Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Iori Minase ~水瀬伊織


The arrogant, loli-riffic, and self-proclaimed top idol, Iori Minase (水瀬伊織), is one of the latest to be released in MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER line of figures.  If you like flat-chested lolis with long hair, red eyes and a kick-ass (tsundere) attitude, than Iori is the girl for you!  Did I mention she’s loli-riffic?

Iori Minase

I kind of wished the figure was more in line with the illustration this Iori figure was based on.  The twists and turns on her body would definitely give the figure more razzle dazzle, making a more interesting figure to set your gaze upon.  The figure appears quite bland right now.

Here’s some videos of Iori in action:

Iori Minase 水瀬伊織 – Watashi wa Idol

I’m wondering why they didn’t release the idols in their Live For You! stage outfits (the one in the video) complete with led lights and all.  It would make for some spectacular figures. ^^

Idolmaster – Shiny Smile

Her smile is as shiny as her outfit…


MegaHouse’s Iori was released in August 2009 and went on sale for ¥6,800 as part of the Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER S-3 series with Chihaya.


Ryutaro Kaminaga from Nekohouse is in charge of the sculpting for the idols in the S-3 releases.


MegaHouse’s Iori is a lovely figure overall with the usual praises on the paint job and attention to detail.  However, I think they could have done a much better job with her sculpt in terms of capturing her character into the figure.  She lacks the essence of Iori’s character, which I’ll explain further down the review.


The details look fabulous on this 1/7 scaled figure with a paint job that’s equal to the task.


The base, which will finally get some attention in this review, is uniform throughout the Idolmaster series of figures, a really nice touch overall.  I think they should have chose something with a smaller footprint though.





Iori is the daughter of a CEO who is an assicoate of 765 Production’s president; she is a spoiled rich girl who flaunts her family’s wealth without thought.  Iori is very polite and sweet towards people she doesn’t know or doesn’t really care about, especially towards her fans, but she is quick to judge, has a very sharp tongue, and a short temper to other idols and especially the producer.


Iori has a soft side that she shows from time to time as well, making her your typical tsundere character.


Stunning details.  I expected nothing less after five beautiful figures from the series.


This is a very beautiful figure, but as mentioned earlier, this figure lacks character.  More specifically, it lacks the essence of Iori’s character.  When you look at it, you’ll see the cuteness in that winking, blowing a kiss, pose.  But you don’t see a cute Iori winking and blowing a kiss at you.


Yes, that’s Iori’s face winking at you, but that’s not how Iori winks or blows you a kiss.  This is how Iori winks and blows you a kiss.  The use of a curved line over a flat line for the wink makes a world of difference.

Her lips appears too subtle to be associated as blowing a kiss to her fans, she doesn’t look enthusiastic enough to be the Iori that I know.


However, I really liked how they painted her left eye.  Perhaps this would’ve been a better figure if they left both eyes opened, because winking anime girls are really hard to do right; that’s why not that many attempts have been made.







Lovely details on her hair.


The big ribbon makes the top of her head look better than most figures.  Love the antennas sticking out of her forehead. ^^


Multiple strands and layers of hair is a nice change to the usual blobs we see on other figures.  You can just about see her nicely shaped bottom through the hair.


Some of you commented about not liking the shiny outfits in my previous reviews…well, this figure is definitely not your forte.  But can definitely appreciate the craftsmanship and the quality of this figure.



Iori is all blinged up in her golden stage outfit that has more stars than the American flag.  Lovely!!


Pants doesn’t seem to be all that popular among anime babes, I believe she is the first in my collection.  Shiny!!


My guess is, you’ve all noticed that Iori is a flat-chested loli by now, right?


She’s 14 years old with measurements of (B-W-H): 77-54-79.  Chihaya can dig a hole and hide her head in shame forever.







Iori needs boots!!  They look sexier with knee high boots.



