The Cuties of Anime North 2009


As the title suggests, this post will cover the cuties that were seen and photographed by yours truly at Anime North 2009.  A continuation from last night’s post.  This Chobits pair is my favourite out of the bunch.  Love the Chi cosplay, she’s so cute. ^^


Yuna as she appeared in Final Fantasy X-2.  One of the best Yuna cosplay of the day.


Awesome chocobo cosplay. ^^


One of the better Yoko cosplay of the day.


Yummy Ayanami Rei as she appeared in Shunya Yamashita‘s artwork.  I think she was the only Rei cosplayer yesterday.  No asuka.  :(


Couldn’t resist taking another photo when she changed into the Shunya Yamashita artwork pose.  Just noticed she’s missing the thigh-highs.


Misa Amane from Death Note I presume…let me know if I got this one wrong.


Kawaii desu~!!!  Name this cutie. This cutie is Suiseiseki from Rozen Maiden.  Thank you Veester for identifying this cutie.


Pokemon girl.  Didn’t watch any of the new pokemon, so I don’t know her name.


Lovely cosplay.  There were quit a few of them, but I think this was the best.  Name the character please. She’s Augusta Vradica from Trinity Blood.  Thanks to Quaestor for identifying her.


Lulu from Final Fantasy X.  Awesome cosplay, though it must be hot to walk around like that under the blazing sun.


She needed to fix her wig, so she asked if she could pose without it.  Cute, but not sure who the character is. ^^;;; Thanks to Sally for this cute cosplay and identifying herself as Judith from Tales of Vesperia.


Two more cuties.  Madame Red and Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji.  Many thanks to Cyrius for identifying these two cuties.


More Gurren Lagann cosplay.  That Yoko rifle is superb.


One of the more daring cosplays of the day.  Rikku from Final Fantasy X is cute.  Name the girl in white please. Girl in white is Halibel released version from Bleach.  Thanks to Ash and Precilia for identifying herself. ^^


One of the few Saber cosplays of the day.  This is the only one I saw with full armor.


More cute cosplays, name ’em girls please. I could’ve sworn I took more photos of cuties than this.  But I guess I was wrong. :(  So which cutie is your favourite?  As mentioned, my favourite is definitely Chi in the first photo…that’s why I put her as the first picture. ^^

There were many more cuties out there including some Haruhi bunnies that I missed the chance to snap photos of.  I’ll do a better job next year, promise!!

PS:  Let me know if you don’t like your picture being posted here.  Thanks for dropping by.


99 Responses to “The Cuties of Anime North 2009”

  1. 1 GNdynames 05/24/2009 at 14:02

    The girl on the right in the lolita dress (picture 13) looks familiar, I think I know her.

    Cosplayers this year seems better than last year, although I only went on Saturday last year.

  2. 3 Chii 05/24/2009 at 14:33

    Woohoo! I’m the Chii. Thank you so much for posting this picture!

    • 4 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 01:00

      The pleasure is mine. ^^

      Your cosplay was awesome, I don’t think Chii ever looked better. I just read that this was your first ever cosplay? It’s pretty amazing, keep up the good work. I’ll definitely look forward to seeing you in future conventions.

  3. 10 Kat 05/24/2009 at 14:51

    And I’m the other one! XD
    Thanks for posting =].

    • 11 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 01:03

      Thank you for letting me take the photo. ^^

      You girls looked great, keep it up! Btw, do you girls mind if I post your picture on another site to share?

      • 12 Kat 05/25/2009 at 10:12

        Nono by all means, go ahead! =]

        • 13 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 20:21

          Thanks, I posted your cosplay photo here. I’m wondering if you girls want the full size copy of the picture since I’ve been using it. Let me know if you do, and how you want it to be sent. Don’t post your email address(es) here since I can see the one you submitted.

          • 14 Chii 05/25/2009 at 20:35

            Hmm. You know, It’s alright! That’s really good enough. Thank you so much for all of this! I can’t believe people actually liked my cosplay! The first moment I stepped out of the hotel room, I thought to myself, ‘Oh dear, you know, I bet no one is going to take our picture” But five steps later somebody already asked! Yay!

          • 15 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 20:48

            People liked your cosplay because you girls looked great in it. It won’t be a surprised if you get asked by even more people next time. ^^

          • 16 Chii 05/25/2009 at 20:53

            I’m so flattered ^_^
            Hopefully I get the same reactions at Fanexpo this year! ^^

          • 17 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 21:14

            If you ever decide to start a Chii fanclub, count me in! :)

          • 18 Chii 05/25/2009 at 21:18

            THAT WOULD BE SO FUN! ^_^
            D: How would I start something like that.
            huuumm.. ><

          • 19 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 21:31

            I guess you can begin with a blog or something like that. If you’ve got friends that are into photography, you can ask them to take pictures of your cosplay(s) so you can post them on your blog. Or alternatively you can take pictures by yourself. ^^

            You can go to this cosplayer’s blog for some ideas. :D Hope you’ll have a lot of fun as a cosplayer. I think you and Kat make a good one-two combo.

