December Pre-orders update ~ Ordered and Wished

You know it’s the end of the month when you see my “pre-order” post, so here is my updated list of the figures I ordered and wished for 2010.  The list remains pretty much untouched from last month’s survivors with the only new announcement that interests me being Alpha x Omega’s Ranka Lee.

Ranka will be released in May 2010 for ¥6,800, and this time I’ll only be ordering one because I won’t display her in cast-off for sure.  Her Cinderella dress looks great, but her bikini option is a really dumb gimmick to increase sales.  I say dumb because she’ll be wearing her thigh-highs and platform heels with her bikini.  Failed wardrobe.  Nonetheless, I have high hopes for this one because she is sculpted by Akatsuki and painted by Tc.

Chiaki Promo

No, Good Smile, not again!  GSC need to rethink their release schedule for 2010 because, clearly, they can’t release their figures on time.  They’re too ambitious, or they suck at planning…it might be both.  Looking forward to this Nendo Chiki-sama to be released in January 2010.

Nanoha Promo

I wouldn’t mind if Alter decides to delay Nanoha -Exceed Mode- for another month.  *wink wink*  Afterall, they do have four figures scheduled for January.  XD

Canaan Promo

Good Smile Company’s rendition of Canaan is one of those figures that I can’t wait to get my hands on.  Her pose is awesome!  I love it.  I hope GSC is able to deliver her in January.

MegaHouse’s Azusa Miura -Sunshine Yellow Ver.- will be released in March for ¥7,800.  As I mentioned before, I chose this colour variation because it’ll fit in with the rest of the set.  On a side note, AmiAmi decided to stop selling MegaHouse figures to international customers all of a sudden.  It’s a pity since they’re one of the companies that I’ll buy figures from.

This lovely Tamaki Kousaka by Max Factory will definitely turn some heads when she hits store shelves in April.  My guess is she’ll most likely be delayed, and she’ll definitely be sold out on release.  So get your’s while you can before her price sky rockets to an unimaginable number.

Saber Alter Maid Promo

Orders are closed for this Hobby Channel Exclusive Saber Alter by Alter (sounds weird).  Due to be released in April with a chibi Saber Maid.  Definitely looking forward for this Saber Alter figure.  Speaking of Saber figures, photos of the painted version of the upcoming GSC/MF Saber have been released.  I want to see what they did with the base.


GSC announced another BRS figure days after the first BRS figure was released.  This version will sport a slimmer base, BRS is weilding a blade instead of her kickass rock cannon, and she took her jacket off.  I’ll see how the original version looks like before I decide on this one.  Slated to be released in April (again).

I’m not a big fan of Touhou, in fact, I know nothing of Touhou aside from it being a shoot’em up game.  I don’t get what all the hype is around the characters in these games neither.  Touhou is in and every figure company is taking a piece of the pie before the hype drizzles out.  Gift’s rendition of Reimu the shrine maiden is the best I’ve seen so far.  I love how her face is sculpted.  She looks really sweet.  ¥6,800 for this AmiAmi exclusive which will be released in March.

There are a couple other figures such as GSC’s Index-chan and Max Factory’s VN02 Miku that interests me, but I don’t need a seventh Miku figure.  I’m trying to cut back on figure spending in 2010, so I’m limiting myself to one figure per month (hopefully) for the upcoming year.  We’ll see how that goes.  January doesn’t count as going over because Nanoha and Chiaki were supposed to be released this year…but they were delayed.

Happy Holidays!!


15 Responses to “December Pre-orders update ~ Ordered and Wished”

  1. 1 Guy 12/30/2009 at 19:37

    I kinda dislike the bikini shorts on Ranka, which are shared by many figures, because they’re so bland and well, generic, they are also flat and seem more painted than sculpted.
    Of course, her dress is awesome, so it’s not like they compare.

    Cute version of Reimu is cute, though I’ve seen one cuter some months back.
    AmiAmi also has the cool Marisa with her legs up!

    BRS Blade is another bland one, and I also ordered Saber Alter Maid + Chibi! Expensive, so let’s hope it’s all that, and more ;)

    I wonder where you’ll display Nanoha Exceed and Fate Sonic?

