Dakimakura Temptation

Amami Haruka

I’ve always wanted a Dakimakura ever since I started figure collecting; but for one reason or another, I’ve never gotten around to getting one.  I think the ¥10,000 price tag is a little too harsh for just a pillow cover, but then again, I am more than willing to dish out ¥10,000 for Haruka.I’ll look for her next time I go to Japan…or if anyone know where I can find her, please let me know.


Another reason, aside for the steep price tag, is the faces on these Dakimakuras…some of them I have no interest in, and many of which I have no spanking clue who they are.  Just leave it to Movic and Cospa to give us C.C., Shirley Fenette, and Golden Darkness for their upcoming Dakimakuras.

Golden Darkness

Now I have a tough time deciding which one to buy since I really like C.C. and Golden Darkness.  “orz  C.C. will be released in August which is a bad thing since I have loads of pre-orders that month, and Golden Darkness will be coming in October.


Kanu is really tempting with her sexy curves too.  “orz

(All pictures in this post is gathered from Hobby Search.)


36 Responses to “Dakimakura Temptation”

  1. 1 optic 07/18/2009 at 02:23

    Kanu has a nice big sexy ass so u know that’s one to gun for. LOL :P

    i will never buy a dakimakura on it’s own because of the price. I find it’s not worth it.
    Luckily I found the one (Feena one) I really want and she came with the Dengeki magazine so I’ve saved heaps.

    • 2 T.I.P. 07/18/2009 at 14:01

      Yeah, I really like that Kanu one as well.

      I just want a dakimakura so to speak. So might as well consider buying one when there are some characters that I like. It seems like a lot of people have the Feena one.

      LOL, I think your workmates want one as well. :P

  2. 3 optic 07/18/2009 at 02:24

    PS: The Kanu caught me by surprise. My workmates was just behind me. LOL

  3. 4 Guy Shalev 07/18/2009 at 06:50

    How do you get the actual content of the pillow?

    And there are some sales on eBay that have them for $30, not these specifically, but in general, if you look closely. Usually the less-liked ones.

    C.C.’s back-side is really not done well, IMO, it doesn’t capture the feel of the character. I like the Gothic Fate/Stay Night one, though it’s SFW.

    • 5 T.I.P. 07/18/2009 at 14:08

      They sell it separately for 5,000 yen. “orz I’m just gonna hang it on the wall though.

      The eBay dakimakura’s are usually knockoffs direct from China. Not that there would be a huge difference between quality, I just don’t feel like buying from those guys since I’ll be funding their bootleg business. But that’s just me talking.

      The “gothic girl” is actually Golden Darkness (aka Konjiki no Yami) from To Love-ru, I really like her as well so I might get her in the end.

      • 6 Guy Shalev 07/18/2009 at 16:52

        Why not get a much cheaper wall-poster then? :P

        And the pillow will be expensive to ship, big and relatively heavy.

        I was referring to a Fate/Stay Night Dakimakura with Saber and I think Rin wearing clothes with a gothic/victorian slant, can’t find them now; I know who Yami is.
        This one, yes, direct from China, heh.
        Strangely, can’t find any official dakimakura for F/S N on Hobby Search, and the bootlegs usually copy off of originals.

        • 7 T.I.P. 07/19/2009 at 04:56

          I don’t know, it’s just different from a Daki that’s 10x more expensive. :P

          I’m not interested in getting the pillow, if I do I’ll buy it when I go to Japan in the future.

          I see, I haven’t seen any F/SN Dakimakuras…not that I would be really interested in them. Sometimes they just get original artworks and blow it up 100x to make the knockoffs.

  4. 8 Marshmallow 07/18/2009 at 14:47

    Yami’s dakimakura is so moe~ the art on it almost looks simmilar to that of Kanokon.

    Dakimakura cover, I don’t have one yet, but I will soon, one of the magazine ones.

  5. 10 Tier 07/18/2009 at 18:47

    You should go for it! Dakimakura are about the most impractical things around but they’re awesome to own anyway.

    If you have a Bed Bath & Beyond around you they sell body pillows for around twenty (U.S.) dollars. They’re a few inches too short to fill up the entire pillowcase but otherwise they work pretty well.

    • 11 T.I.P. 07/19/2009 at 04:59

      They’re more practical than the 100+ plastic artwork I have lying in my room to say the least…I’m not sure which one I should go for. The one that I really really want is Amami Haruka, but she can’t be found anymore. :( I might go for Konjiki no Yami.

