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FigLife ~ It was Fate…


Kagamin meets Fate for the first time, but something’s not right…

Kagamin: “What’s wrong, Fate?” Continue reading ‘FigLife ~ It was Fate…’


Future buys+current update


I’m pretty sure most of you have already seen and read other peoples post on the figures showcased in WonFes as well as some others who have posted about what they’ll be getting and wotnot; less be know, this post is no different.  :P

First up is Nendoroid Chiaki-sama.  Need I say more?  She’s CHIAKI-HIME-SAMA!!  I’ll buy her at whatever outrageous price they plan to sell her for…make that two!

(All photos in this post are hi-jacked from Hobby Stock.)

Continue reading ‘Future buys+current update’

GSC & figma Miku Hatsune WonFes Limited Version


I’m sure most of you have already read about the WonFes limited GSC and figma Miku Hatsune since it was announced a couple months back.  For those of you who missed it, here it is.  They are both up for pre-order now at the GoodSmile Online Shop until 23:59 on 1st August (JST), so order yours now if you’re interested and won’t be going to WonFes this year. Continue reading ‘GSC & figma Miku Hatsune WonFes Limited Version’

I’m Too Sexy!


Dusted down one of my Gundams while I was doing my cleaning recently and decided to have some fun posing it.  ^^  All of the photos in this post are extremely NSFW, so prepare yourself for some insanely ecchi photos! Continue reading ‘I’m Too Sexy!’

June Purchases – New Arrivals


A little late with this post, but here’s my June purchases.  I thought I only ordered 9 figures in June, but it turned out I bought 11 figures.    Sorry for the crappy pictures, two light sources + crappy camera doesn’t make a nice combo.  “orz Continue reading ‘June Purchases – New Arrivals’

figma – New Arrivals


Here’s the second part of the loot that I received yesterday.  Two of the newest additions to the figma family, figma no. 028 Makina Hoshimura and figma no. 034 Suzumiya Haruhi Summer ver.  I have no idea who’s no. 29-33.  ^^;; Continue reading ‘figma – New Arrivals’

GSC Loot – New Arrivals


FINALLY!! My long awaited Unity Mei.  Just received her in the mail today along with Konjiki no Yami and a couple other figures.  And I was slapped in the face with a $51 tax and customs fee, yet again… Continue reading ‘GSC Loot – New Arrivals’

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