          • 20 Chii 05/25/2009 at 21:35

            Ooo. Sounds difficult. :D
            No i’m just teasing, I’m sure if I put effort into making myself known, It would work!
            I’d love to expand on just my Chii cosplay, aswell on others of course. I mean, making appearences in different Lolita’s, y’know?
            But maybe i’ll write somethings up on and get some idea/input on it! ^___^ Thanks for the idea =D

  4. 21 Tyler 05/24/2009 at 15:30

    Damn right that chi is cute that’s my girl right there :) lookin good babe :)

  5. 23 Ash 05/24/2009 at 18:50

    The Girl On the right is released Halibel from Bleach, My girlfriend did the same cosplay on Saturday.

  6. 25 Wolfheinrich 05/24/2009 at 20:09

    Nice work there TIP, got to catch all the cuties!

  7. 28 Chii 05/24/2009 at 20:51

    If anyone else has another photo or two of the Persocoms, please send me a link! it would be greatly appreciated!

    • 29 K-Man 05/25/2009 at 06:15

      I’m pretty sure I have a pic or two of you and your friend. I’m currently doing some final editing for all the pics I took so once it’s done, I’ll be posting them on the FB AN group as well as my Photobucket account and if I have time, I’ll post them in the website under the AN 09 forum link.


  8. 30 Precilia 05/25/2009 at 07:11

    Hey hey, I am the Halibel with the Rikku, I was wondering if I can have a copy of the picture?

    • 31 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 20:06

      That was a really nice (and daring cosplay). I liked it a lot. ^^ And most definitely, would you like me to send it to the email address you provided when commenting? Cheers. :D

    • 32 T.I.P. 05/26/2009 at 23:21

      Hey, I just sent the photos to the email you provided. It might’ve landed in the junk mail. Cheers!

  9. 33 Chii 05/25/2009 at 08:58

    Thank you K-man! It’s much appreciated :D

  10. 34 silver 05/25/2009 at 10:06

    Most of these are confirmed under-aged children. Yes they are cute — for kids — in a non-sexual view. It disgusted me how adults were behaving towards them at the con. At times police really should have been called. Young girls really need to tell people to back off before something serious occurs. They love attention but they need to watch out. Too many times have friends of mine working at Sexual Assault and Pathology centers had to deal with cases that started a lot like these.

  11. 38 Sally 05/25/2009 at 10:55

    Hello! I feel honored that you put me under the cuties of Anime North :)

    I am the one with no wig, haha. Just to let you know that my character is Judith from Tales of Vesperia

    Thank you once again



    • 39 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 20:26

      Thank you for letting me take a photo when you were hurrying back to fix your wig. ^^ It was a lovely cosplay, sorry I didn’t know who you were cosplaying. It’s my pleasure to post these photos. :D

      Btw, let me know if you want the full size version of the photo. Don’t need to post your email address since I can already see it.

  12. 42 Veester 05/25/2009 at 14:30

    The Cutie Desu~! is Suiseiseki, from Rozen Maiden. For the record, she likes Pocky :D

  13. 46 person 05/25/2009 at 14:50

    The girl in the white is cosplaying the released version of Halibel from Bleach.

  14. 48 anon 05/25/2009 at 16:46

    that released halibel is awesome, but dont they bounce n stuff?

  15. 54 BakaDays 05/25/2009 at 18:54

    Trust me, it was hard for myself to name a few too!

  16. 56 RyoBase 05/25/2009 at 19:00

    Suiseiseki is kawaii desu~

    Thank you for the post desu~

  17. 59 Quaestor 05/25/2009 at 19:03

    Girl from pic 10 looks like Augusta Vradica, empress of the New Human Empire, from the Trinity Blood series.

    BTW, great pics. All the girls have a level of cuteness higher than 100. ^^

  18. 61 Cyrius 05/25/2009 at 20:12

    Madame Red and the girl in the pink and white dress are Madame Red and Ciel Phantomhive dressed as a girl from Kuroshitsuji.

  19. 63 Katryna 05/25/2009 at 20:55

    I’m the Rei Ayanami cosplayer ^^ thanks so much for the compliment! I do so love that design and it was perfect for the hot weather of the con. Sorry for leaving out the thigh-highs, they’ll be done in time for AN next year, don’t worry ;).
    And for the person worrying about ages- I’m 20, I would not be wearing something like that if I wasn’t of age to fend off creepy old perverts heh.

    • 64 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 21:02

      I’m the one who should be thanking you for the photo. ^^ You looked lovely, and I recall hearing your boyfriend say “I don’t think I can walk around with you.” ^^;;;; I’ll definitely look forward to your completed work next year, maybe bring an Asuka long as well? :P

  20. 65 Katryna 05/25/2009 at 21:09

    Hahaha well, I’m not currently dating anyone, but many of my male friends were getting a bit exasperated with me being stopped so often XD. So flattering! Hopefully I’ll see you there again with the finished product, and I was actually supposed to have an Asuka this year but she didn’t get it finished in time, perhaps next year :).

