Future buys+current update


I’m pretty sure most of you have already seen and read other peoples post on the figures showcased in WonFes as well as some others who have posted about what they’ll be getting and wotnot; less be know, this post is no different.  :P

First up is Nendoroid Chiaki-sama.  Need I say more?  She’s CHIAKI-HIME-SAMA!!  I’ll buy her at whatever outrageous price they plan to sell her for…make that two!

(All photos in this post are hi-jacked from Hobby Stock.)


I still don’t have a proper figure of Saber, so this is an easy buy for me when she comes out.  I love that dynamic pose.


Hmm…I need to watch Canaan after posting this.  As some of you already know, I’m a sucker for figures with dynamic poses.


Not particularily interested in this set, but who knows, I might end up buying them.  Mio is already up for pre-order at Hobby Search for those who wants to buy her.


Hmm…another figma Fate.  I’ll pass since I already have one on her way.  I’m not posting them in any particular order.


Alter looks to milk our wallets with these K-ON! beauties.  I’m not sure if I’ll be buying them or not yet.


Mio also on display, I’m wondering if Ritsu will get the full drum set.  If the price is right, I might pick up Mio.


Yummy Saber maid on display.  Nice thigh highs.  Will wait to see the painted version.


I’ve wanted a Tamaki figure for a while now.  I guess this is the one!  I also need more ecchi figures in my collection.  Any recommendations?


Another Nanoha by Alter.  Not my cup of tea, sorry Optic.  :P  There’s going to be a second loli Nanoha coming after this one.


Yagyu Jyube from Hyakka Ryoran.  I’m not sure who she is, but the detail on her is stunning.  Might consider getting this one in the future.


As posted before, I’ll be getting this Nanoha Takamachi -Exceed Mode- figure by Alter that’s due to be released in October.  Looks gorgeous.


Fate will be coming in August as well.  I’ll need to buy that Hayate as well to complete the trio.

I update what I’ll be getting every month for no apparent reason at all, but I also make changes to that list as well.  So here’s another update since I posted about them last time.

The following figures will be staying:











Sorry, but the following went poof!




Added these beauties to my list.



You can read about WonFes Miku here.


A figure collection is not complete without a figure of Kanu.  What are your thoughts on these future releases?


19 Responses to “Future buys+current update”

  1. 1 optic 07/31/2009 at 03:41

    I had a chance to get WF figma Miku but I canceled it.
    Let just say, I’m kinda over the miku fandom.
    As for Nanoha, she’s not going anywhere anytime soon. LOL

    Looks like ur not into loli Nanoha huh ;)
    Alter Nanoha Exceed Mode is gonna be epic so it’s safe to say, u will have the best Nanoha EVER. xD

    • 2 T.I.P. 08/02/2009 at 16:59

      LOL, I’m not that big a fan of Nanoha…more of a Fate person. :P But Alter’s Exceed Mode will be the best Nanoha figure out there!! ^^

  2. 3 GNdynames 07/31/2009 at 12:54

    I won’t be able to afford Nanoha Exceed mode due to the horrible timing that everything is coming at once. Still, I somewhat like Device mode as well as the loli Nanoha (I feel her adult role in StrikerS is rather cliched). As for Fate, I like Lighting or Impulse over Sonic form.

    I’m going to give all of the K-ON figures a miss. I’m personally not so drawn into that anime as much as others. Not saying it’s bad, but the funds are better redirected elsewhere.

    • 4 T.I.P. 08/02/2009 at 17:02

      I’m not that big a fan of the K-ON! thing neither, so getting them depends on when they’ll be released. But I’ll most likely pass on them in the end.

  3. 5 Observer Extraordinaire 07/31/2009 at 19:13

    The details on the available K-ON! mates are shiny and eye-catching

  4. 6 icyfawkes 08/01/2009 at 14:35

    waiting for BRS and Shimei

    not to forget the Subaru Actsa

    the rest is just not my cuppa tea ;)

    • 7 T.I.P. 08/02/2009 at 17:09

      I had BRS on pre-order, but canceled her due to Saber Lily being delayed to August. I might pick her up when she’s available.

