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New Revoltech Figures

Fraulein Asuka 2.0

I was browsing over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog and saw these photos.  Instant hi-jack for my own post. ^^;;

Revoltech held their very own expo (who doesn’t?) on Halloween to showcase their current and future products with a couple surprises up their sleeves.  I never knew a company can host their own “expo”, but I’m not complaining here.  Full coverage of the expo can be found over at Tokyo Hunter’s Blog; I’ll be covering what I have my eyes on.

Looks like Kaiyodo will be releasing another Asuka in EVA 2.0 attire for their Fraulein line.  Say what?  Fraulein?  I thought they gave way to the new Queen’s Blade line.  Anyways, I’m all over this one because I like Asuka.

Continue reading ‘New Revoltech Figures’


October Dust Down


Dusted down the girls yesterday so they’ll keep on sparkling. Continue reading ‘October Dust Down’

October Pre-orders update ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled

BRS Promo

Another month, another edition of my monthly pre-orders update covering what I’ve ordered, what I want to order, and what I’ve chucked from my orders.

I’ll start the coverage with Good Smile’s Black Rock Shooter who, yet again, have been delayed to a November release.  Hopefully the delays aren’t caused by GSC sticking a BRS logo onto the base as an anti-counterfeit measure. :P Continue reading ‘October Pre-orders update ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled’

MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Airi Special Edition


Airi -the Infernal Temptress- is the latest gal to be re-released in what MegaHouse calls the Queen’s Blade Special Edition line.  MegaHouse have been making figures from the  Queen’s Blade franchise since 2007 when they launched the Excellent Model Core Queen’s Blade series, long before the QB franchise popularized from the anime’s ecchi success.  Most of the original releases are now discontinued, so the new Special Editions will give newcomers an opportunity to catch what they’ve missed.  Do be advised that this review is NSFW! Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Airi Special Edition’

GSC Saber Lily -Distant Avalon-


Good Smile Company has never failed to impress me with their beautiful figures in my 13 months of figure collecting.  They have consistently brought to life some of the best looking figures on the market, always striving to bring us the complete package.  Unfortunately, their Saber Lily -Distant Avalon- just falls short of being the complete package. Continue reading ‘GSC Saber Lily -Distant Avalon-‘

Tracing Fonts


What do I do at school?  I trace fonts.  “orz

I never thought I would ever need to know the difference between Garamond, Baskerville, and Bodoni; never dreamed about it.  Well, I do now.  That’s why the prof made us trace these three fonts so their subtle differences will be scarred in our memories forever.  Sounds easy enough, how hard can tracing fonts be?  You’re just tracing some letters.  It’s not so easy when you have to trace them in 80 pt size with the prof expecting the best from you to get an A. Continue reading ‘Tracing Fonts’

Canada Post ~ “Value added service”


Canada Post is our national postal service, and like many other bloggers, I’ll be writing about how much I LOVE them!  I’m just wondering how many people knew I lived in the great white north (a.k.a. Canada)?

I’ve never sent anything larger than a letter with Canada Post in my life because they are mighty expensive to ship with.  This is probably why you don’t see that many Canadian eBayers, and why Canadian exporters are at a disadvantage.  Take a look at the screenshot after the break.  The same package was EMS’d from Japan for ¥2,200. Continue reading ‘Canada Post ~ “Value added service”’

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