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GSC Canaan

Canaan was the anime that had so much potential when the first episode rolled out last year with its action packed sequences that blew my socks off. Sadly, everything went downhill from thereon. It is quite fitting (and depressing) that Good Smile Company followed suit and produced a figure with the same qualities as the show itself. A figure that had so much potential, but the end product was never meant to be. Continue reading ‘GSC Canaan’




I’m usually not so enthusiastic posting about on-going anime series’ because you never know how good/bad the anime will be, especially towards the end.  Though I can’t tell you how good the ending will be for Canaan, I can tell you the plot is one of the best I’ve seen in a while.  There isn’t any spoilers in this post other than the 100 screenshots I uploaded for the first episode. ^^;;;; Continue reading ‘CANAAN’

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