New Figures for August


The latest installment of my loot post features figures that arrived on my doorstep in August.  Well, Sheryl actually arrived on September 1st, but I’ll say she arrived in August as well.  :P

Max Factory’s figma Fate T. Harlaown, Alter’s Yoko Littner, Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome, and GoodSmile Company’s Nendoroid Petit: THE iDOLM@STER Stage 02.  Oh, I finally got some new halogen bulbs for my room as well. ^^


The latest shot of my wall-o-figures.  It looks like a mess for some reason.  :\

Aside from talking about my loot, most of which I have already covered in the form of a review, I’m going to talk a little about my blog instead.


The iDOLM@STER Nendoroid Petit set.  Kawaii. ^^

Those who have followed my blog long enough will know that I used to post about my “new arrivals” immediately after arrival.  But I’ve stopped doing that since last month because 1. I don’t have 10 figures arriving monthly anymore, 2. I don’t want to overload my blog with “loot posts”, and 3. they were actually like a “mini review”, which took longer than what I wanted to do.  So I decided one per month is enough.


More Nendo iM@S cuteness. ^^

The stoppage of the loot posts actually had a negative impact on my blog’s page views, but it wasn’t anything dramatic.  I guess people are curious about what others buy.  However, I did make good use of the extra time by writing about my trip to Japan last year, or half of it at least (^^;), and writing more figure reviews for your viewing pleasure.  ^^


The feisty Yoko Littner by Alter.  Totally love the determination in her eyes.

My figure reviews are as up-to-date as ever because I’m writing them on the day after I receive them, or try to put it up as soon as possible.  I’m also catching up on older figures to be reviewed while I’m at it, my goal is six figure reviews this month.


The ever sexy Sheryl Nome is the latest figure to be reviewed.  She just arrived this week.

Hmm…speaking of figures arriving this week, I just picked up two more today.  Free internet cookie for those who guess right. ^^;;;

I actually had a hard time deciding what colour background to use for Sheryl’s review, and chose pink in the end.  Looking at them now, red might have been a better idea since it brings out the colour. But you guys (and gals) liked the pink one anyways.  Or maybe you were being nice to me.


Seriously, I don’t mind criticism since I am the kind of person that is willing to redo everything (if I am not satisfy with it) even if it eats up my time, and that’s how you learn new things.  But then, I usually don’t post the reviews unless I’m satisfy with the photo set (at the time of posting)…thus the many delays to my “promised” figure reviews in the past.


I’ve been making minor changes to the figure banners because I’ve learned new methods of doing things on photoshop, as well as learning how to use the “tags” properly. ^^;;;;  I just tagged everything that were involved in the post before, so you’ll see 50 figure names in some of them because they were all in the post.  I’m going back in time and (slowly, but surely) fixing everything now.

Look forward to more changes to my blog and posts as I learn how everything works here.


I will be launching a couple new categories on my blog in the near future, so look forward to them.  I hope they’ll be as interesting as I think they are.  I’m also trying to make changes to the current theme, but that’ll need some time as I know nothing about HTML or CSS.  Anyone know a good place I can read up on them?

In case you were wondering, I want to add a left sidebar and make the page width wider so I can fit two pictures instead of one.


If you were curious as to where my figma Fate is, well…her left shoulder joint broke after I tried to lift her hand.  “orz  Broken figmas ftw!!  In the mean time, please enjoy this blurry photo of Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome on my shelf as I talk about how happy I am.

Fate T. Harlaown figma: $30.  Shipping & Handling: $15.  Breaking your figma 5 seconds after opening the box: PRICELESS!!

There are figures that are made to be durable.  For ones that are not, there’s Max Factory.

Thank you all for the continous support for the past eight months.


20 Responses to “New Figures for August”

  1. 1 Ninjovee 09/05/2009 at 05:27

    Nice wall-o-figures :D *first time seeing it*
    Yoko is my favorite from your current loot, but that’s mostly because I know nothing of Macross, Idolm@ster and Nanoha StrikerS ^^; Sorry to hear bout your figma trouble though, hope Fate will get fixed soon!

    • 2 Tommy 09/05/2009 at 10:52

      Thanks, that “permanent post” got eaten up by my other posts longggg ago. I need to make a permanent link to it. ^^;;

      Yoko is lovely. I think you should watch Macross, just for the music, if not for the drama. I tried fixing Fate, but not much luck because of the position the joint broke at. Will be looking out for a cheap figma just for the shoulder joint.

      • 3 Guy 09/05/2009 at 11:49

        Just like the #1 figure and the Figma/Revoltech posts.

        I really love the Figma/Revoltech pages, I even link to them from my Links page :)

      • 4 Ninjovee 09/05/2009 at 21:35

        My Kagamiku actually shares the same situation… I semi-fixed her joint, but the end result is that her left arm is not as poseable anymore, which is sad. She’s my favorite figma too ;A;

        I find removing shoulder joints quite a task.. I couldn’t do it when I tried prying Kagamiku’s shoulder joint out. ><; I did hear that GSC provides replacement parts– but the service is only available in Japan, and they're 500yen a part… I think. Saw some spare Saber arms over at when I was looking for spare Kagamiku parts.

