Pre-orders ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled

Airi SE Promo

It’s that time of the month again, no not that time of the month, but the time when I post about my pre-order updates.  I’ll kick things off with what I’ve canceled on my pre-order list this month due to various reasons…like money. ^^;;

The most recent (and just released) figure to hit the chopping board is MegaHouse’s Queen’s Blade Airi.  I really wanted her before, but I don’t have the same feelings for this figure anymore…

Canaan Nendo Promo

She’s Canaan, that’s why I ordered her; she’s a Nendoroid, that’s why I canceled her.  Personally, I don’t see Canaan’s character working well as a cutesy figure.

Canaan figma Promo

I actually wanted a Canaan figma, but her “red eye” face just killed it for the figure.  She never really show any emotion when using her powers (synthesisia?), so I don’t get why Max Factory opted for a screaming face rather than a calm and cool face.  The other faces looks great, just doesn’t work well with her gun.

Kasugano Promo

Absolutely loved this babe, but I really need to cut back on spending because I don’t work full time anymore.  “orz  I might pick her up after she’s released, she’ll probably hit the bargain bin anyways. ^^

Rei Promo

Ordered Kotobukiya’s Rei because she’s paired with Asuka; canceled her because I used the money to buy art materials. ^^;;;  I don’t really mind her face being off and all, but I really needed to cut back on spending…that and I’ll be needing new shelves to display all these figures.

All of these cancellations equates to $300 (excluding $120+ in shipping, $80+ in custom charges) in savings.  The figures alone isn’t much of a problem, but they become quite pricey when you factor in the overhead costs.  Time to consider SAL again…

Figures I wish to have…

Fatina Promo

Alter’s Fatina was on my pre-order list at a point in time, but I had to cancel her because she was delayed to an August release (had 10 pre-orders delayed to August), then delayed once more to a September release.  Didn’t pick her up again, but would like to do so once my budgeting is adjusted to fit my school life.

Alter Mercedes Promo

Alter’s Mercedes (who?) from Odin Sphere, which I know nothing about, looks really nice.  I love the colours, the cute fairy, and the beautiful dioramic base.  She is slated to be released in Feburary, so I still have time to think. ^^

Yagyu Jyube Promo

Alter’s Yagyu Jyube is another Alter figure I would love to have in my collection.  Not really sure who she is, but she looks gorgeous.  Pity that I can’t fit her into my budget this month.  :(

Figures to come…

Saber Lily Promo

The gorgeous GSC Saber Lily will be coming later this month (or early next mont).  Definitely going to review her ASAP!!  The thought of canceling this pricey beauty never crossed my mind.

Allean Promo

The lovely Allean by Megahouse will be here to dazzle us all with her cast-off glory. ^^

BRS Promo

Picked up the gorgeous BRS again after canceling her pre-order in July, and dreading over it ever since.  Just noticed how similar her pose is to Allean.

Fate T Harlaown Promo

Alter’s Fate T. Harlaown.  Don’t need much explanation, do I?  She’s Fate, and she’s made by Alter. :P

Nanoha Promo

Nanoha will be delayed for sure since Alter won’t be that stupid to release two ¥10,000+ figures from the same series in the same month.  My guess is she’ll be delayed to a December release.  Now all I need to do is look for Hayate to complete the trio.

Drossel figma Promo

I admit, I cracked after seeing all the beautiful photos of Drossel on the interweb.  I actually have something planned for this figure though.  But I’m growing wary of all those Drossel problems I’m reading about, maybe they’ve been fixed for the re-release?

Asuka Promo

Kotobukiya’s Asuka will be my first scaled figure of her in her plugsuit.  I have high expectations for this figure, let’s hope Koto delivers.

Koto Taiga Promo

The uber cutesome swimsuit Taiga Aisaka by Kotobukiya.  If you ask me now, I definitely wouldn’t pay ¥10,000 for her.  But she’s got a lot going for her, let’s hope Koto delivers with this limited release as well.

Kanu Promo

Alter’s Kanu will be re-released in November.

Wonfes figma Miku

WonFes figma Miku will be re-released in November.  I actually ordered two as a spur-of-the-moment thing, but it was still cheaper than ordering one through TokyoHunter. :P  The WonFes Mikus have already been paid for so it doesn’t affect my budget at all.

Miku TV CM version

This WonFes limited TV Commercial Miku will be re-released in November, and she was rather cheap for a limited edition figure.  Look forward for a dual review of this Miku…it’ll be Miku madness!!

Chiaki Promo

I pre-ordered two Chiaki-sama nendoroids, but canceled one of them because I figured I don’t need two of them…as much as I love Chiaki, I should use my money more wisely nowadays. ^^;

Canaan Promo

GSC’s Canaan was a no brainer when she was announced.  Awesome pose, awesome character, and an awesome base means one awesome figure!

