need it in numerical terms, the space required to display Mei is 23 x 21 cm. I think those who missed the excellent HLJ sale are kicking themselves now. ^^;; Hope you’ll enjoy your Mei for many days to come.

  9. 17 Kanon 05/17/2009 at 14:47

    She’s gorgeous! I would’ve gotten Unity Mei too, when HLJ had her on sale, but I was completely broke when I saw the sale. Dang… ^^;

    But anyways, great figure and review ^^

    • 18 T.I.P. 05/18/2009 at 14:19

      Thanks Kanon. I know how it feels when you see a sale, but is broke so you couldn’t get anything from it. “orz Hope your wallet recovers soon. ^^

  10. 19 lightningsabre 05/18/2009 at 03:41

    I’d like an order of thigh highs with a side of string pantsu, please.

    Yeah I think I’ll just ogle her in your review lol. I like that shiny thigh high… but damn I’ve got too many things already. I could’ve gotten her during the HLJ sale, but something caught my eye that I NEEDED to get! Well if HS drop their price on this figure then I’ll consider it again :)

    • 20 T.I.P. 05/18/2009 at 14:28

      No problem sir, would you like an side order of oppai with that?

      LOL, ogle her to your heart’s content. ^^ Knowing what goes on at the HS sale, they just might lower her price again if she doesn’t sell.

  11. 21 enrius 05/22/2009 at 05:09

    One thing that attracts me the most about Mei is her thighs… Simply turns me on – Maybe it’s my fetish? I should try to ask my gf to wear something like that.

    Great review and photos – and I do agree Mei looks a bit weird without her hat. Seems like her head just underwent compression… :-p

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