This Week in Life ~ September


I attended a friend’s wedding ceremony over the weekend at this lovely inn built in the late 1700s called the Old Mill Inn, located near downtown Toronto.  Funny thing is, the building is located on a street called Old Mill Road, but there were three other streets around the area called “Old Mill [Something]”…needless to say, some of us had trouble finding this place. ^^;;

As the title suggests, I’ll be talking about what I’ve been up to in the month of September in this post (or more precisely, the past two weeks.)  I should call it “This Month in Life” instead, but this week sounds better.  So what’s up in life?  School, work, etc….but mostly school and work.  They eat up 50-60 hours of my life each week not including the dreaded 10-12 hours of total commute time.  Not much of a life, heh.


I was trying to catch up on the stuff I need to do in life, which is the main reason I haven’t been posting a lot lately; not that I posted a lot in the previous months anyways. ^^;;  Making the transition from work life back to school life is really hard on the wallet, which will probably be reflected in my spending habits in the upcoming months.  But I’m willing to make the sacrifice.  If you ask me why, I’ll simply tell you I wasn’t happy with where my career was going and thought I can get more out of my life in Graphic Design.  This is what happens when you don’t think over what you want to do during high school. ^^;;

Things that kept me away from my blog:

  • School – Classes, homework, English assessment test.
  • Life – Wedding, work, the flu, and sleep.

It’s not a really extensive list, but those in college/university will know what “school” is like: 20 hours of classes, 20+ hours of homework, and 10 hours of commute each week.  The Engrish skills assessment test I wrote was essentially a waste of time because we’ve already written one before, and the point of the test was to see what skill level is your Engrish at…which is often reflected upon your high school grade.  Seven hours of my life wasted on this test to find out that my Engrish is “college material”.  “orz  Then, they enrolled me into a college Engrish class, which I decided to take online because I didn’t feel like spending 5 more hours at school.  Spent most of last week working on my assignments, and the rest of the week going to work.  Alas, I’m finally caught up with my assignments. ^^v


To make things worse, I caught the flu last Tuesday so I took naps whenever I could instead of sitting in front of the laptop working on stuff for my blog.  I think everything has settled now, so I should be back on my regular blog update routine, 2-3 posts per week. ^^

So how is everyone’s new semester?  Awesome?  Crappy?  I’m actually taking a break from a module on Word 2007, which I’ve never used before…I can’t believe I actually learned something new from it. ^^;;  All I need to do is buy office 2007 now.  Not sure if it’s true, but my instructor told me the school is selling them for $10.


3 Responses to “This Week in Life ~ September”

  1. 1 enrius 09/22/2009 at 13:31

    I feel your pain – college or uni life can be really harsh at times. I am fortunately having a short break now after two weeks of hell – thesis, assignments and tests.

    About the inn, that seems to be a really pleasant place to relax~~

  2. 2 Blowfish 09/27/2009 at 16:27

    As you already read my life is rather crappy right now ^^;;

    So you adressed a friends wedding?Havent had the honour to do so yet but Germans usually marry in ther 30 so theres still much time.

    Studying can be time consuming.Back when I was studying Physical Therapy it was a real pain.I luckily didnt have access to the Internet back then.Would have killed my grades XD

    • 3 Tommy 09/27/2009 at 22:38

      Things will get better. ^_^

      LOL, internet and online gaming definitely killed my grades…especially when I was in high school. “orz

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