        • 5 Tommy 09/06/2009 at 00:24

          I used a needle nose pliers to pull the shoulder joint straight out. They only provide replacement parts for some of the older figmas.

  2. 6 Guy 09/05/2009 at 05:51

    I don’t really make loot posts with pictures, because, well, I get packages all during the month, and don’t really get any one big package.

    Loot pictures mean keeping everything in the box until the end of the month, and that’s just… no.
    I do have a monthly post where I list what I got. But yeah, people probably want pictures ;)

    As for Sheryl Red versus Sheryl Pink. The pink may look better, lighter, etc., but the red background is darker, and this results in you actually seeing the details of the figure (like the hair) better. Maybe the pink can get there by making it slightly darker and increasing contrast?

    • 7 :D 09/05/2009 at 06:17

      You can be different from everyone else and just do loot of the week. Everyone loves uniqueness.^^

      • 8 Guy 09/05/2009 at 06:50

        Uniqueness is indeed required.

        You need to find something you do different from others.

        Reviews are good, sure. But say, just describing each figure that comes out, or just saying what you bought, it’s good because people who read you will read it, it’s not so good because those who read it elsewhere may not read it with you.

        You need to bring something extra. Figure reviewers do it because they add text to the pictures, and that’s important; just pictures are also important, but that’s just for the first couple of people who get them out.

        If you do monthly haul, do provide some basic thoughts. And provide links to the figures you’ve already reviewed from the haul. Just like you’ve done :)

        • 9 Tommy 09/05/2009 at 10:49

          They don’t necessarily have to be in their boxes. You can just put the box in the photo with the figure outside. :P

          But yeah, pictures helps since people will know what you’re talking about. ^^;;

          I was thinking about the same thing with the hair being lost in the background, and did try to highlight it by changing the lighting. Hope that’s what you meant. ^^

          I never thought of posting this without linking to my reviews. But will provide some more thoughts *cough* HS shipping *cough* on this month’s loot.

      • 10 Tommy 09/05/2009 at 10:49

        That’s only if you can fund the weekly loot. Though that can be easily achieved if you’re not talking about figures. ^^

  3. 11 Q 09/07/2009 at 08:56

    (Was wondering why Fate is out of the box already…)

    Seriously, Fate is one of the most fragile figmas I’ve ever read since she’s the one that gets the most breakages so far. So this time is the shoulder joint, and that I cannot help you much on it unfortunately (I’m sure there are some people who are good at fixing these, mainly involving needles). On the other hand it makes me even more paranoid on moving my Fate as if I wasn’t paranoid before ._.

    I personally don’t mind loot posts much, but I somehow never have a taste for those on (those feel like literal showoffs even though it’s not intentional sometimes)

    • 12 Tommy 09/08/2009 at 18:31

      I’m really sad with Fate, though I can put her accessories to good use.

      I tried fixing it with superglue, but it wasn’t strong enough to hold the piece in place. I’m considering getting a second one…
      I get what you mean with the loot posts, but that can’t be helped. I sometimes feel envious of what other people are getting…then people say the same about mine. ^^;;

  4. 13 Lylibellule 09/08/2009 at 12:08

    Very good purchases, congratulations.
    Especially Yoko and Sheryl (you made superb photographs of her).
    I am curious to read your new categories of articles.

  5. 15 optic 09/09/2009 at 09:45

    “Fate T. Harlaown figma: $30. Shipping & Handling: $15. Breaking your figma 5 seconds after opening the box: PRICELESS!!”

    I feel ya matey. I’ve been through it 3 times and the agony gets worse after the 2nd time. -_-

  6. 17 meronpan 09/12/2009 at 00:08

    i just broke a hand on my figma nanoha orz well… now she matches fate ^^;; i bought a replacement fate in akiba but haven’t opened it ‘cuz i’m just so disillusioned ^^;;

    i like loot posts, let’s me collect vicariously through the blagosphere ^^

    • 18 Tommy 09/13/2009 at 14:08

      I think loot posts makes me want to buy rigorously instead. :P

      “Oh, I can do with one of those…yeah, that’ll look nice in my collection…hmm, maybe that figure will come in handy one day.” ^^;;

  7. 19 Blowfish 09/18/2009 at 19:32

    Yokos facial expression is pure gold right? <3

    Boy,I am amazed how Pro your wall of figures is looking.My Detolfs dont have that vibe.Well,atleast I dont have to dust my figures that often

    • 20 Tommy 09/20/2009 at 00:51

      Love it to bits and pieces.

      Thanks. I’m looking to add some lights in the future, unfortunately I don’t see that happening this year. :(

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