      Thanks for the tip, I’m just interested in hanging it on the wall since I don’t want to wash them. ^^;;

  6. 12 aaroninjapan09 07/18/2009 at 22:58

    You need a category for dakimakura cover owner lol. I own a cover but no pillow :P.

    The cover was too expensive, so by the time I bought that, I couldn’t afford the pillow.

    • 13 T.I.P. 07/19/2009 at 05:00

      LOL, they’re really expensive…yet we still want one. Hmm…since you’re in Japan, do you visit hobby shops often? I was wondering if you’ve seen the Amami Haruka Dakimakura anywhere?

      • 14 aaroninjapan09 07/21/2009 at 09:04

        I don’t visit the hobby shops that often because if I did, I’d be even more broke than I am now haha.

        But no, I have never seen the Amami Haruka dakimakura. I like the Xenoglossia look better than the Idolm@ster look too :P.

        • 15 T.I.P. 07/22/2009 at 22:16

          LOL, I know what you mean. Though I don’t need to leave my room for me to go broke. ^^;;;

          Thanks, I’ll have to look real hard for her then. :(

  7. 16 Blowfish 07/19/2009 at 14:14

    If you are interested in a Kanu Dakimakura you might wanna search the web for the Dengeki G Festival 13 Edition since it features a Kanu Dakmakura aswell ^_^

    I would never shell out the cash for a full price one

  8. 18 Miette-chan 07/19/2009 at 17:58

    Ah… I remember the days when I wanted one, it was a nice C.C. one. Then I had the unlucky chance that Danny spoke with a manufacturer for these things and revealed the cost about 2000-2500 yen to make. Once I learned that, no way was I gonna buy one and pay 10,000 yen.

    • 19 T.I.P. 07/20/2009 at 14:43

      I remember reading that article he wrote as well, but I won’t let that stop me from making a purchase. If you think about it, there are a lot of other products that are priced with similar or even greater mark-up.

    • 22 GNdynames 07/21/2009 at 14:27

      Well, if you think about it, a car is made up of around 500 bucks worth of steel, plastic and glass. You can’t look at things that way.

      • 23 T.I.P. 07/22/2009 at 22:19

        A car is quite different since a lot of the cost is spent on R&D, design, and the labour cost itself is outrageous. And not all cars are making profits for their company; Hybrids are sold at a loss right now.

  9. 24 Otaku Mitsukai 07/20/2009 at 21:05

    I want to get me one T_T lol

  10. 26 GNdynames 07/21/2009 at 14:25

    Dakimakuras repel me only because of the price tag, and, the lack of Saber ones. I was tempted to buy a Chinese made one from eBay, but once again, I figured I could do without it (that and my parents will kill me).

    As for the actual pillow itself, what’s wrong with de-stuffing one of those giant pillows that are sold cheaply?

  11. 28 Wolfheinrich 07/21/2009 at 21:11

    Been falling behind on the blogroll lately, was busying clean up the room. Anyway, it took me a good long time before I decided to get my first dakimakura, it was a Feena one that I purchased through ebay, the original bundled with Dengki Festival, then I purchased a few more chinese made one for actual use since they are much cheaper.

  12. 30 zenical 07/23/2009 at 10:14

    The dakimakura cover is one thing.. but do you have the body? LOL. I know people worrying whether they can even bring in the body since it’s really heavy (shipping probably will kill -_-)

    • 31 T.I.P. 07/23/2009 at 20:57

      I’m not planning to get the body at the moment. Shipping will be mighty expensive, so I’m probably going to buy one the next time I go to Japan.

  13. 32 Leonia 07/24/2009 at 05:15

    For the moment, I have not bought Dakimakura. No yet… It’s necessary to admit that they are generally, a little bit expensively. And at the moment, I don’t still have to fai on daki’ particular. But maybe, one day, I shall give up. That of Yami is really adorable, and I like those of C.C and Shirley.

  14. 34 anon 10/10/2009 at 10:38

    Anyone know where to get a fitting size dakimakura for these covers in Japan? I don’t even know where to start looking for one lol
    I am looking for the Pillow not the casing.

  15. 36 Anon9002 06/25/2011 at 06:19

    OH my god. I can’t. Find. The Golden Darkness one. ANYWHERE!

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