To be honest, I bought Iori for the sake of set completion rather than a beautiful figure to be displayed.  Her promo photos looked craptastic, and her pose looked uninspiring.

But, once again, I was stunned at how good this MegaHouse figure looks even if it can’t be compared in the ranks of Miki and Chihaya, it’s a beautiful figure.


And finally, a shot of the base after five reviews.  It’s amazing how much better a simple round base will look with etchings of the iDOLM@STER logo on it.


Chihaya Kisaragi was released with Iori as part of MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage Idolm@ster S-3 series.


Hope you enjoyed another Idolmaster review. ^^


I haven’t noticed anyone else on my blogroll with a review of Iori yet.  Please let me know if have one.

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13 Responses to “Brilliant Stage iDOLM@STER Iori Minase ~水瀬伊織”

  1. 1 Guy 09/29/2009 at 18:57

    Aren’t they all lolis?

    • 2 Tommy 09/29/2009 at 19:12

      That’s where you are wrong! Azusa is 20 and Ritsuko is 18. :P

      • 3 Guy 09/29/2009 at 19:26

        We’ll talk when you get them ;)

        I bet they’re pseudo-loli, like Ymir from Queen’s Blade: They are not underaged, but they look like it. Meaning, we took underaged girls, then wrote their age as being “Adult”, to play with the law ;)

        • 4 Tommy 09/29/2009 at 19:35

          LOL, watch the Idolmaster intro video on Haruka’s review. I doubt anyone would regard them as underaged…especially Ritsuko. *shruggs*

          Azusa is actually married and GSC actually made a lovely figure of her in a wedding gown (that I really want) a couple years back. She doesn’t look loli at all.

          Btw, according to blowfish from flyingpussyfoot Ymir is not a loli but a dwarf. *shrugggs*

          • 5 Guy 09/29/2009 at 19:41

            Nice Azusa wedding dress. And yes, she looks mature.

            And Ymir IS a dwarf, but that’s just the in-fiction excuse to why she’s not underaged ;)

            SHE is loli. And here I mean loli not to mean “Under 18”, as they’re all fictional anyway, but, “Designed to look and appeal as if she were underaged.”

            That’s exactly what I meant. She was designed to appeal to loli fans, not to dwarves’ fans.

  2. 6 Leonia 09/29/2009 at 23:15

    This figure is really Nice as others SET figures. She has a pretty look and a little arrogant with the kiss. But she is not m’y favorite. I like loli style but this one.. Hum no.. But Megahouse realized an amazing job with her.Nice painting, lovely pose, great sculpture. It’s really a good figure which complete your SET ^^ Thans you for this beatiful picture and this new presentation :)

  3. 8 lylibellule2208 09/30/2009 at 09:54

    This is the first review of Iori I see.

    You’ve finally got Iori (I wish I get it).
    You are right about the lack of character attributed to her face. It is unfortunate that MegaHouse has not complied with the curve of the blink of an eye.
    Nevertheless, I remain under the spell of this figure.
    Your collection of figure “Idolmaster” is almost complete, I think …?

    • 9 Tommy 10/02/2009 at 13:23

      Yes, my collection is almost complete. Only four more girls to go; but it seems like they might release Hibiki and Takane from the PSP games as well.

  4. 10 meronpan 10/02/2009 at 03:37

    nice pics!

    wish i could get the set without having to spend hundreds of dollars ^^;;;

    good ‘ol deko-chan… gah, every time i read one of your reviews it reminds me i need to play more idolmaster ^^;

    • 11 Tommy 10/02/2009 at 13:29

      Isn’t that everybody’s dream? ^^

      Have you unlocked Miki yet?

      • 12 meronpan 10/02/2009 at 13:57

        alas not yet. from what i read i can only use her in the office (multiplayer?) mode thou? orz maybe i should look into importing a 360 afterall… … *grumble* stupid region locking *grumble*

  5. 13 Wolfheinrich 10/02/2009 at 21:44

    Can’t say much about Idol master except the base was done well :s

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