2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche, Toronto’s all-night contemporary art thing, took place last night in the heart of downtown Toronto.  Nuit Blanche is an all-night art festival that originated in Paris in 2002, but have since been adopted by many other cities around the globe.  This is Toronto’s fourth Nuit Blanche, and my first time attending.


I got off the subway at Yonge and Dundas square, that’s usually where all the action is.  And I was right.  I don’t remember when was the last time I saw this many souls packed in one place.  Many streets were closed off for pedestrians, and you know something big’s going on when that happens in Toronto.


For the rest of the photos, I’ll be naming the artwork, the artist, and possibly my person opinion on that piece.  Enjoy!


Rabbit Ballon by Jeff Koons.

It brought out the kid in all of us.  One of my two favourite pieces.



Ice Queen: Glacial Retreat Dress Tent by Cara Spooner, Robin Lasser, and Adrienne Pao.

The “SEARS” backdrop killed this piece.


The old City Hall, just across the street from the new one.


Hey Dave! by Dave Clarke, Chris Hanney, Morgan Russell, Sandi Becker, and Jen Cameron.

Who’s Dave?  Reading the excerpt from the guide reveals that they wanted participants to “take a stand against society’s ever increasing technological addiction by ignoring their cellphones and making friends the old fashioned way.”

Not sure about you, but I still make many friends the old fashioned way.




Funky looking crew.  It was hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing.  ^^


Beautiful Light: 4 Letter Word Machine by D. A. Therrien.


Suspended 65 meters in the air between the Toronto City Hall towers, the four 7-metre square alphanumeric quartz lamp arrays will display codes, DNA sequences and elemental words.


You had to be there to see how amazing the environment was.  And yes, this is the second of my two favourite pieces.


I had some other four letter words in my mind when I saw this. ^^;;


Not sure why Coke missed out on the chance to advertise their products here…DIET…COKE…ZERO…






The air was filled with excitement when everyone started shouting the words that appeared on the lights between the towers.  Everyone would *sigh in disappointment* when the lights went off.


Ghost Chorus – Dirge for Dead Slang by Katie Bethune-Leamen.


They were supposed to be glow-in-the-dark costumes…but they didn’t glow at all.



Fire-eating side show.  The guy on the left is an audience member.  This was not a commissioned show.


Pwn the Wall by Graffiti Research Lab.


I was wondering why this car got pulled over…then realized that they were going the wrong way on a one way street.


Monopoly with Real Money by Iain Baxter&.  Epic!!


Unlikely combinations of media personalities, financiers and developers vie for prize properties in an uncertain investment climate – all played in cold, hard cash.


Not really that great of an art piece, but the thought of playing Monopoly with real money is rather amusing.  I’m sure we’ve all thought about it some time in our lives.


FREE!!  Free rides and cotton candy!!


Wild Ride by Shawna Dempsey and Lorri Millan.

Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district…


Two midway rides reflect the whirling, tilting exhilaration of the bull market and its less than thrilling collapse.  Free to the public and staffed by recently downsized businesspeople, the rides invite audience members to kinetically contemplate the ups and downs of the recent economic crisis.


Gone Indian by Rebecca Belmore.


Loads of pennies on the floor for this piece.  At least a hundred dollars worth!


Witches’ Cradles by the Center for Tactical Magic.

This lobby if Brookfield Place is absolutely stunning.  I’ve always wanted to take a picture of this place, and I finally have an excuse to take one yesterday. ^^


How would you like to sleep in one of these blindfolded?


Stepping into the cathedral-like space, visitors encounter a line of “witches’ cradles” suspended from the ceiling.  Originally used to punish those accused of witchcraft in the Middle Ages, these gently swaying pods were later reclaimed by witches and used to induce prophetic visions.




Huge line up for the portable toilets…


But it was actually an exhibition called 10 scents by Chih-Chien Wang.

He must have a great sense of humour to do something like this. ^^


Imminent Departure by Heather Nicol.


Dislocated from her home in New York after the events of September 11th, Heather Nicol’s work reflects on the vicissitudes of memory, loss and desire.


Bright Lights Big City by Ryan Stec.

The CN Tower pulses from dusk to dawn in sync with a radio broadcast.

This explains why the lights on the CN Tower was pulsing and spinning around…

I just covered a fraction of the exhibitions and art pieces in this post.  For more information on the event, you should head over to their official website.


2 Responses to “2009 Scotiabank Nuit Blanche”

  1. 1 Lylibellule 10/08/2009 at 02:53

    I envy your travels. It’s nice of you to make us enjoy.

    I like rabbits in all their forms and this gray rabbit is huge and great.

    The architecture of the old city hall is remarkable. :)

    You must have spent a great night … ;)

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