That’s a wrap for this month’s pre-order update.  I’m finally meeting my goal of $200, or less, in figure purchases per month…minus October.  Back to homework…grievous…infelicitous…melancholic…dreadful…loathsome…


36 Responses to “Pre-orders ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled”

  1. 1 Ninjovee 09/24/2009 at 02:48

    That’s quite a lot of figures… *envy*
    Out of this list… well I have pre-ordered GSC Saber Lily, but I can’t buy her due to money constraints. Sad thing is that I don’t think I can get the down payment I paid for anymore ;A;

    BRS, Ojou-sama and… TAIGA! Wishing for them. I think I can get an ojou-sama in the future… but BRS and Taiga look bleak.

    figma Miku live version… Dx I already paid for her. But I’m going to re-sell her when she arrives though. I kinda regret that spur of the moment purchase ;A;

    I really need to get a job ;~;

    • 2 Tommy 09/25/2009 at 02:02

      How much did you pay for down payment (and how much does the figure cost)?

      I think you can get a pretty penny out of the WonFes Miku since people are crazy for her. And yeah, the spur of the moment thing kinda sucks.

      Hope you’ll find a good one soon.

      • 3 Ninjovee 09/26/2009 at 00:24

        my downpayment wasn’t much if you compare it to the entire cost of the figure… I paid 500PHP (approx. 1000yen) and the figure costs 5,500PHP-ish (approx 11,000yen) but in our country, 500PHP can be equivalent to a day’s worth of salary if you’re in a good-paying job ^^;

        I was thinking about selling her when she arrives in the mail… she would probably arrive on December… so I can only start selling her on January. XD I’m thinking if I should post it on instead *doesn’t have any reviews to sell on eBay*

        Thank you! ;~;

        • 4 Tommy 09/27/2009 at 22:29

          but in our country, 500PHP can be equivalent to a day’s worth of salary if you’re in a good-paying job ^^;

          Not sure if it’s a typo, but that sucks. =S I hate how wealth is distributed in this world, I can’t imagine how one can possibly survive on $10 per day.

 might be a good place to sell it since there’s a lot of Miku fans there.

  2. 7 Guy 09/24/2009 at 03:58

    Where did you order the WonFes stuff from?

    Out of this list, I’ve ordered nothing…

    I want Saber Lily Distant Avalon, but as my latest blog entry covers, it’s expected to run me $197, so I had to pass…

    Allean is probably the favourite Queen’s Blade figure I’ve seen thus far, but I just won Shizuka on eBay, so that’s that for now with Queen’s Blade. Will have to get the Shizuka petit nendoroid/gashapon of the upcoming QB stuff, love the horns, so adorable, the mini-oni is :)

    LOVE Fatina, really like Jubei. I think Jubei doesn’t come crom a series, it’s a re-imagining of swords and swordsmen from Japan’s history as swordswomen. That’s the best I could figure out. Jubei is the name of the protagonist from Ninja Blade, and based on a real person.

    Considered Figma Drossel, but getting Figma Aegis from Persona 3 instead.

    • 8 enrius 09/24/2009 at 09:56

      Jubei’s from Hyakkan Ryouran, a light novel series.

      Other than Jubei, Alter also plan to release Sanada Yukimura, Hattori Hanzou and Gotou Matabee. ^^

    • 10 Tommy 09/25/2009 at 01:50

      I bought them from GSC’s website with the help of a deputy service.

      Personally, I like the Queen’s Gate girls better…much cuter than QB. Are you buying the whole petit nendoroid QB set?

      • 11 Guy 09/25/2009 at 07:00

        Hm, just looked, there’s only one Queens Gate model, so I didn’t really look into the girls that much. But I have to say, overall, usually, Megahouse QB beats Griffon QB.

        And no way on the whole QB petit set, for 9 models (with only 6 in set) it costs about half as much more than the Vocaloid petit set, where you get 12 models (and the set has 11)…

        Also, it doesn’t have Petit Shizuka, so either she’s the secret, or it’s from a yet unreleased set (another one). Nanael is cute, but only when I saw petit Shizuka I really wanted her.

        • 12 Tommy 09/25/2009 at 13:00

          There’s two Queen’s Gate models that I know of: Alice (my fave), and Ink Nijihara (really cute as well). I think MegaHouse just makes better figures than Griffon overall.

  3. 13 enrius 09/24/2009 at 09:46

    Wow, that is really a great PO list!!! Among them, I only PO’ed Mercedes, Jubei, Saber Lily, BRS and Allean (A subset of your list). Mercedes because she’s gorgeous and will make a good company of Gwendolyn. Jubei because she’s from Ni0 ^^.

    Wishlist – Drossel, TAIGA!!! But where did you order Wonfes Miku?

  4. 15 Optic 09/25/2009 at 09:24

    As long as u have GSC Saber Lily, BRS, Alter Fate and Nanoha, ur wallet will still be hit hard.
    Going back to SAL is not a bad option. I know the wait can be dreading but u save a lot of money in the long run. Really u do.