    • 66 T.I.P. 05/25/2009 at 21:13

      WOW, that’s news to me. ^^ So did your friend take any photos for you? I can’t wait until next year. :D

      • 67 Katryna 05/26/2009 at 23:03

        Hehe yes, a few. I know, I’m very excited for next year as well! I’ll also be at Fanexpo, most likely doing Rogue (x-men), Ruby (Rosario + Vampire), and a Gentern (Repo! The Genetic Opera). Would you be able to send these pictures to my email by the way? I’d love to have them!

        • 68 T.I.P. 05/26/2009 at 23:10

          So you’ll be doing three cosplays at Fanexpo? I’ll look forward to it since it was a blast to see the cosplayers at Anime North. Most definitely, I’d be delighted to send them to you. ^^

        • 69 T.I.P. 05/26/2009 at 23:19

          I just sent the photos to you, it might’ve landed in junk mail. ^^;;; Cheers!

  21. 70 paradigmshift 05/25/2009 at 22:06

    Looks like a fun time. I don’t know anything about Canadian conventions. How do they compare to U.S. cons like Otakon and AX? I’m a perennial attender of Otakon, and I actually do cosplay as well. Since I’ll be in Japan before Otakon, I’m going to look for a cosplay there.

    • 71 T.I.P. 05/26/2009 at 22:47

      It was fun times. I don’t know how it fares against American cons because this is the first con I’ve been to since I started collecting figures. ^^;; I went with $300 in my pocket…and left with $300 in my pocket…that’s all I can say. The cosplays were awesome though. ^^

  22. 72 Kotoko 05/26/2009 at 00:08

    In the last piccie, the one on the right with the big staff is Astaroshe Asran from Trinity Blood ^^ Sorry, I don’t know who the one in red is, though…*fails*

  23. 74 Rin 05/26/2009 at 01:01

    Many cosplays!!!!!
    I love all of them!!!!!!
    Well, I took a lot less this year compared to last year…

  24. 76 tiny-nami 05/26/2009 at 20:27

    I’m the Gunner Yuna! Thanks for the feature! It was my very first cosplay! I feel honored tho ^^

  25. 78 deathberry 05/26/2009 at 21:40

    darn you don’t have a pic of that cute Chie!

  26. 80 optic 05/27/2009 at 00:04

    Suiseiseki was my favourite from ur list. I got a picture with her (another person cosplay as her) at last year con which was awesome. At each con, I tried to get a picture with my favourite cosplayers. lol

    I guess, no loot post means u didn’t get anything at all?

    • 81 DESU 05/28/2009 at 16:40

      Ah, thank you so much.
      I was the Suiseiseki.
      I’m glad you liked my cosplay, desu~

    • 82 T.I.P. 05/28/2009 at 22:58

      I’m sure she’ll be really happy that you liked her cosplay. Yup, I didn’t get anything at all. I think I’ll tone down my loot posts into an end of month thing from now on, since I should focus my effort into stuff other than loot posts. ^^;;

  27. 83 Optic 05/27/2009 at 00:11

    I made a comment on this post and it disappeared. It’s likely in ur spam box as it’s thanks to a wordpress bug.

  28. 85 Saku 05/28/2009 at 19:04

    Couldn’t believe I missed such cute cosplayers :(.

    @Chii: Hope to see you in some other anime conventions ^^

  29. 86 Saku 05/28/2009 at 19:06

    Couldn’t believe that I missed such cute cosplayers.

    @Chii: hope to see your cosplay in some other anime cons ^^

  30. 87 anon 05/29/2009 at 16:47

    definitly dawn from pokemon, the new one. ^_^ she has an annoying piplup link: hehe i love halibel released ;) but she did shoes wrong :(

  31. 89 Tommy 05/30/2009 at 02:16

    To be honest I like the cosplay of Chi and Yuna. Both look very cute.. You should take more pictures of cutie there.

  32. 91 lightningsabre 05/30/2009 at 02:19

    Wah, pretty good Saber. I needs to know how to make that sword >_<

  33. 93 balance 05/31/2009 at 01:02

    Suiseiseki cosplay ftw!

  34. 94 Curtis Zidane Ziraa 06/05/2009 at 00:44

    Hey, ya missed me! I was Temari from Naruto, I had the massive fan on my back. Though I hung around the Renaissance more on Saturday. Go Anime Game shows!!!

  35. 96 Mio 08/16/2009 at 15:58

    Hi~ Are you going to be taking pictures at Fan Expo this year? :3

    • 97 Tommy 08/17/2009 at 03:26

      Hi, I’m planning on going should nothing else come up. And yes, I’ll definitely be taking pictures if I do attend.

  36. 98 Mio 08/16/2009 at 15:58

    Are you going to be taking pictures at Fan Expo this year? :3

  37. 99 Ciel 01/05/2010 at 13:12

    Hey that’s me as female Ciel from Kuroshitsuji.

    …I think I was blinking. ‘A’

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