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One Year of Inferno Project

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog and I would like to thank everyone who comes here to read what I write — especially those who leave feedbacks and/or comments.  THANK YOU!

With the anniversary comes a contest with a prize to show my appreciation, full details at the end of the post.  Edit: I forgot to mention “HAPPY NEW YEARS!!”. Continue reading ‘One Year of Inferno Project’


December Pre-orders update ~ Ordered and Wished

You know it’s the end of the month when you see my “pre-order” post, so here is my updated list of the figures I ordered and wished for 2010.  The list remains pretty much untouched from last month’s survivors with the only new announcement that interests me being Alpha x Omega’s Ranka Lee.

Ranka will be released in May 2010 for ¥6,800, and this time I’ll only be ordering one because I won’t display her in cast-off for sure.  Her Cinderella dress looks great, but her bikini option is a really dumb gimmick to increase sales.  I say dumb because she’ll be wearing her thigh-highs and platform heels with her bikini.  Failed wardrobe.  Nonetheless, I have high hopes for this one because she is sculpted by Akatsuki and painted by Tc. Continue reading ‘December Pre-orders update ~ Ordered and Wished’

Alter Fate T. Harlaown -Shin Sonic Form-

Alter’s Fate T. Harlaown -Shin Sonic Form- created a lot of buzz in the figure world when she was announced.  Did she live up to the expectations?  Gorgeous sculpt – checked.  Lovely paint work – checked.  Dazzling details – checked.  Striking pose – checked.  Ginormous Zamber – checked.  Thigh highs – checked.  Alter’s Fate T. Harlaown takes awesome to a whole new level. Continue reading ‘Alter Fate T. Harlaown -Shin Sonic Form-‘

MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Alleyne

Alleyne -the Combat Instructor- is the latest gal from the Queen’s Blade universe to be released in MegaHouse’s Queen’s Blade line of figures.  I was sold immediately when I saw her promotional photos earlier this year and pre-ordered her right away because I love her character design.  Alleyne’s design is not cliché, the colour works well together, and her face looks simply stunning — adding up to one beautiful figure.  Do be advised that this review is NSFW! Continue reading ‘MegaHouse Queen’s Blade Alleyne’

December Update ~ Preview to anniversary contest

A quick update now that school is finally over for this semester.  I’m recycling this latest photo that I took of the wall-o-figures because this update involves information on the “one year anniversary” contest I’ll be announcing for my blog.  More information after the break. Continue reading ‘December Update ~ Preview to anniversary contest’

New Figures for October and November!

Time for another loot post since I haven’t posted in almost two weeks!  I don’t have any excuse for not posting for this long aside from not having much content to post, and school work.  I was hoping to have MegaHouse’s Allean review up before posting this, but this will become a October+November+December loot post if I do that.  I think I’ll stop doing what I’ve been doing and post these loot posts on the first of every month regardless.  It’s a promise this time.

I hope I didn’t leave any figures out because it’s been two months since my last loot post.  But here is my October and November loot: GSC Saber Lily, Kotobukiya Asuka Langley Shikinami, Kotobukiya Taiga Aisaka, MegaHouse Taiga Aisaka, MegaHouse Airi, and MegaHouse Allean. Continue reading ‘New Figures for October and November!’

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