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MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Taiga Aisaka

I got the chance to re-acquire this lovely  Taiga Aisaka figure from MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage line during HobbySearch’s sale earlier this month.  I say ‘re-acquire’ because I had her on my pre-order list at one point, but dropped her after every figure on my pre-order list was delayed to August — the month this Taiga was released.  The funny thing is, I had my pre-order with HobbySearch back then; so this could be the very figure that I pre-ordered.  Instead of paying full price, I’m bought her for 60% off instead.  ^^v Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Brilliant Stage Taiga Aisaka’


November Pre-orders update ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled

Fate T Harlaown Promo

Another month, another update of my pre-orders list.  Man, a month flew by just like that.  I haven’t posted much this month, kinda packed with projects…especially after finding out we’ll have one less week for this semester (and one more week of break!).  I would post about my projects, but not too sure if you guys are interested or not.

Let’s get down to business.  Alter’s Fate T Harlaown -True Sonic Form- is due to be released later this month…not sure how late though.  We can’t be sure she’ll be coming until she hits the store shelves.  Maybe the delays are on purpose so they can bring the release date closer to the Nanoha movie? Continue reading ‘November Pre-orders update ~ Ordered, Wished, and Canceled’

Kotobukiya Taiga Aisaka Zekkyou Design Swimsuit Ver.


Taiga Aisaka is definitely the fan favourite from the manga turned anime series Toradora! I, too, am one of those who adores this lovely midget of a beauty, both her badass character and cutesy appearance — this is what makes her great!  I like Ami as well, but she didn’t get a respectable figure treatment yet.  Anyways, back to Taiga.  Kotobukiya brings us this lovely, ultra adorable, figure of Taiga Aisaka in a lovely pink swimsuit with yellow accents based on an original design by Zekkyou. Continue reading ‘Kotobukiya Taiga Aisaka Zekkyou Design Swimsuit Ver.’

Hobby Search Stock Dump November 2009


Sorry I haven’t posted much lately.  One post for November so far.  “orz

Anyways, on to the main topic: Hobby Search Stock Dump.  Some people like to call them sales; but in reality, it’s just a stock dump. :P Continue reading ‘Hobby Search Stock Dump November 2009’

Kotobukiya Asuka Langley Shikinami


Asuka Langley have seen many figures of her made over the years in more outfits than I can name; but oddly enough, she only received a handful of sculpts in her renowned plugsuit.  Looking at them now, most of them were average to mediocre and would not have pass the eyeball test anyways.  But times have changed, and Kotobukiya brings us a dandy with their Evangelion 2.0 Asuka Langley Shikinami.  Don’t ask me why she’s called Shikinami, I haven’t watched EVA 2.0 yet. ^^;; Continue reading ‘Kotobukiya Asuka Langley Shikinami’

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