Cleaning vs Cleaning


This HUGE batch of figures just arrived at my door today, they needed two people to bring it to my door…just kidding, this isn’t some new loot post.  I wished I had the capacity to pay for so many figures at once. ^^;;


Some folks will be coming over to change the windows in my house so I had the horrendous task of repacking all of my figures into their boxes (if I still have it), yes, all 120 of them!!

I bet nobody knows what that red thing under my “desk” is.  :P


Started off with my scaled figures since they were the easiest to repack.  I have this habit of opening all my figure boxes from the bottom, anyone else does the same?


Eventually, I had to repack my Myth Cloth figures…30 of them to be precise.  Cleaning them and taking them apart is the easy part, the hard part comes when I have to put them back together.  “orz


Took the opportunity to retire these figures that didn’t make the cut to stay on the “Wall-o-Figures“.  I’m considering putting them up for adoption in the future, if anyone is interested at all…which I doubt. ^^;;


My room looks a lot brighter without the figures on the wall, I can’t remember when was the last time I saw my room so “empty.”  ^^;;;


For the figures where I don’t have their boxes anymore, I stashed them in the (just emptied) Detolf display…I hope they’ll be okay in there. ^^

Here is a prime example of why I don’t like using my Detolfs for figure display, the reflection.  You can’t take good pictures of your collection without opening the door(s), and figures at the back are obstructed from view.  Lighting from the inside will help with the reflection problem, but the glass panels obscures their true colour.


Hmm…now moving on to dusting down and storing my LEGO sets out in the open.  “orz  If you’re interested in how many LEGO sets I have out in the open…the answer is 25.  They’re a different type of pain to dust down.


14 Responses to “Cleaning vs Cleaning”

  1. 1 paradigmshift 06/24/2009 at 03:34

    You keep all the boxes too I see. I’m fast running out of room in my apartment in where I can stuff all my figure boxes, and it doesn’t help that the boxes seem to keep on getting bigger and bigger (or maybe I’m just going for the bigger figures, must resist 1/4 scales!)

    • 2 T.I.P. 06/24/2009 at 03:40

      Yep, I keep all the boxes too, but I might have to trash them later since I’m running out of space in my house…or maybe I should start cleaning some other rooms in my house. ^^;; The only boxes I’ll never throw out are the Myth Cloth boxes because they look really nice…and I need them to store their extra parts.

  2. 3 super rats 06/24/2009 at 14:22

    I used to keep all the boxes, but then I ran out of closet space. I have about half of the boxes, mostly keeping the boxes for figures that look like they might get damaged if wrapped and then mass boxed if I ever have to move. Some figures I would retire if I had to move, for sure, but surprisingly just a small number of the 120+. Also the boxes for figures I really really like are kept.

    I try to dust them off twice a year, or more accurately brush, run under the sink and then blot dry. To me Detolfs are better than letting them accumulate funk (still get dusty in a Detolf, but much more slowly), plus I live in an apartment and they frown on drilling holes for shelves like you’ve got.

    • 4 T.I.P. 06/25/2009 at 05:32

      I think I’ll be throwing out some boxes (or just the plastic inserts) after the guys are done with window work at my place, I’ll think about that later.

      I brush them down once a week so not much funk gets accumulated, if any, on my figures…none that I see at least. ^^;; I guess we all have our own preferences on how they’re displayed.

  3. 5 kodomut 06/24/2009 at 18:14

    My collection is small and so the number of boxes I have is still a decent number. But I have no idea what to do when it gets to your size >_<

    Haha, and yes, I open boxes from the bottom just like you. Although it makes no sense, it actually an attempt to not 'damage the box' ^^

    • 6 T.I.P. 06/25/2009 at 05:39

      One option would be to buy a bigger house. Just kidding. That’s a problem for another day I guess.

      I kinda feel the same about opening it from the bottom because I don’t have to cut any tape from the box. ^^;

  4. 7 Blowfish 06/25/2009 at 15:03

    I am like superrats and prefer to keep my figures in a Detolf since they dont get dusty that far.
    I really hate how Detolfs start to look crowded fast though.I could use another one just about now and I bought two last monh.
    Another Problem would be that the bottom spot isnt really usable for figures you want to be seen but rather the errrr… bad ones ^^

    Kept all my boxes so far

    • 8 T.I.P. 06/26/2009 at 04:05

      One thing that worries me if I put my figures in Detolfs is I’ll be too lazy to dust them down periodically so dust will accumulate, and dust is not a good friend of figures. And your points are some of the reasons why I gave up on the Detolfs, not to mention the bad lighting if you don’t install lights in them.

      I was displaying my (now retired) figures at the bottom shelves too, since it’s so low no one will ever see them. ^^;;;;

  5. 9 optic 06/25/2009 at 19:29

    I keep my figures in my big bookcase and most of my figmas on my desk. I know they will get dusty but I don’t have the room or even willing to fork out 100AUD+ for a single Detolf.

    I need to start throwing out my figma boxes. There’s not need for them now as I have my figma container storage and the figma bag provided for each figma.
    Still, it’s hard because the boxes look so pretty and some are matching pairs. lol

    • 10 T.I.P. 06/26/2009 at 04:14

      That price is quite steep for a Detolf, they’re going for $65 Cdn + tax each in Canada. For some reason, Ikea products are cheaper in Canada than other parts of the world. ^^;;;

      One of the hardest thing to do is deciding which box(es) to throw out, they all look so nice. What I did with some figures was I threw out the plastic inserts and kept the cardboard box.

  6. 11 Q 06/26/2009 at 15:04

    I actually don’t own a single shelf at all, so all my my stuff my clustered on my desk right now – with a strange mixture of Gundams and figmas and some 1/144 tanks ^^;

    Packing everything back into boxes and unpacking them later must sound annoying. Luckily I dont have too many figures, so packing them away or boxes aren’t so much of a problem, but as for my 1/144 tanks (I have lost count of the number now, seriously) – I don’t really know what to do about them anymore should I ever have to pack them all up…

    • 12 T.I.P. 06/27/2009 at 01:24

      I also have (or I should say had) some figures on my desk, but it was getting a little cramped. I find it kinda hard to work with too many figures on my desk. ^^;;

      It’s really annoying, but I’m taking this opportunity to clean up my room a bit since things were piling up and I’m running out of space to walk in my room. It was getting quite hot in my room too. It have cooled down a bit since I packed some of the stuff. ^^

  7. 13 nyoron 06/27/2009 at 15:53

    That’s a lot of stuff to pack. How long did it take?

    I generally open my boxes from the bottom too, I’ve been doing it for so long its become a habit.

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