    Also, I keep thinking GSC know the delays will come, and might be in fact counting on them these days, to keep attention high. This way you talk of a figure not only when announced and released, but also every month they delay it, and seeing many people don’t pre-order (less on the blogosphere), this is important.
    More talk also leads to more pre-orders for future figures, which is important for the companies cash flow.

    • 2 Tommy 12/31/2009 at 16:17

      My guess is the pink stripes on her bikini are painted rather than sculpted. The bikini outfit is not that well considered, but then, it’s the one she wore in the Macross beauty pageant. Maybe that’s why she lost.

      There’s a cuter Reimu than this one?

      I think Saber Alter Maid will be a great figure IF it comes with that checkered base shown in the promo photos.

      I don’t think it helps GSC when pre-orders for most of those delayed figures are closed after a month and then sold out upon release. In my case, it’s actually hurting them because I’ve canceled a lot of my pre-orders for their because they got delayed to months where other figures that ranks high on my list were being released. I think it’ll hurt their reputation if they have another year of delays. When I look at a GSC pre-order now, the first thing I look at is release date and how many figures they have lined up for that month.

      Alter is smart, they reserved April 2010 for delayed figures because they know they don’t have the capacity to release 7 figures in March…and we don’t have that much spare cash to buy 7 figures in one month.

  2. 5 Leonia 12/31/2009 at 03:33

    Shad is waiting for Chiaki figure (release 12th january I think). Black Rock, I prefer the first version for her base. Ranka Lee, I was a little disappointed by her face and her cast off. I ‘am waiting for more GSC prototype pictures

  3. 7 Miette-chan 12/31/2009 at 07:26

    I agree with Ranka, not sure if I want to get her yet but I do prefer as well to display her with her Cinderella outfit rather then without it. If I ever get my hands on Sheryl it would be the other way around though.

    I like it that you were attracted to Gift’s Reimu for the same reason as mine. As far their popularity no idea how to explain but I will do a shameless plug and suggest that you indulge in the fandom if you ever have the time.

    I do hope that Chiaki and all the Nanoha releses do come in January so I can stop worrying about my funds and preorder Gitf’s Reimu and GSC’s Index.

    • 8 Tommy 12/31/2009 at 16:21

      Yeah, Sheryl looks smokin’ hot in cast-off.

      I must resist gaming temptation. Gaming is like crack for me; once I start, I can’t stop.

  4. 9 Tier 01/01/2010 at 03:21

    I’m still undecided on Canaan; I love girls with guns but I’m not a huge fan of her character design. I kinda wish that someone would bring back the Noir girls and make figures of them, I’d preorder those without hesitating.

    I dunno much about Touhou but none of the characters hit on any of the things I find appealing, whereas Tamaki does nothing but. The Black Rock Shooter doesn’t seem to be much of a shooter without a gun, and one’s enough for me anyway. I passed on Saber Alter but I’d probably buy her if she were sold through normal channels; I hope that someone someday will make a definitive Saber Alter figure.

    • 10 Tommy 01/02/2010 at 04:50

      Gift’s Reimu is the only one that caught my attention from the touhou series. Her face is really nice. That Tamaki is awesome, I’m glad I didn’t pick up the Koto bikini one a couple months back. That would’ve been a waste of money. I think they should call the new BRS “Black Rock Slicer” instead. I’m hoping for a definitive Saber Alter figure as well. That design is my favourite out of the three.

  5. 11 edwin 01/02/2010 at 06:57

    I pre ordered Canaan and Alphard. It’s a great action show

  6. 13 Optic 01/05/2010 at 09:26

    No more delays on Nanoha plz. I already know the frustration ppl went when Fate was delayed multiple times (some say it’s and other say it’s bad) and clearly I don’t wanna go through that.
    It’s just over 2 weeks now to her official release date and I doubt Alter will push it back but since it’s their figure, they can do anything even on short notices. :S

    I’m still undecided on BRS Blade ver. Is it really necessary since I have the Rock Cannon one?

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