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New stuff for February to July

I haven’t posted about any loot for the last six months because I haven’t gotten much in the loot department recently. I was able to save quite a bit of money during that stretch…too bad it’s all going towards the next five months of pre-orders.

If you feel so inclined to know what I bought before the jump I got 6 figures, 2 Dengeki G’s magazine, and one Dakimakura. Continue reading ‘New stuff for February to July’


New stuff for January

I don’t anticipate anything coming in for me in February, though I was quite tempted by the HLJ MegaHouse sale; however, I resisted somehow.  Here is what I got way back in January: GSC’s Black Rock Shooter, GSC Nendoroid Chiaki Minami, and a shiny new desk from Ikea.  I finally have a proper work area, not that I needed one before. Continue reading ‘New stuff for January’

October Dust Down


Dusted down the girls yesterday so they’ll keep on sparkling. Continue reading ‘October Dust Down’

My “Otacool” Room!


I’m going to enter the OTACOOL room thing that Danny x Kotobukiya are hosting.  I’m still sketchy about submitting my face there, but if it really does increase my chance by 9000% I’m down with that. ^^; Continue reading ‘My “Otacool” Room!’

New Windows


YES!!  I’m finally back after being absent for a couple days.  I’ve added all of those who wanted to do a blog exchange with me, and I’ll welcome those who want to do an exchange with me.  Go here to find out how. ^^

Continue reading ‘New Windows’


I’ve finally decided to make a permanent post for my “Wall-o-Figures”.  Here you can find some boring pictures of my…well…wall full of figures, but what’s more interesting for me is seeing the transformation of this wall over time.


Last picture of 2009.

Continue reading ‘Wall-o-Figures’

My “Desk”


Haven’t posted in a little over a week now…which is a bad thing for me and my blog, but I’m back again.  No excuse on my part aside from my laziness, and maybe a little on my late night shifts, but mostly it’s my laziness.  “orz  Notice anything new on my wall-o-figures? Continue reading ‘My “Desk”’

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