  5. 8 gundamjehutykai 08/02/2009 at 10:08

    Got Nanoha Exceed version on preorder (damn you alter. I tend to muy most of my PVCs from you but you’re the most expensive!!!)And I’m definitely getting the AlMecha KOSMOS which was on display.

    And I’m on the fence over Sheryl Nome. not a massive fan of the costume, it’s a PVC AND it’s from Megahouse, which I am not a fan of after buying their queens blade Nix.
    But… It’s SHERYL NOME!!!!
    And I got myself an Aisaka Taiga resin kit via auction. that should do me just fine.

    • 9 T.I.P. 08/02/2009 at 17:15

      Well, she is Sheryl Nome. Nothing else needs to be said. I’m okay with MegaHouse figures, but your experience with them might differ from mine.

  6. 10 Wolfheinrich 08/02/2009 at 12:00

    Catching up on the blogroll again after spending a week on the Sasara story, I am still deeply considering Exceed mode Nanoha, already had Alter fate, bikini fate and saber lily on preorder, going to skip everything else though.

  7. 12 Q 08/02/2009 at 12:27

    Other than Alter Fate none on my get list here…

    I know, I am really picky on this kind of thing -_-;;

  8. 14 meronpan 08/03/2009 at 02:00

    hmm well speaking of ecchi figures tier put up a review of that tony taka figure – http://www.tentaclearmada.com/2009/08/kotone-ousaka-from-the-art-of-tony-taka-nsfw/

    dunno how hard she is to get now, but she looks awesome!

    as a proud owner of the previous saber maid by alter, i’ve got high hopes for this new one. can’t wait to see a painted decomaster (or whatever they call ’em ^^;)

    love the miku soundstage thing. it looks awesome

    • 15 T.I.P. 08/03/2009 at 03:15

      Thanks for the link. I’m not sure how much she goes for neither, but she’s definitely tempting.

      The new Alter maid is one of Saber Alter. It’d be interesting to see how this one turns out.

  9. 16 Blowfish 08/15/2009 at 14:54

    Im really torn apart regarding Saber.
    I actually prefer the showcased Sabers pose and outfit but I cant tell if shes going to turn out as magnificient as Saber Lily seems.
    Id cancel my Lily Preorder in an Instant and get this Saber If I could be sure shed turn out as sweet. Hard times….Hard Times…

    The Canaan figure is great aswell and well it has a dynamic pose and a gun ^_^
    I cant really get warm with Canaan itself though.Ive seen now about half the series and Canaan seems so flat…so generic…I usually dont get figures of Characters I dont like.
    I mean I dont really dislike her but I dont really like her on the other hand.

    Im glad that Alter is Re-releasing Kanu and Choun Shiryu since I missed both of them during their inital release and Id would have been awkward to display Kakoen and Ryomou without the other ones.I hope to see a Hakufu soon :D

    • 17 Tommy 08/15/2009 at 23:19

      I’ll just get both since the other Saber won’t be released til much later…I’m guessing probably Jan or Feb 2010 release.

      I agree that Canaan as a character doesn’t seem that interesting, but I really liked the action scenes and Liang Ji x Cumming interactions. ^^; I know I’ll be getting Canaan for sure because she’ll come as a matching Alphard…I love matching pairs.

    • 18 Observer Extraordinaire 08/16/2009 at 23:25

      I really love that show, Canaan. I know it’s generic but for some reason it’s my favorite… As soon as the Figma comes out I shall GET

      how awesome it would be if they ever were to come out with a model including the badass Taxi Driver…

      • 19 Tommy 08/17/2009 at 03:31

        LOL, that taxi driver is badass indeed. ^^ I bet the model will cost a bomb (even if it cost them $5 to make it) because people will buy it.

        Meh, I don’t really care if Canaan is generic, the story more than makes up for it. There are more “generic” characters than Canaan…and more “generic” stories as well…since the story is named after the character I sometimes have no clue what people are referring to…the story or the character. ^^;;;

        But I definitely want a Liang Ji figure…better come with Cummings. ^^

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