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New stuff for February to July

I haven’t posted about any loot for the last six months because I haven’t gotten much in the loot department recently. I was able to save quite a bit of money during that stretch…too bad it’s all going towards the next five months of pre-orders.

If you feel so inclined to know what I bought before the jump I got 6 figures, 2 Dengeki G’s magazine, and one Dakimakura. Continue reading ‘New stuff for February to July’


New stuff for January

I don’t anticipate anything coming in for me in February, though I was quite tempted by the HLJ MegaHouse sale; however, I resisted somehow.  Here is what I got way back in January: GSC’s Black Rock Shooter, GSC Nendoroid Chiaki Minami, and a shiny new desk from Ikea.  I finally have a proper work area, not that I needed one before. Continue reading ‘New stuff for January’

New Figures and more for December

I’m surprised that quite a few figures came in December.  Despite the size of the loot, I actually didn’t “spend” that much in December.  Well, that’s because everything you see here except for the provocative Miku Morizaki were paid for in previous months.  I didn’t buy anything during boxing day because I had to work…damn you!! *waves fist*

Alter’s colossal Fate T. Harlaown -True Sonic Form-, Good Smile Company TVCM Miku Hatsune, 2x figma Miku Hatsune Live Stage Ver., Giga Pulse Miku Morizaki, and 2 IDOLM@STER CDs came in December.  In fact, the two CDs came in yesterday.

Before I forget, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Continue reading ‘New Figures and more for December’

New Figures for October and November!

Time for another loot post since I haven’t posted in almost two weeks!  I don’t have any excuse for not posting for this long aside from not having much content to post, and school work.  I was hoping to have MegaHouse’s Allean review up before posting this, but this will become a October+November+December loot post if I do that.  I think I’ll stop doing what I’ve been doing and post these loot posts on the first of every month regardless.  It’s a promise this time.

I hope I didn’t leave any figures out because it’s been two months since my last loot post.  But here is my October and November loot: GSC Saber Lily, Kotobukiya Asuka Langley Shikinami, Kotobukiya Taiga Aisaka, MegaHouse Taiga Aisaka, MegaHouse Airi, and MegaHouse Allean. Continue reading ‘New Figures for October and November!’

New Figures for September


Really late with the loot update for September, I’ll try to have it up before the 5th for the next installment of my loot posts.  You probably figured that I wanted to stuff Vita’s review in there before posting about it. ^^;;  Not much in terms of loot this month, and this will become the trend for the months to come because I don’t see myself ordering over three figures per month now. ^^v

As you can see, three lovely figures were added to my inventory; MegaHouse’s Brilliant Stage Chihaya Kisaragi and Iori Minase, and Alter’s Vita.  You can read their reviews here.

Continue reading ‘New Figures for September’

New Figures for August


The latest installment of my loot post features figures that arrived on my doorstep in August.  Well, Sheryl actually arrived on September 1st, but I’ll say she arrived in August as well.  :P

Max Factory’s figma Fate T. Harlaown, Alter’s Yoko Littner, Alpha x Omega’s Sheryl Nome, and GoodSmile Company’s Nendoroid Petit: THE iDOLM@STER Stage 02.  Oh, I finally got some new halogen bulbs for my room as well. ^^

Continue reading ‘New Figures for August’

New Figures for July


A little late with this post, but here it is. ^^;  There is something special about this particular order, something that’s new to me.  Before I talk about what it is, let’s see who I brought for July.  MegaHouse’s Zero from Code Geass, Max Factory’s Seena from Shining Wind, and FREEing’s Uesugi Kenshin.

Continue reading ‘New Figures for July’

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