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Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Iori Minase ~水瀬伊織


The arrogant, loli-riffic, and self-proclaimed top idol, Iori Minase (水瀬伊織), is one of the latest to be released in MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER line of figures.  If you like flat-chested lolis with long hair, red eyes and a kick-ass (tsundere) attitude, than Iori is the girl for you!  Did I mention she’s loli-riffic? Continue reading ‘Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Iori Minase ~水瀬伊織’


Pre-orders ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled

Airi SE Promo

It’s that time of the month again, no not that time of the month, but the time when I post about my pre-order updates.  I’ll kick things off with what I’ve canceled on my pre-order list this month due to various reasons…like money. ^^;;

The most recent (and just released) figure to hit the chopping board is MegaHouse’s Queen’s Blade Airi.  I really wanted her before, but I don’t have the same feelings for this figure anymore… Continue reading ‘Pre-orders ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled’

This Week in Life ~ September


I attended a friend’s wedding ceremony over the weekend at this lovely inn built in the late 1700s called the Old Mill Inn, located near downtown Toronto.  Funny thing is, the building is located on a street called Old Mill Road, but there were three other streets around the area called “Old Mill [Something]”…needless to say, some of us had trouble finding this place. ^^;;

As the title suggests, I’ll be talking about what I’ve been up to in the month of September in this post (or more precisely, the past two weeks.)  I should call it “This Month in Life” instead, but this week sounds better.  So what’s up in life?  School, work, etc….but mostly school and work.  They eat up 50-60 hours of my life each week not including the dreaded 10-12 hours of total commute time.  Not much of a life, heh. Continue reading ‘This Week in Life ~ September’

FigLife ~ Kagamin at the CN Tower


Kagamin goes to the CN Tower in the second installation of FigLife.  Just between you and me, I think Kagamin has a fear of heights. Continue reading ‘FigLife ~ Kagamin at the CN Tower’

Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Chihaya Kisaragi ~ 如月千早


Chihaya Kisaragi (如月千早) is the latest idol to be released in MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER series of figures.  This blue haired, flat-chested vocalist is amongst the most popular idol in the iDOLM@STER franchise, so it’s logical that she receives the figure treatment before some of the other girls. Continue reading ‘Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Chihaya Kisaragi ~ 如月千早’

FigLife ~ A Day Out With Kagamin…


FigLife, the life of figures, is the latest category to be added to my bloggg.  FigLife will take on a slice-of-life approach to the lifestyle of my figures, with something very special in the planning process.  I hope everyone will enjoy it as much as I do. ^^

I’m launching this category with some beautiful photos from my day out with Kagamin (a.k.a. Fan Expo 2009). Continue reading ‘FigLife ~ A Day Out With Kagamin…’

New Figures for August


The latest installment of my loot post features figures that arrived on my doorstep in August.  Well, Sheryl actually arrived on September 1st, but I’ll say she arrived in August as well.  :P

Max Factory’s figma Fate T. Harlaown, Alter’s Yoko Littner, Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome, and GoodSmile Company’s Nendoroid Petit: THE iDOLM@STER Stage 02.  Oh, I finally got some new halogen bulbs for my room as well. ^^

Continue reading ‘New Figures for August’

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