    Nearly 98% of all my orders, I chose SAL and I have not lost a single one of them. I know the outcome of losing a package can be annoying and frustrating but it’s highly unlikely for the package to get lost.
    I know this varies different countries but it can’t be that bad in Canada?

    • 16 Tommy 09/25/2009 at 13:04

      Nah, the post office is not that bad at all…as long as your not the one shipping stuff out. But HLJ switches to EMS when the content is over 15,000 yen or so (I believe), so they’ll be shipping EMS most of the time anyway…unless I buy from sales.

      As for those four, my wallet gets pinched over a couple months instead of getting slammed in one month. :P

  5. 17 Wolfheinrich 09/26/2009 at 03:39

    I would feel weird asking about this in public, but I have been wondering for quite some time now, just what is so special about Drossel and why does everyone call it Ojou sama?

  6. 20 gundamjehutykai 09/26/2009 at 19:51

    @Wolfheinrich: If you want to get to know drossel better, just watch the shorts which she stars in, Fireball. You should be able to find the entire series to download or just watch them on youtube. Rather entertaining.

    She’s called “ojou-sama” because that is how she is addressed for the entirety of the series by her servant, a large, orange spider-like mecha named “gedechnis” although she never calls him by his actual name…
    In fact, the name “drossel” is only mentioned a handful of times in the whole series, and that was by Drossel herself!!

    I’m more confused by the insane popularity of Hatsune Miku! Black rock shooter esp!! I just don’t get it and I don’t like the figure!!

    • 21 Wolfheinrich 09/28/2009 at 12:51


      I don’t get the insane popularity of Hatsune Miku either, I am an old fashion type otaku and prefer the traditional bishoujo, which Miku is not. I don’t find her music particularly entertaining either, the pitch is way too high for my liking, if anything I think I might prefer that pink hair one, forgot her name, what was it, (search web) Luka; although I don’t think I like her voice either.

      I am not a trendy person in a sense that I don’t feel the need to be trendy just for the sake of it. So in a sense I am shielded from the insane mad rush for Drossel or BRS or World is mine Miku. However, I am not invulnerable to all trendy things, for example: Dollfie Dream.

      On that note, I might just take a peek at that fireball thingy you suggested; although anything that isn’t in the make of traditional bishoujo is highly unlikely to make a lasting interest in my mind.

  7. 22 Guy 09/27/2009 at 05:14

    Oy, check this, crazy idol-master fan :)

    • 23 Tommy 09/27/2009 at 22:33

      Oh, THAT Chihaya figure. ;P

      As much of an Idolmaster fan as I am, I’m not willing to drop 7,800 yen on another figure made by enterbrain. I knew she existed, I just didn’t feel like buying another crappy figure. But thanks for letting me know. ^^

  8. 25 Q 09/27/2009 at 11:18

    Whoa $120+ in shipping and $80+ in customs charges if you actually bought the ones you’ve cancelled? I sure know nothing about how much it costs in addition to the figures themselves, which are already pretty expensive (to me at least).

    I’d like to have the eyes closed face for figma Miku, but I don’t feel like getting the limited one just for that. This is one of the larger to-get list I have seen recently. Do you have the space to put them for the next few months? ^^

    • 26 Tommy 09/27/2009 at 22:37

      Yeah, EMS shipping and customs charges is mighty expensive which makes the total cost for these babes quite ridiculous for a piece of plastic at times. That’s why I love buying from sales. ^^v

      I certainly hope I’ll have enough space to display them…if not I’ll just need to add a couple new shelves. ^^

  9. 27 Blowfish 09/27/2009 at 16:33

    I have to decide who ill have to cancel now aswell.It really pains me to do so but what can I do?
    Ill definately keep Saber and BRS but the rest has to be wisely calculated.

    I preordered the Chiaki Nendo aswell and really hope that Kana and Haruka-oneesama will follow.
    Id LOVE to see a Hosaka Nendo aswell XD

    • 28 Tommy 09/27/2009 at 22:40

      I doubt GSC will pass on the chance of milking our wallets with a Hosaka Nendo. They should make a Fujioka Nendo as well. ^^

  10. 29 Lylibellule 09/28/2009 at 06:05

    It is not easy to make choices when it comes to cancel orders (and money is often the main concern … I hope everything will go better for you.), But I would say you have made good cancellations.

    Future orders are significant. Figma Drossel, Allean, Saber Lily, Chiaki-sama and Taiga (Kotobukiya must absolutely get this figure because the price is high) are excellent choices. ;)

  11. 30 Guy 09/28/2009 at 06:09

    You know, I like Allean, but I didn’t see a Megahouse figure I didn’t see loads of on eBay later yet ;)

  12. 34 JefLebowski 10/06/2009 at 15:05

    I have preordered Canaan…my first ever preorder \o0/ (and I agree, a no-brainer)
    second is the Figma Canaan, cause I think the normal face seems to go well with her gun…
    next things on DO_WANT status is the not-yet-available Figma of Ein (Requiem for the Phantom)

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