New Windows


YES!!  I’m finally back after being absent for a couple days.  I’ve added all of those who wanted to do a blog exchange with me, and I’ll welcome those who want to do an exchange with me.  Go here to find out how. ^^

As I’ve mentioned before, I was absent from my blog for the last three days because some guys *FINALLY* came over to install new windows in my house.  What a relief!


I had to gut my room of all my belongings, a very very tedious task when you have as much stuff as I do packed into a 8×12 frame. ^^;;


The old windows were moldy, leaky, and dirty; I haven’t opened my windows for about five years because it’s a insect highway into my room when it’s opened.  I’ll spare you from how disgusting the old window frame looked.


The new windows are smaller than the old ones, but it’s said to be more efficient than the old piece of junk.  I think we’ll save money on utility as well since it’s not leaky anymore.


I was shocked when looking through the pictures I took.  It’s like trading in a CRT TV for a HD TV!!  But I think it’s just because I haven’t cleaned my old windows for such a long time.  :P

Next up, I’ll post about my room!  I’ll also need to catch up on my bloggg readings…


3 Responses to “New Windows”

  1. 1 KELTHULAS 07/17/2009 at 04:30

    lol gz xD

  2. 2 optic 07/18/2009 at 02:09

    I like ur curtains. lol

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